Wife is a feedee and I'm her feeder

I have always preferred my ladies big, but always kept it a secret. I got married to my wife who was not fat, but always desired to to be a bit bigger & was happy both times after having our kids she'd gained weight, probably around the 200lb mark, but both times she'd loose the weight, even though she loved to eat.
Then one day while shopping I saw a lady that must have 400lbs plus & I kept looking at her, when my wife said, "Do you like big women, I've noticed over the years, you looking at big ladies when we are out?". I confessed that I did infact find them attractive. That night she told me that she always struggled to watch her weight, because she loves food and would love nothing more than to not worry about it anymore, which I told her I'd always love her no matter how fat she was. She started gaining weight & within a few years she was 300lbs, I loved it.
It was our anniversary and we'd both had a bit to drink & while making love & me playing with her fat she said "I love being fat, I want to get fatter". It turned me on & the s** got wilder when she said, "I'd love you to fatten me, I want to get really fat". That turned me even more. We had a chat afterwards & she told me how she loved the extra weight she was carrying, she loved the look of all the fat & how she just kept thinking & had even had dreams of being really fat.
So I spoiled her, I'd take her to dinner, bring home treats, loved her as usual & she kept gaining weight. She hit 400, the 500lbs & was just eating more & more. She'd tease me, by wearing stretch pants only & waddle past me, her belly swaying slowly from side to side with each step, her huge rear rolling with each step & say "I'm so fat & sexy". She kept encouraging me to spoil her, to keep feeding her & I could resist her desires.
She's now 660lbs & gaining, she doesn't want to stop, she wants to get even fatter, she can barely get around now, she just a huge fattened goddess. Do I keep fattening her?


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  • HUGE fat women are so incredibly sexy, I love it, fattened mine up too but she is only up to 440 lbs now. She looked at me and told me the other day that her belly hangs so low now she cant see her p u s s y anymore. I told her she no longer needed to see it, i would take care of that.

  • Feed the fat b**** as much as she wants. This between you and her. The negative comments here are from people who have no f****** business judging you or her. Your lifestyle is no one elses business. Big fat women are sexy especially huge gluttonous heffers who can barely move.

  • I've done this to my sexy fat piggy. She is a huge gluttonous heffer who is now struggling to carry all the weight she has gained and yet continues to eat and eat and eat. I love her so much and all her weight turns me on so much.

  • So have I. My wife is so hugely fat now and struggles to get up, waddles slowly around the house, but is getting fatter. I love her so much and she can get as fat as she wants.

  • Yes, yes you do. She's too far gone to ever go back to a normal life, so you might as well keep it up. Go for 800!

  • She said exactly that, she's gotten so fat it's too late to go back. So she's kept gaining, just getting fatter.

  • I always wonder when I see these fat knackers,is how the h*** do they wipe their a***?? Must just be a constant fudgy mess.
    Bet she smells of cheese.

  • Ok sir. That's extremely unhealthy. She will (if she doesn't have already) get diabetes, or die. If you care about HER at all and not your OWN needs you would stop feeding her seeing as she's GOING to DIE!

  • This is the definition of a toxic 'symbiotic relationship'. You will be responsible for your partner's death if you continue like this. All those morbidly obese people you see on TV having to be craned out of their apartments, (after the walls have been torn down to get them out, because they are too fat to fit through the f****** door) were in such relationships. When they get too fat to get up to feed themselves, someone is sustaining their obesity. That is a form of toxic co-dependency and abuse and, in effect a form of homicide, because you are feeding here to death and no better than a drug dealer supplying an addict.

  • Yes you both are hefty burden on mother earth just kill urselves

  • Each to their own. I like my gf skinny and I like to starve her. The best is when we go away camping for a weekend and I don't let her eat at all. Sometimes she has to sit because she gets feint. The most I have starved her for is a week but that was only once. But I do manage a weekend about once every couple of months.

  • That's sick. Its extremely unhealthy as well, and I'm not going to be surprised if your girlfriend either breaks up with you or is going to die. If you continue to do this to her, she will most likely die or be in the hospital. Do her parents know abut this? Disgusting. Starve yourself, see how you feel about it. Honestly go burn it h***, that's gross.

  • As a fellow feeder I can see how hot this is but you have to stop. You're going to kill her. Can you live with that?

  • No, he isn't 'going to kill her', he is killing her. This is just a protracted murder.

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