He's my dream, he's with someone.

He's my best friend and I have feelings for him. Those earlier days we really connected, we talk on the phone for at least 4 hours everyday, we help each other with our homework, and whenever my family and I go out, he follows.

One day he stayed over in my house, we were joking about how tight we can hug, so ended up hugging each other, then he kissed me. The next day we decided to talk about it, we like each other but his girlfriend is in the way of our relationship. So nothing happen and it was awkward. We cried for days on the phone. After awhile we were back to being best friends and acted like nothing happened.

I don't understand why can't he leave her for me. Even now whenever I went out with a guy he would get jealous. I really don't understand him and I can't forget him, believe me, I've tried.

Advice? :(

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  • Yeah, is me Rachelle.

    Btw im not fat.

  • Rachelle is that you?

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