Confession of a married lady teacher

Hi all…I am a married woman 33 years of age. I am from an elite, educated family, married to a nice gentleman with whom I had affair from my college days. He is a reader of the college I passed out, and my once-teacher. Professionally I am a teacher of philosophy in a girls’ highs school. We have a daughter age 11 who studies in a boarding school and comes home twice a year on vacations. We have been a family of good culture, education and status for which we all take pride, and earn good respect from the society.

I started suffering from back pain sometime after my child’s birth. It got aggravated in a couple of years when we consulted various specialists but did not get permanently cured. Then I tried with some yoga as per some of my colleague’s advice by which got some relief but the problem remained. When I was getting worried by thinking about my older age with the pain persisting, some miracle happened in my life which I was never prepared for. But it came unbelievingly as a boon to my life and got my life completely changed. But friends, it is so much a tragedy that though I am leading my normal life today, I am helpless that I cannot share the very reason of getting fully cured in public. If people come to know it, our family prestige and reputation will be evaporated just in a second.

However, I felt guilty when I thought that it was my duty to publish my experience, so that some other victims of such disease can be benefited by trying this. Also, without sharing my wonderful experience for past few years, I was feeling very uneasy. This is such a thing which you cannot share with your husband in any case. At that point of time I came across this website and all my worries have gone. It is the place where I can share my everything – my feeling, desire, confession etc. etc. anonymously without any hesitation.

So friends, I am disclosing the very-most secret of my life to you, and confess:


How it happened, with whom, keep aside for the time being. It started with one, then two, and more. If any of the reader is interested to know the incidents, please write back, I’ll describe the incidents one-by-one. Now I remember the first one. It happened five years back. I was then 28, the boy hardly 16. I can remember each and every incident starting from the day one when we first met upto the day when I inserted his grown-up manhood inside me and thought whether divine could be of more pleasures. It was a very ordinary boy you all come across hundreds on your way everyday… no special look, no stoutly built, neither from any family background to talk about. Still it happened. I forgot my status, my family, my six years old daughter…everything, for that pleasure.

In last five years, after that first day, I became addicted to have s** with under-aged boys and done it with a few more, of course, with full privacy, protection and confidentiality. Nobody other than you readers have ever got any doubt ever, not even my dear husband whom I always love, of course! And in this process, suddenly I realized about a year back, that I have got rid of my back pain completely!

Dear friends, after reading of the whole confession, please tell me whether should I feel guilty of the full episode, should I admit the whole incident and apologize to my husband, or should I continue the practice which has miraculously took me out of incurable back pain, for which I was going to suffer for ever and drain my husband’s money for my treatment. At the same time, with the factual background, I completely believe that this so-called illegal s** is the only reason to get me cured. So, is it wrong if another woman, married on unmarried, try the same ‘therapy’ to come out of such back pain nuisance?

I shall await your reply eagerly.


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  • Hi! Your story has been so arousal,and with full of erotism, no need to share this with your husband,, hope you understand the male ego,he will never forgive you for such forbidden acts and better if you carry out this acts with an 18 year old boy rather than 16,as you could be criminalised for that,would you mind if you share the details on my mail -

  • Hi, me 38 f Marid.from india
    Also did with teenaged.

  • Good, I also did, from india

  • I'm interested in every detail!


  • Don't feel guilty.
    Stop the practice if you feel bad or dirty. But you don't have to tell your husband and apologize. That never ends well. Unless you too are very open and he is okay with you doing that.
    Also, you know you are considered a child molester by the society right?
    Of course teenage boys will never tell and they are happy to do an older woman. I was one of

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  • Keep f****** them and don’t tell your husband. This is great and I would like to hear how it happened. Email me at

  • Ring me I wanna know your first s** intercourse..... Were u hesitant???
    seven 6 o 5 eight three 5 two o 2

  • This is kind of from a long time ago but I’m curious about the other details and stories:

  • Interested, .... in subject put the title above...and maybe even a way to contact you.

  • Even though this was a few years back but if you are still updating or keeping tabs id like to know all the details.

  • No don't tell your husband for f**** sake. Keep doing what you're doing honey, it seems to work for you. I'm twelve and I'm available sweetheart.

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  • Where were women like this when I was a teen?

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  • need to apologize to ur husband...if feel well then don't worry keep practice...and I'm really interested in ur details so plz..mail me..suyash.dhaware11@gmail.xom

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  • Comment 42: I think u did nothing wrong.. Don't bring any guiltiness. But at the beginning when u meet and started S** with boy it was big step. How u started and attracted to him? and its not possible that u meet and started s**, there must b a reason.. if u could tell here or at " " i can tell u the reason for ur guiltiness... and i'll try to solve ur problem.

