I love you... I'm wrong

I'm in love with a guy who's been my friend for some months last year.

At first I didn't know he exists. My friend has a crush on him, I didn't even like him because at that time I like someone from my class. Then an event from our college came and I got to work with him. We didn't actually talked that day, I was busy ignoring him hahahaha. Anyway, when I got home, I found him on my facebook's Friend Requests. I accepted it and then he started a conversation through chat.
I have to admit we have so many things in common.
Then he asked for my number and I gave it, I didn't see anything wrong with that (at first). Anyway, we continued our conversations via text messages.

The next days and weeks we found each other hanging out. I found myself having fun with him. We started hanging out in the mall, watched a movie with one of my friends. The longer I stayed around him, the farther I've been with my friends and the person who loves me (The person I like from my class eventually loves me). I don't know... I know my friend likes him and that's why I didn't want to admit to myself that I'm in love with my friend's crush and the guy who loves me.. well, he's my friend so I didn't want to hurt him.

Then, for sometime after all times.. We slowly parted. He started ignoring me, which is no surprise to me because he is older than I am. I'm a freshman in college and he's already in third year college. I knew it was Karma. Karma for ignoring my friend's feelings just because he came. Eventually, we parted ways and began ignoring each other. Like we've never known each other. A face in the crowd.
I've gone back to my friends, hanged out with them same goes with my friend who loves me. I still see him around in school.. Unfortunately with another girl. Anyway, I'm not in the position to be bothered by it.
All i know is, there are moments up to know that I'm thinking about him and I wonder if he thinks about me too.

I learned that I shouldn't turn around from the people who loves me even before he came. Even if I still think about him, it'll just be a memory of how crazy my first year in college was. Even if he'll be in the arms of another girl, and with this pain in my chest, I still wish him the best.
Thing is I know learned a thing or two about myself, and I finally changed my ways. The pain healed and I apologize to everyone and we're all good now. I'm even better.

Someday, If we eventually stopped ignoring each other and speak to each other, I think I can handle myself. Oh well... Karma can be a b**** only if you are one :DDD But Karma... Karma taught me a lot and I finally grew up to be even stronger than before.

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  • You have the worst English i have read. Your grammar is atrocious. Learn your past, present, and future verbs.

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