Bad memories about my wedding

One friend make something for my wedding and I thought it was a gift until two weeks afterwards I received an invoice. Wow, had no idea it was going to cost that much.

Also, my best two friends made me chug two amaretto sours. Why they thought that would get me drunk in two minutes, who the h*** knows. Instead, it got me sick, and I had to spend 20 minutes trying not to vomit on my wedding dress. We had spent a lot of money on a really nice bar at the reception, and I couldn't enjoy it a sip after that.

I can't confront any of my friends about this. That would just make a bad and irreparably awkward situation for all.

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  • Here's a bad memory of my wedding day 34 years ago. My wife is camera-shy. We were still on the steps of the church after the ceremony and the photographers were going wild. After a few minutes I tried to get them to rather focus on the bridesmaid. What a catastrophy! My new wife accused me of having an affair with the bridesmaid (which I hardly knew) and the rest of the day was spoiled.
    I still maintain that it is a record for the quickest row ever on a wedding.
    Anybody to challenge that?

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