have you noticed?

White trashy people always get insurance money? Either from someone dying or getting hurt at work or getting into car accidents or slipping in peepee at the Meglomart?

They always get this money then they go buy Camaros or campers or jet skis or motorcycles- but they never get their hair or teeth fixed?

I'm not being snotty, I'm genuinely wondering if anyone else noticed. When it comes to getting hurt at work, it comes to me that maybe it's because they have less education and are more likely to work manual labor jobs that require heavy lifting or repetitive motion. But they also seem accident prone in other areas of life- such as walking through a store or driving down the street. And if the accident kills them, who gets the insurance money? Their kids- who go out and spend it on Camaros or campers or jet skis or motorcycles but still don't fix their hair or teeth. Have you seen that 'DeMotivational Poster' that says 'STEREOTYPES: They're based on reality'.
and it's this worn out looking chick with fried bleach blond hair in a Lynrd Skynrd shirt with an acid wash jean skirt and cowboy boots leaning up against a Camaro right next to her trailer....?

I'm sure this sounds horrible. But I'm just sayin'....

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I'm a white guy and I didn't even know any of this was true. You probably saw a few cases of this and now have a biased opinion about it. Fantastic. Another biased individual in America. God bless the USA.

  • lol this is a funny...

  • They obviously rather enjoy more in life than worry about what they look like. Maybe you should do the same and you wouldn't be so damn jealous!

  • Where's my check, then? You're an idiot. F*** you

  • They're always the ones winning the lottery, too. Then they blow it all on stupid s*** or their kids conspire to off them and get caught because they have the IQ of mud.

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