I'm so ridiculously paranoid. I think I inherited it from my father. So many things I want to confess here but I'm afraid that the NSA or the law will trace my IP address somehow and make me pay for things I admit to doing. Every word I type might incriminate me. It's not like I even did anything wrong. I'm not some ridiculous criminal. Just a pretty average person, as far as that is concerned. But so very paranoid. I know how permanent things on the internet are. But this site is so tempting. I just want to spill all. But I am afraid of somehow being made to pay for bad things I did years and years ago, even just really little bad things, silly stuff that the government would never waste their time with. I am also afraid that someone I know online or in real life will recognize my typing style and find out something about me that they shouldn't know.

Jul 10, 2013

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  • Get a proxy shield, buy a program. Reroutes your ip address to another country.

  • Same here the internet has become too personal. they make it so easy for people to find out things about you just by knowing your ip address. the fact that most sites have a location setting automatically installed in them freaks me out. like google the location is always set to the city that i am in, no matter how many times i change it to the country and it has no way to disable that tracking setting. i just think if its that easy for google to find me through the internet all anyone has to do is track through google. (shudder)i hate that, creepy as s***, just makes it easier for the government to keep track of us.

  • Yes I agree completely. I remember a time when it was safe to make public livejournal posts about ridiculously private things. Now the internet NEVER forgets. I've removed all my old internet accounts from the days when it was safe to have even the slightest bit of personal info like your first name out there. The web is way too crowded now.

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