Wife is a feedee and I'm her feeder

I have always preferred my ladies big, but always kept it a secret. I got married to my wife who was not fat, but always desired to to be a bit bigger & was happy both times after having our kids she'd gained weight, probably around the 200lb mark, but both times she'd loose the weight, even though she loved to eat.
Then one day while shopping I saw a lady that must have 400lbs plus & I kept looking at her, when my wife said, "Do you like big women, I've noticed over the years, you looking at big ladies when we are out?". I confessed that I did infact find them attractive. That night she told me that she always struggled to watch her weight, because she loves food and would love nothing more than to not worry about it anymore, which I told her I'd always love her no matter how fat she was. She started gaining weight & within a few years she was 300lbs, I loved it.
It was our anniversary and we'd both had a bit to drink & while making love & me playing with her fat she said "I love being fat, I want to get fatter". It turned me on & the s** got wilder when she said, "I'd love you to fatten me, I want to get really fat". That turned me even more. We had a chat afterwards & she told me how she loved the extra weight she was carrying, she loved the look of all the fat & how she just kept thinking & had even had dreams of being really fat.
So I spoiled her, I'd take her to dinner, bring home treats, loved her as usual & she kept gaining weight. She hit 400, the 500lbs & was just eating more & more. She'd tease me, by wearing stretch pants only & waddle past me, her belly swaying slowly from side to side with each step, her huge rear rolling with each step & say "I'm so fat & sexy". She kept encouraging me to spoil her, to keep feeding her & I could resist her desires.
She's now 660lbs & gaining, she doesn't want to stop, she wants to get even fatter, she can barely get around now, she just a huge fattened goddess. Do I keep fattening her?

Dec 14, 2018

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  • Yes keep feeding her. No one lives forever. Life is too short not to do the things that give you pleasure. She loves to eat and you love to feed her. You both get pleasure from this... It's a match made in heaven or h*** depending on your pov. Turn her into an 1000lb pile of lard and you two will be famous when the fire department has to cut her out of your home to take her to the hospital or to the funeral home, whichever comes first.

  • Having a 1000 pound wife would be so hot. I get a h****** just at the thought of it. I've seen 800 pounders and they are incredible. It would only be a matter of a few extra daily calories to get an 800 lb women over the top into the 1000 pound range. S** with a giant beast like that would be a dream come true.

  • Exactly... My wife was 650lbs when we hot married. She was 730lbs the year before but dieted down so she could waddle down the aisle without stopping for oxygen and dance at our wedding without having to stop every ten steps... I indulged her weight loss as I was certain she would gain it all back. As luck would have it I got her pregnant on our honeymoon. Everyone including my wife's doctor said that keeping the baby was a mistake because pregnancy was dangerous for a woman that fat. But my wife wouldn't hear of it. So we found an OBGYN that specializes in bariatric pregnancies. The doctor said that the risks were very high and that my wife was the heaviest woman she had ever treated but it could be done with careful planning and sendible diet. My wife was too big for a C-section so we took the chance and she went vaginal.... I the doctor prepared for the worst but my wife surprised everyone and came through the birth process with flying colors. By the time my wife gave birth she was back up to her 730lb weight. The hospital made accommodations for my wifes weight with a heavy duty birthing table and extra staff to hold my wifes belly and thighs out of the way. Almost everyone involved was wonderful and respectful and my wife gave birth to a healthy 13lb 8oz baby girl. That was two years ago and my wife is now over 800lbs. We've discussed the fact that my wife could very well end up over 1000 pounds in a few years and we are both very excited about it. When that happens we will start a website. We may even engage Guinness in a bid for the world's heaviest woman... Life is amazing. So many adventures when you embrace the possibilities.

  • Wow! I am one of the husbands in the conversation below with us all having wives 700lbs+. My wife must be 740+ by now, she just keeps gaining weight as she knows what she does to being so fat & the fact she is spoiled & I totally enable her love to eat & eat & eat. She is still mobile as she does exercise in our pool, which we have a lift to get her in & out & seeing her in the black one piece at her size is so hot. But, I am having moments every now & then about her increasing weight, but at the same time, she drives me wild how fat she is. From the puffing, breathlessness after just waddling a few steps, to her sitting on the 2 seat recliner, legs apart to accommodate her huge belly & sit there after a huge meal & as I take her plate, she'll run her hands over it, smiling at me "I would love dessert & load it up". At this rate, she'll be 800 by the end of the or maybe more. I have set the house up to cater to her size, but I'd like some insight into what to expect when she is 800. You say you are both excited that she could be 1000 or more in a few years. So that does excite her? Planning you have for her getting that fat? As I said I do have moments when I have concern, but it all fades, watching her heaving herself to get comfortable, waddling a few steps, sits puffing & will puff "phew....soo....fat", but once she's where she was going, it's time to eat, where she'll eat almost 2 roast chickens, with baked potatoes & vegetables & smothered in gravy. That's when I think, oh darlin that's it eat & eat". I want her fatter.

