Falling for her...

I'm slowly falling for a close female friend of mine. She and I have been through a great deal together, and while it would seem we've both gone out of our way to keep distance romantically I couldn't help but lose that distance and want to be with her. She means a great deal to me and it's hard to deal with helping her through various troubles with men without wanting to scream out that she and I both know things would be great between us and she need not suffer as she has (particularly recently).

I know she has difficulty having committed relationships with men and she keeps me as her friend because she's worried something may happen to end a potential relationship and our friendship. I also know she cares about me as more than just a friend, but is afraid to move forward on to the next level for some reason but it's killing me going through this. She knows that I like her as more than friends, but doesn't know how much I truly care for her.

It's strange; I don't trust people easily, and women less so which is why I have very few, good female friends. But I feel that if I don't do something to impress upon her how I truly feel soon that we'll both lose out on an opportunity for a relationship that would be amazing...

Oct 29, 2010

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  • you cant mix friends and love youll lose the friend and never get it back

  • "im slowly falling for a close female friend of mine" dude are you sure shes a female cause you sound like a whiny overly sensitive f***** to me. You should probably stop being such a pansy and act like a real man, she might dig you then.

  • The "He" you're referring and making assumptions about,maybe a "She"

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