The family that I can never forget.

When I turned 14 my family dropped me off at my uncles. I was far to disobedient and unruly for my wealthy parents to take care of. I was a disgrace. My uncle who I had only heard stories of had three children two boys one girl. The eldest boy was named 'elm' but we was mentally retarted due to his mother drinking. He wad adopted along with his sister 'kirsten' who was 16 at the time. Then there was the youngest child who was nine. He was the 'prince' because he was my uncles blood. He cheated on my aunt who left him like it mattered she couldn't have kids. Anyways it was us kids... Minus the little prince who was never punished against my 5"11 210 pound uncle. When I first got there Kirsten took me under her wing I was to stay with her in her room and we had to make dinner clean and serve under the nine year old brat. I wasn't going to have it but needless to say I was spanked for the first time in my life by him. My uncle spanked me so hard I grew welts and my bum turned purple. The trouble started the night Kristen took me inside and told me to strip. I didn't understand but she told me she was h**** and she didn't have to use her older brother anymore if she had me. I couldn't belive what I heard at first I don't know why but I did it. She told me she wad going to show me what to do by doing it to me first. She tied me up to her bed post that night and did things I don't want to think about. As I was panting my uncle walked in seeing us completly exsposed. He screamed at us and told Kristen to meet him in his room and be perpared for the paddle. When she left I wad shaking I thought he was going to rape me only worse. He called on his little prince. When he came in the kids eyes went wide and he told him to undress. I was his first... Mine too. My uncle said if his water daughter can have me than so cab his blood. The kid didn't know what to do and I knew my uncle would have killed me of o moved. So I didn't. Not as he spread my legs. Not as he exsplained where to put his sons p****. Not as he slapped my b**** and punched my face telling me to stop screaming or he would give me something to scream about. Indicating his gaint member hard in his night shorts. When I went back home I tried commuting suicied. Before I found god. Before I found the love of my life and my two children. I found a way.

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  • And you never told the POLICE? IDIOT...

  • That is a shocking story! The fact that you lived on after all that, got a family of your own and as far as I understand are a "normal" person, it never stops to amaze me! I do not know you but I am trully proud to hear that there are still people out there that are strong and brave enough to carry on through life, even after the things that happened to them. Please never stop believing!

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