I really need to change.

I realized that I basically dated my best friends...

2 years ago, I stole people's pictures and pretended to be them. My best friends were really ugly 2 years ago, and they always complained that they'll be single forever...
So, I decided to steal 2 very good looking guy's pictures and ask them out.

I just realized I was going out with my best friends at the same time, and they both remember those two guys..

They were so happy with them too.

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  • Same here, queen elizabeth has insulted me enough. I am just wondering why she insults me so much all the time over the past 30 or so years. how would she like to be insulted? when will she stop insulting me? afterall how crude is she and what bad things has she done that need to be exposed before she dies. so do I need to change. I have been too good and too honest and too genuine for the queen. too reliable and too sensible and too decent for stupid her lot.

  • I don't understand what your confession is. Please reread your post and maybe comment about what you really meant. Or just confess again-with better explanation.

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