Selling Virginity

I want to sell my virginity for money because I could earn millions and then actually study for a job I'd like, rather than one that'd earn me a lot.

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  • Hi ... I'm ritu form India. .. I'm 27 yrs old and I have my sun 9 yrs old. ..
    I want to sale my virginity for mony. ..

  • No fool will give you a million dollar for your stinky p**** b****.. Its not worth more than a couple of hundred dollars.. And you will become a prostitute..

  • Well, in my opinion, giving up your virginity is a big deal. Do you really want someone who you don't love to take that from you? I think it would mean so much more and be so much better if it was with someone you loved. Honestly, you won't get very much money and I think you'd feel terrible when it was all over.

  • Or you could just NOT do it because poster 1 is right about 1 thing, you probably won't find someone wiling enough to pay anymore then 1 thousand at most, no matter HOW hot you are, unless you are very very famous, and in this world nowadays what little you get is it really worth it in the end when it will hardly end up going towards some big future more then everything else that first up needs to be paid?

  • OK, Let's look at some facts.
    First of all, your little p**** is NOT worth MILLIONS.
    Even a virgin p**** isn't worth all that much.
    Maybe a couple hundred, tops; and then, only if you're a stone fox, which, since you're still a virgin, you probably aren't.
    Next, if you got any kind of money at all for your virginity, you'd know what your life's calling was.
    So, why don't you stop bullshitting yourself and us and hit the corner and sell that ass!!

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