Pathetic story... (This is a long one)

Years ago back in the middle school days I randomly added a cute girl on MySpace. (I know. But hey, remember the title...) I talked to her a bunch and really got to know her. We had a lot of similar tastes and everything, and we even shared the same beliefs when it came to religion and other topics.
After talks online, It eventually came to the point of me calling her once. We talked briefly and then a week later she was forced to delete me. Her parents were very conservative and didn't want her talking to a boy from Minnesota. It was pretty understandable to me although I wasn't happy about it.
I ended up being a GIANT creeper and sent her letters. It sounds awful but here's why.

I was infatuated by her. To call her "cute" as I did before doesn't do justice. She was and is the most beautiful soul I've ever seen to this day. Since I'm older now I understand that physical attraction is just one of many parts of a person and shouldn't be as big a deal as society makes it out to be, but man.. she's just something else.
Just looking at her makes me want to write a cliche poem of how beautiful she is. But I'll stop with that...

Anyway as the years went on I probably sent about 5 or 6 letters. All of them sort of apologizing for the previous. I felt terrible for being so weird and not being able to leave her alone despite how much I tried. Once facebook came along I got blocked. I don't "follow" her on twitter, although I do look at it every now and then. I still have never met her in person.

On Flickr, (she's a very amazing artist/photographer) I sent her a message saying I didn't plan on a response and that this was my last apology for everything. She didn't reply, but she did tweet later saying "delightfully nostalgic, refreshingly unfamiliar." (Probably unrelated, but a guy can hope)

I'm probably a little crazy. But there's something about this girl I can't shake. If I could, I would have by now. It's been 5 years now since we stopped talking. I'm a freshman in college now. I've tried almost every way of forgetting her but it hasn't worked. What do I do?
(Please don't be too harsh...)

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  • I'm hoping this doesn't come across as harsh, but did you ever consider that she didn't like you once she talked to you on the phone, so she made up the story about being "forced" to delete you? I just ask because I actually did something very similar when I was younger and it kinda sounds like her cop out.
    If she was actually forced to delete you and this was all her parents doing then maybe you could just send her a message on flickr and let her know exactly how you feel. No apologies, just tell her everything that's in your heart and let her know this will be the last time you will contact her. Then leave the ball in her court. If she responds then you know you still have a chance. If not, I would just leave her alone because she's probably not interested any more.

  • Call her, or visit her, or something. Just don't lose this girl. She's probably the on for you, bro.(: Good luck,

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