What I Need is a Good Defense...

Last night, I had such an intense sudden back pain that I nearly threw up. It felt not unlike someone stabbing me in the back with a thick knife. It was one of the most painful things I have ever experienced in my life. I hobbled to the floor and was pretty much immobile for about an hour, just lying there gasping for breath and praying it would end.

When I finally managed to get to my feet, I took two ibuprofen. Nothing. I took a vicodin. Nothing. As a last resort, I smoked some pot. I didn't do it because I wanted to 'have some fun' or because I was 'bored'. I did it because I was in excruciating pain and needed relief. And it worked. It made the pain bearable. It made me able to actually sleep.

And I get to feel like a criminal for it.

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  • and I'm feeling like a criminal. I need to be reedeemed for the one I've sinned against, and hes all I've ever knew of love.
    Fiona Apple <3

  • I didn't vote on prop 19 in California because it would put so many of my friends on the street. Selling pot illegially is the only job a lot of them can get. As for the gang war over it...there's a gang war over everything. Land, to grow food on and drill for oil on. There's a war over diamonds. There's a war over gold and silk and probably everything else. Making pot illegial isn't going to make the fighting over pot stop, or the violence stop. But my friends would probably have to live on the street or go back to their molester parents if they didn't sell weed to pay for their own respective places. Because the big corperations would take the grow ops where my friends get their weed from and then my friends would be, like I said, on the street or worse.

  • why did you have pot just laying around? haha

  • Sounds like a really bad muscle spasm. The first time i had one i was sure it was a ruptured disc, the pain was unreal i could barely walk, couldnt sit up and hobbled around like a old man. No painkiller worked at all and i was so desperate i took anything i could. Fortunately for me it only lasted a couple of days, as weird as it sounds forcing myself to walk around and stay somewhat active when i have one seems to make it go away quicker.

  • Going to the doctor never crossed your mind?

  • This was at 11pm at night, and there was 6 inches of snow on the ground. :x

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