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I was 19 years old and really believed that had met the one. He was cute loving blah blah blah. We moved in together after meeting eachothers family and even bought a family business together. He told me that he had a big secret everynight. After a year he told me that he has a 1 and half year old daughter from a one night stand. I went crazy after i had just found out that i also had a half sister hence why my parents had divorced. After two abortions and putting up with abuse from his w**** of a bay mother who was 10 years older than both of us i decided to punish him and his family by giving them the shock same way i had been shocked and expected accept this crap. So i suggested a DNA test. Which came back that it was in fact his daughter i didnt show him the letter instead paid for another test and put my own DNA and his instead. The test obviously came back as not a match made him think that it wasnt his child after all. He cried for 4 weeks and got into fights with his baby mother.he did another test and found out the truth. I feel bad now im no longer with this guy but at the time it felt good to see him feel what i had felt about being lied to for so long. Am i the most evil person or what?

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  • Good for you, but I feel sorry for the little girl. She must have some horrible parents.

  • thumbs up sweetie!!!

  • ^the daughter had already been born before they met..
    thats really immature what you did, that girl will grow up without a daddy. Think about it.

  • as mentioned he found out at the end because i told him. he needed to realise what it feels like to be lied to about such a big thing. it ruined my life. he let me get attached to hm before telling me. may i mention that his whole family used to hide the childs pictures from me for one year. they planned somehing stupid and evil and so did i. anyway she was better off without a father who denies her existence for so long. the first thing he was upset about was paying money all these years. who wans to grow up with a dad like that?

  • No? :o hes a dumbass for cheatin on u

  • ofcourse. you're the evil one. btch!

  • No I would of done the same!


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