  • Oh I'm 100% with you. I have concerns as well. I know she is going to have a diminished life span. At her size, she may not even make it to 40 but feeding her and watching her eat is just too enthralling to give up. She simply loves food and the pleasure it provides for her. She knows what it does to me and that just reinforces her control over me. Yes we are excited about her increasing weight and if she hits 1000 lbs it will be the most amazing thing ever. We will celebrate it and embrace it like the incredible achievement that it is. I have had the house customized for her increasing weight in anticipation of this happening...I will endulge her amd keep her safe and comfortable at any cost...The way I look at it, anyone can have a skinny wife, anyone can have a fat wife.... But to have the "fattest" wife is the stuff of dreams, a true achievement. There is nothing even remotely like have a huge wife who is comfortable in her own skin. Her size, her movement, her over abundance, her breathy voice, her soft yielding flesh, and her musky female scent are competely and
    utterly intoxicating. Unfortunately sometime the thought of losing all that does get to me but I cannot let it make me second guess things. She wants this as much as I and I can deny her nothing.

  • As to what you can expect as your wife grows in weight and size,...expect her to be a lot less mobile. You must find ways to accommodate her movement by widening doorways and installing handicapped hand rails throughout the house. Expect her to eat more and become more demanding. Be wary of depression as very large people can feel isolated and feel freakish...Expect her to outgrow even the largest of clothes and custom made clothing will be her only option. If you have to work for a living, expect to have to hire at least a part-time aid to help with bathing, toileting and dressing. There will be times when she will not be able to get to the bathroom on her own so have a bariatric commode close by and available for her. Have a bariatric bed for her to sleep comfortably in. Traditional s** may become very difficult although she will need lots of loven. Depending upon her build and flexibility you will need to find ways to be creative. Adult toys are your best friend in this case... These are just the basics and everyone has different needs at different times so your milage may vary.

  • Thanks for the reply. I had already done quite a lot around the house to cater to my wife's increasing weight. Widened a few doors, handrails for her to steady herself & rest after a few steps which as you'd know is needed due to carrying around so much weight. Bariatric aids to help her out of bed, get up etc... I was talking to her about what you've said & we're getting a bariatric bed as she has gained more weight since I last posted & we've had to get her dressmaker to make even bigger clothes. She is so like your wife in that she so loves to eat & the pleasure she gets from it & what her increasing weight does to me. She has seriously taken to using her getting fatter & fatter to keep me turned on almost 24/7. To the point where she is saying "That's the way, bring me more food & I'll get so fat for you". Even during s** now she's telling me to imagine her even fatter, she wants to keep gaining, she's inspired by your wife being over 800lbs & also wants to weigh over 800 & me to keep fattening her. Which as I said I have concerns, but with everything she says & does with her huge fat body, I can't stop enabling her. Only the other night she had a huge dinner & needed her belly rubbed as she was so full, that ended up getting us both turned on & she got me to spoon feed her a whole tub of icecream. While telling me "oh yes fatten me, I want to get so fat". She absolutely loves how fat she is & needs to gain more weight.

  • I have to assume that most of the landwhale lovers here are cuck, simp, losers... No successful, high powered male wants a fat chick for a girlfriend or a wife, let alone one that resembles a shapeless mass of lard. I can only imagine the embarrassment of being a an executive or the owner of a successful a company and having to admit to having a 600lb wife to clients and or associates. You will be laughed right out of the room and the wives of the associates and clients will be slim, trim and beautiful and they will treat your grotesque fetish object/wife with a mixture of absolute disgust and pity... Worse yet if you are trying to climb the corporate ladder, a fat hippo hidden away at home will only hold you back. Having to wait on a greedy, gluttonous, inflated monster 24/7 will not afford you the time you need to put into a successful career that will achieve some financial success.
    That being said where will you continue to get the bucks to feed your hambeast? Your Walmart drone salary? Welfare or some other kind of government handout? Do they even still hand out the government cheese or do you think food stamps will be enough to supply the 10,000 calorie a day habit that your guttonous hog needs to live on? And what will you do with the body when the prize hog comes to an inevitable early expiration date? Imagine the embarrassment that you and your family will suffer when the fire department and EMS has to cut a huge hole in your hovel just to remove the grossly obese rotting corpse. Don't
    even get me started on the cost of a burial for such a monstrosity...
    I hope you now all know that what you are describing sounds like something out of a horror movie to us normal sensible people... And I say "normal" because that is something you Fatty Phuckers will never experience.

  • Who cares what other people think or say. People like you are pathetic.

  • When you are living in some roach motel on public assistance because your fetish for a grossly obese, slovenly, spoiled, speckled, hog has limited you professionally and socially, you will care. Just think about what will happen when EMS arrives to haul the dying whale to the hospital and finds the state of moral depravity and filth you are living in. They will be obligated to report the situation to social services and you will be made instantly into a social miscreant and pariah and your filthy, fecal encrusted pig will be forcibly slimmed down, IF she survives. Is that what you want for yourself? Is that what you truly want for a spouse? If so then you are even more mentally ill than I first thought.

  • What a load of complete bs, spilling from a shallow, self important a hole.

