I'm 21 and have been fooling around with a married man who is more than twice my age and just recently he introduced me to his brother who also wants a piece of me...and my guy is cool with that! So I'm going to 'get acquainted' with his brother tomorrow and my guy wants me to tell him all about it yet his brother has told me on the phone that he wants some of our things between us, kept between us. I know I'm stirring up trouble but I really don't care. My life is so boring. I want something to happen. Oh, forgot to mention that I also am in love with my guy but i know I can never have him because he is married but I want to get pregnant by him one day so I can have a part of him to belong to me forever..I have problems I know...I'm a s***, I know. I love s**.

PS: I call my guy 'daddy' because I consider him my father. So his brother will be my 'uncle'.

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  • Hey, I know how it is I was once that lost. You will outgrow this stuff but please consider the innocent people involved. This is wrong and you will have remorse later.

  • dude you need to get a hobby and find someone who can reciprocate your love mutually....don't just do stupid s*** cuz you're bored...are you in school?

  • I don't care who you have s** with, or why you have s** with him, but I sincerely hope you can't get pregnant. If you do, you are a mean, pathetic little girl forcing a baby to grow up with no father and a joke for a mother. Sleep around all you want, but don't force someone else into your s***** life.

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