till the end of time

What happened to you?? to us??
we where so good together..but now i think i really made myself believe so man things that were not true...
I wanted someone to understand me so badly that i convinced myself that you did..& now you don't even want to..
can't you see that i'm not happy with you anymore..?? oh i forgot you just don't care anymore!!
why the h*** do you keep saying you love me so much when you know you don't???
Are you afraid i can't handle you braking up with me??..believe me I can
I loved so endlessly ..i still do..more than anyone in this world could love...but i can't be with you..
I need someone who doesn't just tell me he cares ...i need someone who will show me he cares..someone who doesnt forget that i exist..
if that's not with you ..then i don't want to be with you or with any other..
my heart is yours till the end of time but i can't be with you..not anymore..
I'm so weak i have to post this somewhere you will never be..i tried but if there's a chance of me breaking your heart i can't live with that..
I'm so messed up

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  • I understand. I was exactly where you are. It might feel like its gonna kill you to leave, but do it. Do it for yourself, because you need to love yourself first and foremost.

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