  • Is that right?... Show me one single successful alpha male with a housebound hog for a wife and I will change my tune. Until then those who covet the fat pigs will be considered beta cucks. No self-respecting man wants a huge, fat, greedy, slovenly, beached whale for a wife. I'm not talking a few pounds overweight because that is excusable at certain times in a woman's life, such as pregnancy. But regular trips to the gym can easily fix that. I'm talking 200, 300, 400 or 500 pound blubberous monsters . These women are at the bottom of the barrel sexually and socially. Lazy, deluded, self-hating, mentally ill, women who need to stuff themselves in an insatiable attempt to try and alleviate the guilt, shame, and disgust they feel for being such poor examples of womanhood. There is some seriously disturbed within the psyche of those men whole find these hambeasts alluring and desirable.

  • My man a W

  • You're partially right- very few "high powered successful males" are slammin' big soft women. It's worse though- some of them are thinking about it while clacking against their bony wives.
    I was going to write that until I saw this last post of yours. You're clearly going to see only what you imagine you're seeing, so "showing you" (what, like a bank statement and some family photos?) would be silly.
    I kinda feel that you're trolling, but either way- carry on like that in reality around me or my woman and we will be settling which of us is the alpha real quick.

  • So if you're such a successful, alpha male, why are you wasting you ever so precious, alpha, successful time here? W*****

  • Yesterday, Christmas morning, Cindy, my wife of 22 years, informed me that she had become immobile. She is 5’7” and the last time she had been on a scale, six months ago, she was 683 lbs. I’m sure she is 720+ lbs now. I sleep in a room next to hers because we can’t fit in the same bed. Up til now, she had been able to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and to bathe.
    She told me she had been struggling for a couple of weeks to get to the bathroom, but that yesterday, she realized her legs could no longer support her body standing up. She had tried crawling to the toilet and shower, but then couldn’t lift herself to a sitting position.
    We had both thought this day might come, so she was not shattered by the realization. For a number of years now, she has stayed largely in her room and I have indulged her because she is so attractive to me as she grew larger. I am not a feeder nor is she a feedee, but she had simply gotten into a habit of mostly eating piles of pancakes and syrup three or four times a day, which I would make for her. She hydrates well with water. Cindy began smoking as a teenager and acquired an addiction. I wouldn’t recognize my wife without a cigarette in her hand. As I said, she is not a feedee, but one day, she asked me to help feed her with a funnel to just mainline pancake batter. You have to imagine the sight. She was sitting up in bed wearing a short babydoll nightgown, her enormous sagging b****** cleavage showing, her cellulite thighs like tree trunks, alternating drags on her smoke, and me holding the funnel for her to get the batter. She saw the desire in my eyes, and when she was done, she said “honey, help me a little off the bed.” I helped her off the side of the bed and she leaned over, her elbows on the bed to support her weight while she stood by the bed. As had become our habit, she smoked while I took her doggie-style. We love each other very much.

  • I have been expecting the same thing to happen to my wife. The last time I weighed her our 300kg (660lb) scales couldn't weigh her, which must 5 months ago. She has put on more weight as we had to get some clothes made as what she had was getting too tight.
    Surprisingly she is still mobile, but can only take a few steps & stops to catch her breath, then takes a few more. I'm not a feeder, nor is she a feedee, but I have enabled her love of eating & she just got fatter & fatter. I would think your wife has become immobile due to the fact she has spent as you said, some years just staying in her bedroom, with many hours I assume laying on the bed. My wife, gets in our pool & does aerobic exercise, which is probably why she can still carry her 700lbs+.
    You know, your wife will only get even larger now she is immobile?

  • Yes, we have discussed the implications of her immobility. And yes, she regrets not having been more active. She was self-conscious about her size when people saw her in public, like walking down the street.
    In this past month, what has been one of the most difficult challenge of her immobility has been her full time transition to diapers. Now that she cannot leave the bed. I’m sorry, I’m getting off on a tangent. She just feels embarrassed that she poops in a diaper now, and I do the changing. Well, I haven’t been a feedee, but an enabler, and these things happen.

  • It’s a big change psychologically I guess - she’s had to give up a part of her adulthood in a way. Has she learned to accept her dependence on diapers now? Or even embrace it & find pleasure in being cared for by you in this way?

  • I’m a woman in my 45 and I’m a feedee living with the feeder housebound for over 15 years. I’m imobile for over 3 years now using dipers since. My housebound is my caregiver and he is changing my dipers, bed bathing me etc. it took me months to accept my dependence and the fact that he is doing this for me now. I took it badly and felt ashamed and embarrassed but in time I accepted and now it’s a routine for us. Now we are facing a new problem which is the fact that I’m getting bigger and less and less able to participate and be of help and he is having to lift me more and more. But we are figuring day by day. It’s not easy but if it’s your decision you both made it’s something you have to overcome. Good luck

  • Great question. This whole chain of events begins with the psycho-sexual component of our lives. Eating constantly and growing bigger is sensual for her - her own growth turns her on, and it also increases her positive self-image because she know it turns me on. So, the growing was inevitable as was the immobility. We never had long talks about diapers; through the years, I would just mention diapers in passing in a future sense, like, ok, someday I’ll be getting a supply of Depends up here in the bedroom, or we’d make a little joke if she was haltingly making her way to and from the bathroom. So, without making it a big deal, we just accepted it as part of the deal. I mean, I know there are naysayers in this thread, but our life is happy. We’ve found in each other someone we love and who meets our needs.
    So, two things changed significantly when she became totally immobile. The diapering and the bathing. Yes, those are child-like, but they are just physical actions. Cindy is not child-like in her mental acuity - we have great conversations and we are always laughing, and we have an adult emotional and sexual connection. So, the diapering and bathing don’t imply a reversion to a child-like state.
    I hadn’t said on here, but will now, that tenderly bathing her all over with soap and warm water is very sensually stimulating, as well as the applications of lotions afterwards. I don’t think we quite realized until she had become immobile, how much closeness and pleasure those simple acts would bring us on a daily basis.

