My kid's best friend's Grandmother

Is 58, divorced, attractive and physically fit, but pretty much looks her age. I'm 35. She lives fairly close by (but not that close) and I noticed her walking her Dog right by my house while I was checking the mail. We're pretty well acquainted, and she asked me if I would like to go on a walk.

We did, for around half an hour or so. I went to hug her goodbye and the hug lasted a little longer than normal. I looked down at her and she had that look. We made out in the street. Her dog was panting, so I asked her if she wanted to come in some could have some water.

I had barely put the water dish down on the floor and we were making out again. This time , I yanked her tank top and sports bra up and sucked her nipples while she managed to get my c*** out and started stroking it real nice. I pulled her yoga pants down and started rubbing her little p****. We both climaxed, and she politely said see you later, and left.

Now, I desperately want to f*** her

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  • Don't do it!
    Sometimes a fantasy better remains a fantasy.

  • Just do it. Don't wait for her to make the firsr move again. Cause if you wait, you'll lose your chance.

  • oh yeah.....yeah you are totally gonna be tappin that. totally! much props!!

  • Damn, man! You hit the jackpot! JEALOUS!!!!

  • And you will. She'll be back, but you don't have to wait for her to make the move: she already has. Call her and say "We need to f***", and then hang up and go over there and f*** her. You're about to start getting the hottest and nastiest p**** you've ever had. It's going to be wonderful, and you will love every minute of it. You are a lucky man. A very, VERY lucky man. Go get that puss!

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