    Thanks.. Take care and b happy always

  • My wife of 53 started this just after her 40th birthday with my consent,mainly because she was a late starter in life due to her parents forever re-locating as Dad was in the RAF so lots of overseas postings whilst she was in her early to mid teens,no time to form relationships as such,the quickies she had were unfulfilling and when she came back to England married the first serious boyfriend who in her words was absolutely hopeless in bed,by the time I met her (I'm 9 years older by the way)she was 37 and had still never climaxed,not even from masturbating so during the course of our first few months I enlightened her to the joys of s**,then it became apparent that she resented not having fit young men in her youth and felt she had missed out so I encouraged her to seek out young and hung lads for "secret s**" she needed "grooming" and this was my goal to watch her take big c ock and as much and as often as she desired, she usually has two or three meets per year and so far has had 8" 9" and one 10" c ock in her bald puffy c unit and has so many fierce o rgasms it's amazing for me to watch,she is still quiet slim although not the size 8 of when I met her but is so much more confident and alive in her exploits,

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  • Hi: I have the same thing going on in my life. I cant stop and im enjoying every minute each time I get a new boy. Im looking for women that have this same problem and maybe im not crazy as I think I am.

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  • I would love to know about all the incidents. I think I might have the same problem. Please email me at:

  • Hi really looking forward to hear that how you got it and what made your mind changed to this wonderful experience . Share what ever you can . Go ahead

  • This wasn't written by anyone with an advanced education, the English and sentence construction are way too poor. Fiction I would guess.

  • Hi Im a 37 year old married and I also have been having affairs with young boys. I cant stop and I know how you feel. I love what im doing and would love to write to you and share my experience. I will be waiting for your reply.

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  • I'm 19, I'm intrigued to know more.

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  • How do feel when you in the prosess of s**?

  • I must admit I was turned with your dark little secret and would definitely want to hear all of your sexcapades. Please email me at

  • I like your hassle..I would like to hear you confession in details..Email me at

  • I read your story i would like to know the incidents in detail you can email me at

  • The grammar etc shows you are not a school teacher

  • Nice to read your experience . I would like to know how did that happened in detail . Can u mail me at : .

    Waiting for your reply

  • A nice read, an awesome store, admire the guts you have to come out, I would love to know more, please mail me at I am looking forward to hearing more...

  • I totally understand and wantto hear details!

  • It's okay but can I be next

  • U have done the right thing u shouldnt ever ashamed of this . This is the way u will live a joyful and happy life for ever ad afcourse u got rid of ur incurable disease thats the most important thing

  • MMMMMM, as your loving/enjoying f****** all those young boys so much and has helped the pain, NO REASON to feel guilty about it !!!!!!! Mmmmmm, your a fully grown/mature woman and you have EVERY RIGHT to love/enjoy f****** who you want/when you want !!!!! IT'S YOUR BODY AND IF YOU LOVE/ENJOY F****** YOUNG BOYS, GO FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, your being a cougar/w**** with all those young boys, be a HAPPY cougar/w**** !!!!!! If you want to contact me send to

  • I wish i had a teacher like you.. Just follw what ur heart say.. Its ur happiness..

  • Absloutly continue!! Don't even think for a moment to stop! if anything let more students have you and dress sexy in class

  • Hate to bust everyone's bubble here, but the "Lady Teacher" post is a hoax.
    Joke's on YOU!!

  • I fully concur with the position of the "confessor".
    I have been in a similar situation for several years now, my position being that of a juvenile offender probation officer.
    My job is to counsel young offenders who have been remanded to my care from the court system.
    These are kids who have been convicted of petty crimes and agreed to participate in the program rather than submit incarceration in a juvenile detention facility.
    My reasons are strictly sexual, however.
    I had no pain or discomfort other than lack of s** to relieve.
    I'm married as well, for 20 years, with one child.
    I'm 46 years of age.
    My s** life with my husband ended some 15 years ago, which has led me to my current situation.
    My sexual partners have been as young as 13 and as old as 17.
    I never choose boys who are the "James Dean" hero types.
    They're the ones with the biggest mouths. They will not hesitate to tell everyone who will listen about their sexual proclivities.
    No, I choose the meek ones. The boys who are skinny, some not too intelligent; boys who don't stand out among their contemporaries.
    I don't know how many boys I've been with, but I have never had s** with a boy who wasn't a virgin, or at least claimed to be.
    I've introduced them to all forms of sexual pleasure, especially oral.
    Like you, I don't use condoms, but I do use birth control pills.
    I simply don't trust the "rhythm method".
    I'm sure that if I did, I would have been pregnant a long time ago.
    The stamina and staying power of some of these kids is amazing, which, of course, is why I chose younger boys in the first place.
    Like you, I have been able to experiment sexually with these boys in ways I never would or could with my own husband.
    I know other women who are engaged in affairs with men of their own age, but none of them seem to be truly happy with the situation.
    I am and I will continue with it as it brings me wonderful happiness to have all my sexual desires and needs met at virtually any time I choose.
    I wish you well.