  • So her gaining led to a kind of virtuous circle in your relationship, making you both happier and more fulfilled as she grew? It sounds like you have a very happy relationship & good communication - life is always better with plenty of laughter!
    It actually doesn’t surprise me that you have found such stimulation & intimacy in bathing and lotioning your wife, and her in being attended to like this, because by their nature they bring people so close. You have to gently reach into every deep, delicate fold of her body, and she has to be comfortable and trusting enough to let you. Every time you both demonstrate and reinforce a level of trust equivalent to what many people require for enjoyable s**. Does you changing her diaper after she poops (which I presume means you spending some significant time to do properly & safely) provide a similar opportunity for her to feel that sensual total trust, as you clean and care for & accept her in the most intimate way possible? Or has it developed into just a totally neutral thing, with no emotional resonance?

  • Thank you for your sensitive post and questions. First let me say that tending to Cindy, especially in latter years as she became more housebound, mostly bedbound, and now finally immobile, has never seemed like work. Making and bringing her food, helping her dress and undress, emptying her ashtrays, and just creating and maintaining bright and cheery surroundings, along with all the other house stuff and admin, and now the washing and diapering, has always just seemed like loveplay. The virtuous circle.
    We chuckled at your comment about each deep and delicate fold, which is true, but at her size, her folds have folds! One thing we really like about the washing is how much time it takes to cover her. She is so large that to wash and lotion her well and clean all over usually takes over an hour. I suppose someone could go faster, but the slowness and tenderness makes us want it to go on for awhile. We enjoy the daily ritual.
    With regard to the diapering, no, it is not neutral or unemotional. As I said, she is not childlike, but is dependent completely on me for her well-being in that regard. She’ll call to me and say, honey, I need a change. I help her roll on her side, so I can get at the diaper and I take it off and dispose of it. We are not into scat play or anything like that, so the diaper goes away. But, what is sensual and emotional and part of the trust and love is cleaning thoroughly all up and down her r***** crack and and the lotioning to prevent diaper rash or anything unhygienic. That can turn sensual with a certain amount of running my finger up and down and touching in the right places. And then I like making sure the enormous new diaper is in place and well fastened. As I tend to cleaning her after movements, there is a special intimacy that we have found. We are both very much enjoying some of these new, intimate opportunities that have resulted from her immobility.

  • Thank you for taking the time to answer me so courteously. I'm touched that you shared my question with Cindy too!

    It's wonderful to hear that your bond is so strong. Some people might only see the negatives in your situation, the things lost. But you have both clearly gained so much that is new and positive. More ways to show & feel your love for one another, as you say. Hence why you like to take your time when you are washing her, rather than get it out of the way fast as if it was simply a chore.
    It does seem natural to me that you changing her diaper for her becomes part of that bond, simply because the intimacy of it is by necessity so extreme & something that simply isn't ever required for most couples, who will never know what you & Cindy know. The hardest of hard proof that you love and accept every part of her. And of course with cheeks her size it's going to take a while to clean her properly anyway, so why not take your time & make it feel good for her?
    It would be so easy for an immobile partner to feel anxiety and shame around diapering, but the fact that she'll just call to you without hesitation or worry whenever she needs a change speaks volumes for how much she trusts you :) Did the emotional side of it surprise either of you when you first started, back in December?

    And yes I imagine at your wife's size her diapers are pretty enormous lol. It's good that they do bariatric diapers big enough for her - and hopefully a larger size should she ever grow out of these? Even if you can't measure her weight anymore, I doubt she's stopped growing when you seem to take such good care of her :)

  • Thanks very much for your insightful comments. Yes, interesting, before Cindy became immobile, it hadn’t really occurred to us there could be a satisfying emotional component to basic physical consequences of immobility, bathing and diapering. It’s just kind of unfolded over time as we settled into the new normal and the emotional aspects dawned on us. Well, it’s done with tenderness on my part and gratitude from her, but even more, as you mention, the trust which can let her feel content.
    So, just a couple of things I wanted to mention about her size and immobility and how life still is satisfying for her. She does spend a lot of time eating, that’s a requirement. I mentioned in a previous post she mostly eats pancakes and syrup that I make. She asked me again recently if I could funnel-feed her with pancake batter, which I did and which she and I both enjoyed. She’ll take vitamins for other nutritional needs.
    Despite her size, Cindy cares to be well-dressed and well-groomed. Because Cindy is too big to buy anything that would fit, from a company, we found a seamstress who makes all of Cindy’s things. We look on line for things we like, like lingerie, and the seamstress will come take measurements (that’s fun, to see the growth) and make really nice pieces for her. (And bigger diapers when that time comes.). Mostly she’s in nighties now and the diapers. A lady comes in weekly to give her a mani/pedi, and another to do her hair. She puts on make up every day and just always looks great. Nieces and nephews like to come and play in the room and ask why she’s so fat. She just laughs and says I ate too much and look what happened. She has friends who come and visit - it’s a book club and I’m not allowed in. She takes Zoom classes. There is a dr friend we have who makes house calls. Not a real sensual post but just life with an immobile wife.

