I steal pointless junk from cheap stores

It started just last week, my new thrill. I walked into a thrift store and started looking at all these belts and took one and tried it on. I suddenly noticed how there is nothing on the clothing for theft detection, I looked at the ceiling and the doors and thought; no cameras, no door detectors. I thought to myself.."It's silly how I can probably walk outta here and no one would notice this isn't my belt". I left the belt, didn't want to take it, but started looking at these little items on the shelf that people had given up. I saw a little dish that said London, totally useless item, souvenir, probably made in another country...But I happen to like London, so I looked left...right...and slipped it in my pocket. Didn't feel nervous at all. It's still with me. I have a lot of dollar stores where I live, and I have now taken some candy, colored pencils, and a other pieces of junk I always liked but would never find worthy to even spend a damn dollar on. I told myself when I took the London dish I would return it one day and laugh at the fact they didn't notice. I might even switch out clothes I don't want. Oh boy...I never thought I'd ever do something like this. I feel bad sometimes. I only take junk, and small enough to fit in a pocket. Let's hope that's enough to satisfy my boredom. Btw, I removed the price tag from my London dish...Made in Taiwan.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Haha. I steal random bits of junk too.
    The biggest thing I've ever stolen was hairdye.
    I also stole a ball with an eye ball and glitter in it.
    It made me lol.

  • Haha, yeah they did sink themselves-- for not being keen enough, hence they wouldn't be NOwhere without your shifty hand
    thank you for sharing your stories ;)
    all made me smile

  • I used to pocket all sorts of stuff from the local Woolco, the employees didn't give a crap because most of them were just minimum wage high school kids like me. A couple years later Woolco went out of business, I liked to think I contributed to that but I'm sure they sunk themselves...

  • Oh wow. That comment above is pretty wanna be omnious. I steal chapsticks. And not even the nice ones. The last one I topk was a 50 cent blue raspberry one. I'll never use it, but I took it. I know exactly how you feel.

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