To all I've hurt.

I'm sorry for pushing you off that cliff. You didn't die, but no one knows I'm the one who did it. Something broke your fall, and your heart.

I'm sorry for ever cutting your arm up so badly. It had to be amputated. I ruined your life.

Yes, I'm the one who murdered your pets. You angered me, and I retaliated. I'm so sorry.

I act so much like a b**** to you. You don't deserve it, and I just hate myself for it. I hate myself for the lies I've told, and the hearts I've broken.

I just stood and watched your sister be murdered. I didn't do anything. She screamed, I walked away.

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  • I'm sure the police have seen this.

  • if you were sorry, you would be saying sorry to there family, not a confession site, sick m***********. i hope some c*** slits your throat.

  • I agree ...Help ! .. sorry but i mean thats baddd!!

  • You sound like a keeper. Apologies accepted. Now, get some professional help. Immediately.

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