  • I'm curious- you write that you're not feeder/feedee, but I take it that really fat women do it for you sexually, particularly the way you describe her in her nightgown.
    But I can't really understand how you both can NOT be into that, her size being what it is and that she not only eats pancakes all day, but straight downs batter and asks you to funnel it into her!
    You're not a feeder, but an enabler? she is/isn't a feedee? can you elaborate- I seriously don't get it.

  • Good question, sorry it took a while to reply. I suppose if the both of us find my wife’s weight gain to be mutually erotic, and the food is a means to that end, and I prepare her food, and bring it to her, or feed her batter with a funnel, I guess I could be called a feeder. It’s not just because of s** that she eats; she is always hungry. There is no dom/submissive aspect, no force-feeding or stuffing aspect, no erotic eating aspect, no measuring, no weigh-ins. Until she became largely bed-bound and now immobile, she did most of the cooking. So there are some things that can fall under the umbrella of feederism that didn’t seem to apply. We would often use the terms gainer and encourager or enabler. But, with her immobility, maybe the term feeder/feeder now fits.

  • It is a good question & I'd have to agree, my wife's weight was erotic to me & since she was 627lbs has become erotic to her as well. Her love, passion for eating good food & my enabling that is the reason why she just got fatter & fatter. There wasn't any of the stereotypical feeder/feeder attributes, like weighing, measuring, feeding her, I just provided her with as much food as she wanted. But, I guess there could be a bit of that now with us both finding it erotic that she now weighs probably over 750lbs. I've read her your experiences with Cindy & the guys who's wife is 800lbs & she said it turned her on, women getting as fat as her & even fatter. I wondered if your wives also thought that? As I've said, she wants to gain more weight, she enjoys what it does to me & now her. So now, the question is how fat are our wives going to get? My wife is 50, says, she's loved her life, bringing up our kids, seeing them make their own, independent lives & she wants to enjoy the last phase of life how she wants. Which part of that is to eat & eat & eat & for me to enable that which I simple can't stop doing. She is just so hot to me, her dressmaker came only a few days ago & I heard her waist is just under 3m, she's so fat & round, it turns me on so much just writing this & seeing her sitting there right this minute eating. I want her so fat! She was looking only yesterday at huge women & spotted Carol Yeager, said "want me that fat?", as she grabbed my crotch, felt I was hard & she said "oh yesss, you do". I just know, I can't stop fattening her by enabling her, she's just going to gain more weight, become immobile & just gain more & more weight & I'll keep enabling her the bigger she gets. It worries me but like the guy wants his wife to be 1000lbs, deep down I'd like mine even bigger.

  • Yes, both Cindy and do talk about her inevitable, continuing weight gain, but we neither of us have a weight goal in mind. The turn on for me comes in part from noticing changes over time; the body changes - noticeably more fat on her arms, the drooping folds of flesh down to her wrists now. Her cankles - I mean from her knees to her feet, just one solid slab of flesh, no ankle definition at all. And as she sits on the bed, and I’m not sure I’m describing this correctly, the sheer flabbiness of her buttocks and thighs that spread ever closer to the edge of the king size bed. The flab without muscle contributed to her immobility, but she loves when I caress the spreading mass of flesh. Every time I come into the room after being gone awhile it thrills me to see the incredible size of her. She’ll wear baby dolls and her diapers and it’s just magical. I massage her neck and upper back because her b****** are so heavy and pendulous. Her huge, dimpled cellulitis thighs. She’s got this incredible beaming twinkle in her eye when she knows I’m just drinking the sight of her all in. She knows what the sight of her does to me. We were laughing the other day because I came across a YouTube of Mary Boberry in these little Daisy Mae shorts climbing four flights of stairs with a camera filming her. She was just panting and breathing so hard trying to get up the stairs. It reminded us of a time a couple of years ago, before Cindy was immobile, but probably 500, 525 lbs, climbing the stairs in our house to our bedroom. She was panting heavily, and got to the top and just had to hold on to the bannister, her legs were quivering. I had been coming behind her and she knew that when she got out of breath from exertion, it turned me on. She turned back, looked me in the eye, and said, “Come for me.” She didn’t have to ask me twice.

