Piggy Bank

I'm 19, Married, and 8 months pregnant...

I was beat from age 5 til age 17 from my mom, she stopped when I hit her back.

Since I was 12 and started making more money than my parents, they've always taken all of my money, guilt tripping me until even I think that I owe them for everything they've ever done for me.

My step dad hit me a couple times when I was 12, but hasn't since he had to sign a paper saying he couldn't touch me anymore, but we got in a fight verbally (that he started) and I got out of the car and decided to walk the rest of the way, he jump out of the car and started putting his hands on me to get me back into the car, it was so obvious I didn't want him touching me, cause even cars stopped and started honking at him. I was pregnant when this happened.

My parents are always taking my money... even now. I owed my mom $75.00 cause my phones got shut off and my husband is at MCT right now, so I only get to talk to him on weekends so I didn't get the bill paid in time. That's fine... but she couldn't wait ONE day for the check to get approved, so I had to spend $10 to get my check cashed, then gave her the money I owed her, I had to get my laptop out of the p*** shop, and then I had to pay to go out to eat... I was gonna wait til we got groceries... I'm amazed that it went to food and gas this time... normally they spend all the money I give them on weed. When me and my husband had some money saved up, my mom started to guilt trip me, and my husband hates seeing what she does to me, so he pays her when she sends me into tears.

Anyway you'd think that whether you owed someone money or not, that they'd be happy and be nice to you right? My mother was mean to me ALL day... then tried to make it look like it was all my fault. I found an old Mothers Day card earlier... It was me when I was 14 telling my mom I was sorry for how I acted... then I realized that she's been making me think that it's ALWAYS been my fault! I never really understood why I apologized to the boyfriends who hit me and crap til I realized that I was raised to apologize for something I didn't do. I told her today though, when they get paid, she's to pay me back my $10 for getting the check cashed, on top of the $11 for paying for our meal out, and after that, we were even, she was never to guilt trip me over money again.

Then she tried to give me $10 of my own money (I was still losing money cause she needed that $10 for food) whether she did it to get me to leave her alone, or did it so she could make me feel bad for deciding that I didn't want to be the Piggy Bank for the rest of my life, who knows, all I know is that I am NEVER doing that to my daughter, and she is to NEVER give my mother money. I refuse to let my mom go from using me to using her grand-daughter.

Jul 12, 2010

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  • I'll pray for God to strengthen you and give you guidance and peace. You need it. I hope you can rid yourself of these leaches soon, and be done with them.

  • We can't chose our parents. We all have some one in our family that we could do without. My wife is almost 50 years old and she still has issues with her mother. Issues that are as ridiculous as your situation. You seem to be on the right path, but having a child at such an early age is tough. However you certainly can do it. I pray your husband is a good man and that you will build a rewarding life with him and your children. You definately need a break from mom and step dad. Keep your head up and try not to make decisions based on anger toward your parents.

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