Daniel update

This weekend I went to the mall with my friends and I saw Daniel there. (If you didn't read my last confession then here's a recap. I'm a popular athlete at my school and I date a cheerleader b/c she's important to my image and she sucks my d***. In reality I have the hugest crush on a beautiful black girl i've know since 8th grade)
so yeah Daniel was there shopping all alone she had like 4 big bags on her hands and I saw her in Zummies. I bumped into her and we joked around then she started asking about Chris (my friend who took her to homecoming) I got really jealous but tried not to show it. The mall was closing and my friends were leaving but I still wanted to spend time with Daniel, so I asked if I could ride home with her. She said yeah and I left my friends and she drove me home in her punchbuggy... On the way home she stopped at Mcdonalds and we went inside to eat. We talked and laughed about the ppl in our chem class and the teacher. We touched hands few times and everytime made my heartspeed up everytime. She drove me home and we laughed in the car. When she pulled up to my house we sat in the car for like 30 extra minutes just talking. The conversation took a turn when she asked who I thought was the hottest girl in school. Obviously I thought it was her, but I couldn't say that. She like begged me until I just started to name her characteristics. I said the girl I rhino is the hottest had pretty brown eyes w/long eyelashes, extremely white and straight teeth, a nice rack like probably a d cup, and a round ass. When I finished she goes oh like Morgan? Who's my girlfriends cheer captain. Then I looked over at her and touched her chin and said more like this. She brushed me off and started laughing as if I was joking. Then I turned to face her and said honestly? Do you honestly wanna know who I think is the hottest? Yeah she said laughing. So I pulled her by the chin and kissed her and she kissed me back! We made out for like 20 minutes then she pulled away and said wait you have a girlfriend! We were so out of breath I was like I don't like her as much as I like you. She kissed me once more cutting it short and said if that's true break up with her then come see me Monday. Then I got out of the car and went home.

So I told her on Monday that I broke up with my girlfriend which is probably why she didn't go to school. And the truth is I called Chelsea the night before to beak up with her and she told me she had bronchitis and would be out til Thursday so I didn't break up with her.
Eventually I will because I'm in love with Daniel and I can't beleive she's giving me a shot! When we kissed on Saturday night it was the first time in a long time that I got hard from making out alone. I hope I grow the b**** to break up w/Chelsea before I loose the girl of my dreams!

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  • I still love you daniil. dah but yeh.

  • BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You're awesome!! :D lol..

  • LMAO! Like we don't know the last comment was the OP sucking his own d***.

  • Here's my update, I flew my jet to France again last week, and the French botanist I'm dating was acting strange. After we decided that you still need to shut the f*** up, we flew to Italy, where we dined. After we filled up on no one gives a f***, we went to Spain, and watched the festival where a guy bought hand lotion and jacked off, thinking it was some hot girl I think the festival is known as Festival de masturbacion de Daniel, but my Spanish isn't great. All in all we had a lovely time.

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