15 and alone

Hey guys im new here, now i am 15 years old, never had a girlfriend worth nameing, never even KISSED a girl. I feel like a gay r*****.

I have a real close friend that live far away from me so i cant visit her, and a real close friend in my school. The friend in school is just a illusjon i guess. Looks like she likes me but just does'nt dare. The one i know far away is well far away. But we tell our secrets to eachother. I haven't told her that i have never kissed anyone becuase im ashamed.

She has, i haven't.

Should she get to know or just keep it a secret.

From the boy with the computer.

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  • Tell her jokingly, if she thinks you're an idiot tell her it was a joke.

    but then again if you really are such great "friends" it shouldn't even matter at all.


  • ^By 14 they mean not yet, and by second piece they mean a second slice of pizza.
    This person has never been laid.

  • I got my first piece of tail when I was 14. My second piece about 3 months later. You're only a year behind. Like the first poster said, whack it.

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