  • I totally relate to so much you wrote. It is certainly the changes they go through as they gain weight. Like yourself it turns me on watching my wife struggling to carry her 750lb body. When she's wearing her stretch leggins & an oversized top that just manages to cover the waistband of the leggins. Her huge belly pushing her clothes to the limit, belly sound round hanging to her knees & the way it sways as she takes each careful step & after a few steps supports herself on one of the many handrails to rest as she huffs & puffs for like 3 or 4 mins. Then a few more steps & she's breathless again. I love that her elbows & knees have no definition, they are buried in fat. Lovely rolls at her wrists & feet, yes she has no ankles either. How her huge rear rolls with each waddled step, how her fat laden b**** are pushed to the sides by her huge belly. She done exactly the same thing I've been following her, puffing, wobbling body "I'm so fat". Leant on the railing & start slowly thrusting her hips "I want you in me". It is indeed the huge amount of weight she amount she gained & that she's gaining more turns me on incredibly. I helped her get into her 2seat recliner after much heaving, grunting, wobbling, jiggling & again huffing & puffing, she got me close enough to pull my shorts down to see my hardness poking out of my briefs. "I make you so hard it's all this weight & I'm putting on more, I want to get so fat". She got me to slip her top off, as I stood before her, she ran her hands over her huge body. "So nice & fat". She grabbed the moisturiser & rubbed a heap over & in her cavernous belly button "belly f*** me". It was amazing, both of us playing, jiggling her fat as she said things like "oh yesss fatten me". So since then she's been so much, that I have to rub her belly she's so full, then next session she does it again. So after posting here she's not a feedee, she is now, she's now eating to gain weight.

  • Thank you for the insight, I loved it :) It's interesting to see how much of 'normal life' can be brought to her now she can't go to it, enabling her to still do many things and vary her days. I like that she still cares about her hair and nails and remains very much a classic girl in this. Who said needing diapers had to mean the end of careful grooming and fashion-conciousness?!
    Having her own time with friends in the book club is a great idea for preserving good mental health too. It's great that her/your siblings are happy for their kids to visit & that the children are open & not close-minded about how massive she is. Hope they climb up and give Auntie Cindy a proper hug rather than just hanging around in the room all the time! Again, keeping this part of 'normal' life in her day-to-day experience.

    Glad you have a doctor call in on her every so often. As a friend what have you said about your lifestyle together to them? I would hope enough that they don't try and persaude her to change her ways all the time, as a typical doctor would. And a seamstress to make pretty things for her is a great idea! Does your seamstress make Cindy's current diapers then - are you not using disposables? Or do you just use custom-made cloth panels to keep an absorbant pad in place - so that part is disposable but the rest you keep & wash? A little confused lol!

    Truly her life with you does sound very contented - bravo! :)

  • Hello, sorry it took a little while to respond. Yes, the kids don’t just play on the floor, they get lots of hugs and affection for their auntie Cindy. Well, she’s so big, they can almost play hide and seek around her. They’ve just known her as she is, they’re not self-conscious. Sometimes if she’s eating, they’ll just lean up against her and have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then go on about their playing. We love having them over. Well, my doctor friend knows what the deal is, and he doesn’t nag about our or her life choices. If she doesn’t feel well, he’ll come over and diagnose and prescribe. I can tell sometimes he wants to do his dr. obligation and say something about weight or diet or exercise, but he just keeps it in.
    We use the 5XL bariatric diapers with tabs. What we’ve asked the seamstress to do is to jerry rig the tabs with strips of Velcro so the tabs can be lengthened depending on her weight gain. We do use absorbent pads on the bed under her in case of leakage, but the diapers so far are working ok. For us, it’s still a work in progress, the combination of immobility, diapering and weight gain. But, you know, we stay cheerful about things. Our life, overall, is rewarding for all the reasons mentioned previously.

  • Awesome. I wish you many more happy years together :)

  • Couldn't agree more. Just because our ladies are hugely fat women, doesn't mean they are slobs. As I said in an above reply, my wife is now deliberately gaining more weight. But she keeps clean, with my help, most days does her makeup & dresses in nice clothes that we have made. She doesn't pig down her food, she savours every mouthful. I keep the house very clean & tend to her every need. She is still able to exercise in our pool (have a lift to get her in & out), but there is going to be a point where she is going to end up immobile. She has told me she actually wants that & the thought of being that fat & to keep gaining turns her on, even though she knows the risks.

  • I just saw your post.

  • Wow another two heavy weights. My wife of 25yrs is also a heavy weight, 694lbs back in Aug & has put on more weight, so like both of your wives, must be 730+, still mobile with help even though she is only 5'5". I'm like both of you & don't think of myself as a feeder, definately an enabler & she isn't a feedee, just a massive foodie. I found that once she got into the 400's, I enabled her even more & she put on more & more weight.
    Did it turn you on the bigger she got. Seeing her waddling more, her belly, b**** & bum swaying as she waddled? The grunts, groans, moans & heavy breathing waddling as she got even bigger? Seeing her sitting, legs spread for her growing belly to lay between as she ate? Clothes getting tighter, leggins barely holding her belly in?
    All these things made me enable her even more, get her even bigger. We are very much in love, she has said, she's so fat because I've enabled her, but she loves to eat, loves that I bring her as much food as she can eat & that she doesn't want it to stop. Is she a feedee? She says she isn't.
    So are we feeders? It doesn't sound like any of us are stopping the enabling, our wives are all into the 700's & getting bigger. Do you both want your girls even bigger? I know I must do, I'm still enabling her, I think to myself as I take her as much food as she can eat. "Good girl, eat & eat & eat, grow fatter for me". Or is it that we just love our women morbidly obese? I see a feeder as someone who fattens, then when the victim gets so fat they need fulltime care, the feeders leaves to find another to fatten.

  • Ah ok, I get the feeder/fattener semantic difference now.
    Yup- pants tightening and shirts riding up a swaying, soft belly.. I gotcha. Keep it up and enjoy yourselves.

