It's time for a little revenge

My husband is walking on thin ice this time. For the last 10 years he talked to me like I was his slave, not his wife. I never had an affair, although I've had plenty of opportunities, especially with his best "friend", (his best man too, at our wedding) who barely could keep his eyes away from my legs at parties, or showed up without any particular reason when my husband was at work. I always pretended I didn't understand to notice when he hit on me, just to make him back off, because I didn't want complications. And he did back off. I told my husband that it's time to respect me and share our chores, but he still watches TV while I do all the house work. He never took our kids to the games, because he's too busy going with his buddies. I warned him too many times, and now, I've had it. Soon, he will have a huge surprise!!! Time to wake up, b******, and see that my butt is my own property, and I can do whatever I want with it!

Jan 31, 2011

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  • according to a response the op claims she already cheated. I hope this isn't true because she will destroy so many people including herself, her husband, and children.

    Op, just leave your H

    But hey if you want to be selfish than so be it

  • Yes, I did, more than once by now. Every time it felt like that was the greatest revenge I could have ever found. My idiot husband is so stupid he didn't even notice that I provoked him to have s** a few days ago, because I was afraid I got pregnant. We didn't make love in almost a year, and he thought probably I was missing him. Idiot! I still hope I'm not pregnant, I would hate to have another child at 34.

  • You havent confessed all. I think you have a thing for his
    friend, and that is where the trouble is.Take Care.

  • Yes this would be a mistake. Find someone who isn't your husbands best friend and let him give you a good f******.

  • Whatever you do, don't do something you will regret, be proud of who you are. Maybe he doesn't deserve you but you don't want to lower yourself so that all you deserve is him.

  • no you can't, you are the wife. suck it up. once you get it that you are the wife, and not the husband things will get into place. the bible says, submit.

  • Nice how you only picked a verse out of Genesis that suits you! The bible says a lot about how a man should cherish his wife as well. Wives DON'T need to suck it up thank you!!! Sick to death of people like you who twist the word so that no one wants to read it.

  • I can't?? Already done, this morning between 8am and 11am. I don't even care if HE (your God - the husband per Bible) will ever find out, but geez, I feel soooo good!!!!! I feel in control of myself like I never did for the last 10 years.

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