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I have to admit I get a certain satisfaction whenever I attend a practice or game with my son's sports teams. We live near the wealthy part of town but not in it. My son plays basketball and soccer on high level teams. Most of the parents make a lot more money than we do. One particular dad is president and part owner of a number of local banks. Another dad is a big time surgeon. And they all drive their big Mercedes, or the dad who is the real estate developer who has the convertible Bentley. Anyway my son has a tremendous body and is the fastest and strongest kid on every team he has ever played on. He is now 13 and started in soccer when he was 4. Everyone loves him and cheers him. Last year he lead the club soccer league in scoring and he is a mid fielder. Anyway I get a tremendous satisfaction knowing that all these dads wish their son was like mine. He is also a near straight A student. I never let on how I feel around them but it is a really good feeling that I have something they don't and all the money in the world won't make their sons as athletic or smart as my boy. Even my son does not know how I love it. ( I don't want him to grow up concieted) So that's it, no great s** story to confess, just a simple secret satisfaction of having the best son a man could ask for.


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  • Thank you for a great post! It is so nice to read about someone who is proud of their child.

    Keep up the good work and GOD bless you and your family.

  • That is awesome. I'm going to try as hard as I can to keep that link of trust with my girls too. Be honest as they need me to be.

  • Thanks and your observation is correct, the jealousy is not one sided. Some of the families treat us like equals and others act like they are above us in more than just economics, they act as if they are better, smarter, you know the type. One aspect that I left out is my relationship with my son. We spend a lot of time together and have a pretty close relationship especially considering his age. Most of the boys that age want to get as far from their parents as possible. I know I did. He seems to be turning out well so far.

  • You are basically a proud father. You may not mean to state it like you have described, but you sound jealous because all you see is the result of their lives. Their own parents may have scraped and saved to send those rich guys to schools and set them on their natural career target. Their own parents might feel just as proud of their kids who now are surgeons and bankers and such.

    But your son does sound like the team star. Just keep his education going too. He is smart, keep aiming high.

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