Where should I move to?

It's not really a confession, but I would like some anonymous advice. Here is the situation, I will try to make this as short as possible:

I have lived in southern CA all 21 years of my life and will be moving to a different state in January 1) to experience something new while im still young and not tied down by anything and 2) because colleges out here don't accept spring transfers and I want to make finishing school my main priority.

One of my best friends told me months ago and she wants to move to Nashville, TN because we both are obsessed with country music and the whole country scene, but still like the city feel (I know it sounds lame, but I really think I would love it). So I said that would be fun! But since the schools aren't that great out there I applied to Boise State and Washington State. 1) Boise State is a good school and I would get the whole "college experience" there and 2) Washington State, my dad lives there and I would be able to live with him and that family again, cheaper costs are a plus.

I have kind of ruled out Boise State since its the most expensive school and I wouldn't know anyone there, which scares me. Although it would be cool if my friend would move there with me, I am just afraid to ask her if she would be willing to move anywhere else since she has had her heart set on Nashville for months.


Washington (near Portland, OR)-
1) my dad, stepmom, bro, sis, and some other family live there
2) i would be able to live at home with no rent being charged (i am tired of being broke all the time, and would like to have some more money for fun while im still young and can)
3) i would be able to focus more on school and take more classes because i wouldnt have to work so much.
4) i would be able to come back and visit my mom and other friends in Cali more often since my dad gets free miles and would fly me out or friends in every few months (would not be able to visit at all in Nashville since plane tickets are so expensive since its so much farther and my dad will only help me if i live with him. and more difficult to get time off work).
5) my dad would help me with moving costs (not if i choose anywhere else)

1) would get to live with one of my best friends in a new city together
2) country music capitol of the world
3) new experience on my own
4) COMPLETELY different from San Diego

A few things i would like to mention:

1) If I choose anywhere but my dads, he will not help out with expenses (he will pay for my school, but nothing else).
2) I will be using ALL my savings to move there and would be stuck there even if I hate it.
3) My friends parents are both rich and help her out with everything and will fly her where ever she wants to go monthly if thats what she wanted. If she hates it they will help her to move back immediately. So this move is a little bit more important for me, since I have more to loose.

Thats the most important points, i hope at least 1 person takes the time to read since I am in a horrible dilemma and would like someones advice.. thank you so much in advance for reading and putting in your 2 cents.


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  • Move to Washington - definitely! You'll be near your family and your dad will help you out. But definitely finish school WSU is near Seattle - isn't it? Awesome city..lots of young people and it's just fun. Lots to see and explore. Get your degree and then depending on what your field of study is you can move. I'm from CA too...the weather maybe a shock for you ..lot of rain up north, but soo sooo beautiful. And you'll get the college experience and meet friends. Always time for you to move to Nashville or somewhere else once you graduate. Maybe you can even look into school abroad before graduating..you know a semester in Spain or Italy - just a thought :-) Good luck!!

  • washington. save up some money there, go to schoool, spend time with your family, & thenn go off on your own. it's HARD, a lot harder than you think to live by yourself when you're young. i'm 20, i'm doing it, & i can barely get by. you'd be working your ass off, & any free time you have you'd HAVE to be studying. i know you want to be independent & do things by yourself.. but i'm tellinggg you, in a couple of years, when you've got everything together & have some money saved up, THAT'S the time. not now. good luck to you! let us know what decision you've made!

  • Good job ruling out Boise state i hate that f****** blue field.

  • My advice: suck my d***.

  • I would go to Washington, you have your whole life to figure out where you want to live and can figure it out later when you are more financially stable, school and family are very important and you can listen to lots of country music still!! I wouldn't take that big of a gamble, because even though you think your friend is there for you they might bail using their rich mom and dads money and your stuck in a town that you hate with no one you know.. Good Luck!

  • You will have fun anywhere you go, and it will be a different experience regardless. I think you should move to Washington with your dad. In the end, family comes first. You wouldn't want to regret that. If your dad is cool, and you can still be pretty independent and on your own, I see nothing wrong with that.

    Sometimes you have to be selfish, and put yourself first. In this case (because I know you) You are WAY too smart to not go to a good school. You have put too much time and effort into your schooling to waste it.

  • Go Nashville.

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