  • Yes, my wife getting bigger is pleasurable to me and she knows it. When she outgrows clothes, she’ll always say, look how tight this has gotten. When she’d walk a little ways, and pant, she’d look at me and smile, and say, I’m so fat and out of shape. She knew she had me. One evening she was sitting on the bed in a nighty, and she said come look at my new dimples. She was talking about her cellulite on her massive legs. She knows I like it.
    I’m not going to stop enabling her. She knows she can’t stop stuffing herself and I know that I will help her.

  • Your post makes you think. Firstly, yes it turned me as she got bigger & bigger. Also exactly as you descibed, the waddling, swaying belly, how her bum rolled with each step, the grunts, puffing as she lugged all that weight is very much a turn on as well as the other things you mentioned. Although at times I feel guilty that she is like that but, I haven't in any way forced her to get as fat as she is. For sure I have enabled her to fatter & she has said the same as your wife, she has however embraced how fat she is, continues to eat & is putting on even more weight, even telling me she will get even fatter & flaunts that fact.
    I too think generally as feeders force feeding them & not being prepared to look after once they need lots of care. I have to admit I do want her bigger & with the things she says, watch her carrying 700+ around & watching her eating as much as she wants via my enabling, she is gaining more weight. I can't help it, it's so hot especially when she has finished eating & says. "I'm getting so nice & fat". She as said she never thought she get this fat, but is does now turn her on that she is. I also think to myself as she eats. "That's it, eat & eat & eat, get fatter".

  • Interesting discussion & also very hot that your wives are into the 700's. I too have enabled my wife, 26 wonderful years, to pile on an amazing amount of weight. She was weighed a few weeks back at 753.8lbs, surprisingly still mobile at that weight, she's 5'8", but has a walking machine to help keep some muscle in her legs to support her huge weight. Like you have all said, my wife is the same in that she knows fully what her size does to me & as said "she had me". She does the same things, showing me how tight her clothes are getting, stopping to rest, puffing after the waddle from the bedroom, smile "it's hard being this big & sexy".
    But, I put it to you, that yes we have enabled them, but have you also taken into account that they have quite happily let themselves get to their huge weights deliberately? They know we love/worship them being so fat, can completely indulge themselves in their love for food & eating, eat as much as they want, have us spoil them, do everything for them, housework, washing, cooking etc, they can laze about & just eat, having us bring them whatever they desire, not judge how fat they are or how much they eat. They know full well that we won't stray because of our love for them being so fat, it's not like there are lots of women their size. Their size is the only thing that satisfies our desire & turns us on incedibly. So it's not that they are a feedee, but the fact they are in a super comfortable position, which the pro's are far better than the health & mobility issues of gaining so much weight.

  • Yes, very nice post. It’s an interesting dynamic. The progression of my wife just completely letting go of any desire to control her eating or calorie intake, or of stabilizing at a particular weight, did go hand in hand with my progression of spoiling her. She was about 310 when I married her 22 years ago, so then obviously able to go do shopping, run errands, work in the yard, do housework, cook, etc. We never really had a conversation about her deciding to grow to immobility. As she freely indulged her eating appetite and got bigger, and she saw my worship/desire grow, I just started to do more things for her, in and out of the house. We both knew what was happening and would happen, but we just really didn’t have to put it into words. It was a win-win - she could basically retire from normal activity so she could constantly eat, and I just little by little assumed all of the household duties as well as diligently servicing her care and feeding. Not as a textbook feeder, but just simply loving her, being turned on by her size, and wanting to meet her needs. Meeting her needs and wants met mine. So, you’re right, she knew she was in a safe and secure position to simply continue on her path as an eating and weight gaining machine. And I say that with all the love in the world. It’s also interesting your comment that there are so few women that size, 700+. I wonder if a large number of the women that size, have men like us. There are so many things they can’t do for themselves anymore - someone has to be taking care of them.

  • I agree. We never really discussed that I would love her to get to 753lbs, it's just happened. It has happened as you said with your wife. She knew I loved her big, always telling her I wouldn't care if she was 500lbs, I'd love her. Like your wife she let herself go & started putting on weight & I enabled her eating, the bigger she got, the more she ate. She loved the fact that as she got fatter, I did more & more around the house, getting her whatever she wanted to eat. I was exactly like you, meeting her needs, met mine & she realised that the weight she was gaining turned me on & she continued to grow bigger. At a point I was now doing everything happily as spoiling her was something I really enjoyed, that was when she didn't do a thing but eat & gain more & more weight. Fully aware of my love for her to grow bigger & bigger. She used that to her advantage, knowing she had me wrapped around her little finger. She wasn't even worried to find she was 753lbs! She has just continued to eat & eat.
    There would definitely be other women 700+ or even bigger that have men like us & are actually happy that they are so big.

