uh oh....

we are schedualed to be married at the end of next month.... im having a few minor doubts..normal stuff....no big deal, the same as everyone else...but overall i cant wait...theres just one thing...i wish you could be more like your best freind...i want you, dont get me wrong, your practically perfect. but he has a few personality traits that i'd love for you to pick up on. they'd make my life perfect....and uhh since i'm best freinds with his girlfriend, and you know how girls talk about everything, there's somethin i've been meanin to ask you in the bedroom. =]

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  • Sounds like his best friend likes to EAT P****.

  • *gasp* Premarital s**? Oh no!

    What do you need to know about in the bedroom honey?

  • I bet he wishes you didn't have a butterface, you know, he wants you to be as hot as your best friend, but you aren't.

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