Our age difference is more than people realize.

I keep posting this hoping it will keep me from venting to my girlfriends and letting the truth out. My husband and I married a few years back. We moved and started completely over after we married. There is exactly 15 years difference in our ages, I am 23 my husband 38. The new friends we have found since we have moved constantly comment on our age difference. So much that it is making me extremely angry the more I hear it! I have told them everything I can about how we met and fell in love. The one thing that gives my husband and I a little laugh between us every time someone comments on our age difference is that I met my husband 13 years ago when we were celebrating our birthdays together at a company party. I am getting really tired of hearing all the BS! But if I ever let the truth out there will be so many problems.

Feb 9, 2020

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  • You was 10 years old and celebrating your birthday at a company party?
    Are you the boss’s daughter?
    He was 25 years old.
    So your husband was in charge of the company day-care center and he let you bounce on his lap?

  • So actually you are brother/sister, or cousins? Maybe uncle/niece? It’s all good, Sweety. It’s time to confess here so you don’t have to do it in public.
    Come on, sugar. Tell daddy what’s on your mind.

  • Back off pedo, she is way too old for you :D

  • This or any age difference is a very personal matter for any married couple. Your neighbors (mainly females) are jealous as they miss young c**** to f*** with. Ignore them, just.

  • You were 10 years old when you met your husband? There are so many details you are leaving out of this confession!

  • That's deliberate. Vague confessions attract more attention. OP explicitly stated she has posted about this repeatedly. Little cvnt is trying to drum up drama for no other reason than she is a bored and rather stupid female.

  • My girlfriend and I are 20 years apart. I am 47 and she is 27. Doesn’t bother us one bit. We have a lot of fun. And then s3x is AMAZING!!!

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