Im unloveable,
always see my friends happy in realtionships and happy with friends, i have friends and alot too but i can never be myself. This new years eve i was at a massive party which was wild, all my m8s were getting with people and were clearly happy, i ended up alone, as usual, sitting outside chaining it and getting wasted.
I find myself going through massive loops of unhappiness, without anyone to turn to. Im always the one people come to when they're upset or need help. But i have no one to do the same. Im used and i accept it. Im a Male and yet i just want someone to say they see me for who i am and to look after me.. not the typical male gender charcateristic is it.
If i cant love myself how can i be loved?
I guess what im saying is, I just want someone to love me, to accept me, to want me, ive never had love of family or friends and doubt ill ever have it in a realtionship. Im unloveable. FACT

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  • Sometimes, I want to kiss my best friend. I think she wants to kiss me, too. We kissed before, but it was a long time ago and haven't since. But she's kissed other girls, and she always tells me about it like she is testing my reactions, and sometimes I get jealous. I know neither of us want to date, and that's fine by me, but when she kisses other girls, all I can think is, "Why not me?"

  • really, if you get in a relationship, try to be the man, no chick wants to feel like she is the man of the relationship. that being said, its also nice to have a sensitive guy. be the happy medium


  • You sounds like you're just lonely and a little down. Got to get out there and just meet that special girl. You have to be open to love..You'll find her. When you see someone that catches your eye, go up to her. You never know..You have a good heart. You're worth it.

  • You sound like a nice guy with REAL emotions and not fake ones. Be happy because you are different someone will love you much more than anyone else one day.

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