i hit my bf ; part 2

i have been trying for the past yr to stop. i feel like i am this way bc of my mom &the enviorment i was raised in. my sis hasnt had a longterm bf. i wonder if she did would she too hit him? Could it be that im too comfortable w.my bf &thats y i hit him? i never had too many friends in hs so i was so glad to graduate ¬ feel so alone at school. i have 9close friends. its hard to balance them w.my bf bc im always w.him. even tho i hit him he has never hit me. only pushed me back in defense. I love him. I absoluetly love him. Bc i am in love w.him &want to keep him i need to change. hes being patient. He knows the lifestyle i have. Im scared that he'll get tired before i change. Im under my moms insurance. Ive considered therapy but then this i know will be a huge problem. See my mom thinks theres nothing wrong w.her. &when i tried already once telling her we all needed help she was p***** &did her usual tantrum &it was never spoken of again. Bc she thinks shes sane for me even if its not her for her

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  • Shut the h*** up part 2, Quit wasting people's time.

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