  • You are one hot woman lol
    Email me would love to read more about your naughtyness


  • Confessor's reply to the first ciommentor:
    Regarding your qn no. 2. See, I donot use this forum to describe my bed scenes in details. I shall only tell you that as a natural woman I had enjoyed all sorts of sexual pleasures with my younger partners.It is my realisation (my female readers having post-marriage sexual experience with other than their husband will also agree with me) that sexual enjoyment become more charming in adultery, since you try various postures with your partner more freely than your sopuse. Also I wish to confirm you all that none of them are underaged any more....they all are now adult at this moment.
    For others I am thoroughly reading their comments with full attention and shall post my answer at the end of the discussion board. I welcome more valuable comments from my readers.

  • I'm curious as to the correlation of relief of back pain and the act of s**. The exercise may limber you up but I think it is the release of natural endorphins. That is only taking care of the symptoms. It isn't a cure. This betrayal to your husband and the threat of jeopardizing your lifestyle... is it worth losing it all for some temporary relief?

    Why underage? Can't a gigolo of legal age do the job? It may still dissolve your marriage (while still giving you that thrill), but it will keep you out of prison.

    You are an educated woman and would recognize, and even admonish your acts if it was someone else, wouldn't you? These errors of judgment can be rectified but it will take great sacrifice. Your search for pain relief can eventually run out of acceptable avenues of professional help. That is when you must search out unconventional solutions. Banging and f****** up kids isn't the way. Would you accept the same for your own children? Try homeopathic. Herbal. Meditation (you were partially there with yoga). Smoke some weed? Try it legally in some other country where it is allowed to test it. It is commonly prescribed for people who have run out of options for chronic pain. It is effective for them and many have positive testimonials. Just trying to help you find better and less illegal solution.

    About your husband and your relationship. Is it a sexless marriage? Two totally compatible persons who are friends, but just not attracted to each other sexually? Its like swinging. Its not cheating if both fully know, acknowledge, and consent to the acts. It certainly is a change from the regular hetro vanilla s** life you may be escaping from currently. Thrilling even.

    Thank you for giving us a real challenge for this confession. I'll be watching this thread.

    Best of luck!

  • First commenter again;
    In order to satisfy my admittedly salacious appetite, what other sexual acts have you performed with your "boys"?
    You didn't answer my question about oral s**.
    Since it's your back that gives you trouble, have you tried a*** s**, as that would place pressure directly on the spine during the act.

  • from a man. I you sure you love you husband? Or you just trying to preserve your external status at any costs? Because doing so will give you way more than pain in the back.
    How about breaking with you hub, then after a while see if you want him or other men. Yes that is not going to help you daughter, but she feels what's happening anyway.

  • Thanks for your suggestions. Let me clarify "protection". I meant to say secracy, confidentiality : nothing related with condom. I have never used condom with my 'boys'. Thats why I got immense pleasure. I did not even took pills most of the time. It is a mere calculation and planning accordingly. I enjoy every drop of sperm inside me for long long time....I cannot explain my satisfaction level, you will realise only if you feel it practically yourself.

    Thanks a lot once again for your genuine feeling for me.

  • Nothing wrong with what you have done. You were merely seeking release from your pain.
    You should be very careful, however. The legal ramifications are not something to be trifled with.
    I was a bit troubled by your use of the word "protection" in describing the circumstances of the trysts.
    It's rather unconscionable to make a boy wear a condom.
    Condoms remove a lot of the pleasure that would otherwise be enjoyed.
    Might I suggest birth control pills instead?
    Besides, you and your lovers would probably enjoy the afterglow more knowing his live sperm is inside of you and will remain alive for 3 to 5 days thereafter.
    Have you enjoyed a lot of oral s** with your "boys"?
    Nothing a young boy enjoys more than a good "b*******".

  • Interested in hear more, email to

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