  • Yes, there are other women 700+lbs with men like you. I'm one & it is amazing to read your experiences & the similarities. We've been married for 28yrs & she has gone from a chubby 280lbs up to 743lbs about 4months ago. The scenario the same as all of you, I wanted her bigger, she loved to eat, so when our children left home, she was heading heading for 400, that's when I seriously enabled her. The same as you guys, as she got fatter, I did more for her, treating her like a queen & it gave me pleasure that she was so happy & putting on weight. She was 540 when both of us a bit drunk & she had said she knew I loved her fat, but had she gotten too fat? I assured her, no & she told me she loved her lifestyle, that she couldn't stop eating, because she loved it so much & she was more than likely going to get fatter. I couldn't help but keep enabling her, I never thought I wanted her bigger than she already was, but I did want her now. It was this point that she started using her increasing weight to turn me on, tight stretch pants, tight tops, the effect of it was having on her, getting puffed walking "phew all this weight is making me unfit" she'd smile. Asking for more & more food as she rubbed her growing belly "it's taking more to satisfy me" again smiling. She was gaining more to keep me spoiling her. She is currently still mobile, but we need aid devices to help her up, it takes her an age to waddle 20+ steps to the en-suite or living room, having to stop to get her breathe back, which turns me on, seeing my enormous wife, huffing & puffing, her huge body jiggling as she puffs. Yet, I keep enabling her, she encourages me, using her weight even more to turn me on, as she continues to gain more, telling me now, I need her even fatter.

  • Oh yes, huge women over 500lbs are so sexy. My girlfriend was already fat, I specifically picked her because she was already fat & after a few dates & she had relaxed found she could eat so much. She got fatter, with me always encouraging her to eat whatever she wanted & telling her how hot she was. She was a 365lb bride when we got married, happy & content. 410lbs when I finally admitted I loved her gaining weight & I wanted her fatter. She blew me away when she said "Fatten me then". She told me she would get as fat as I wanted her if she didn't have to work anymore. I was in heaven.
    I actually found her online work from home, until I'd get an expected promotion, more money = more food = my dream USSBBW. She totally understood & said "Be my feeder & I'll be your feedee to make as fat as you want me". We had latter chatted & she had said she had the feedee fetish, wanting a man to fatten her as big as he wanted.
    We threw ourselves into our fetish, introducing food with s**, feeding her huge amounts, but not force feeding, that's not my thing. She ate & ate & ate, piling on more & more weight. Both of us getting off everytime we weighed her & seeing the scales climbing. Both of us turned on by her declining mobility as she closed in on 600lbs. She would just eat & eat & eat.
    We are both so happy, she's became too fat to support her own weight & no longer works, she spends her days so fat she's bedbound. I now work from home & take care of my still growing feedee, who still insists I keep fattening her. No idea what she weighs, but there is barely enough room for me in the super king bed with her in it. She is bigger than Echo if you know her. dc

  • My wife has gotten so fat she uses a scooter inside the house & I will continue to fatten her.

  • HUGE fat women are so incredibly sexy, I love it, fattened mine up too but she is only up to 440 lbs now. She looked at me and told me the other day that her belly hangs so low now she cant see her p u s s y anymore. I told her she no longer needed to see it, i would take care of that.

  • Feed the fat b**** as much as she wants. This between you and her. The negative comments here are from people who have no f****** business judging you or her. Your lifestyle is no one elses business. Big fat women are sexy especially huge gluttonous heffers who can barely move.

  • I've done this to my sexy fat piggy. She is a huge gluttonous heffer who is now struggling to carry all the weight she has gained and yet continues to eat and eat and eat. I love her so much and all her weight turns me on so much.

  • So have I. My wife is so hugely fat now and struggles to get up, waddles slowly around the house, but is getting fatter. I love her so much and she can get as fat as she wants.

  • I have as well, 5'8" & now 654lbs & still stuffing herself.

  • Yes, yes you do. She's too far gone to ever go back to a normal life, so you might as well keep it up. Go for 800!

  • She said exactly that, she's gotten so fat it's too late to go back. So she's kept gaining, just getting fatter.

  • I always wonder when I see these fat knackers,is how the h*** do they wipe their a***?? Must just be a constant fudgy mess.
    Bet she smells of cheese.

  • Ok sir. That's extremely unhealthy. She will (if she doesn't have already) get diabetes, or die. If you care about HER at all and not your OWN needs you would stop feeding her seeing as she's GOING to DIE!

  • Yes you both are hefty burden on mother earth just kill urselves

  • F u c k mother earth

  • Each to their own. I like my gf skinny and I like to starve her. The best is when we go away camping for a weekend and I don't let her eat at all. Sometimes she has to sit because she gets feint. The most I have starved her for is a week but that was only once. But I do manage a weekend about once every couple of months.

  • Keep her slim or she will end up as a tattooed and pierced piece of trash... Fat women are disgusting. Especially the blue haired, b**** looking, liberal feminist types that try to convince society that being a fat ugly slob is normal.

  • Far better than feeding a fat greasy slob until it dies. Feeders and their love of revolting extreme obesity are almost as bad as child molesters. Both inflict pain on there victims disguising it as love and the victim either doesn't really know any better or is desperate for attention.

  • That's sick. Its extremely unhealthy as well, and I'm not going to be surprised if your girlfriend either breaks up with you or is going to die. If you continue to do this to her, she will most likely die or be in the hospital. Do her parents know abut this? Disgusting. Starve yourself, see how you feel about it. Honestly go burn it h***, that's gross.

  • F*** you, you judgmental, busy body, imbecile.

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