Hates Husbands Sexual Desires for teen girls

I sit there and watch him watching videos of teen girls on you tube or anysite for that matter. I have two daughters and im worried.

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  • well hun you will prob find that most guys do.. It doesent mean hes a peadophile or anything nasty.. just that he was once that age and has still natural memories of teens... As long as they not of an un natural age hun i realy wouldent worry about it... I mean just cos you got girls a simlar age doesent mean he thinks the same about them.... I cant blame you for being protective about your girls but im sure you are over reacting... i really think you should trust your man more...... xx

  • Listen to your heart and be honest with yourself. 30% of men have sexually offended or will! We live in a degenerate culture. Obviously something is causing you to feel concern and I have a feeling its not just the you tube. Good for being protective of your daughters. Find the source of your suspicions and make a decision. Your daughters are lucky in this day and age to have a mom that cares. As you can see from above posts these ppk don't have a clue. Sad for their kids!

  • So asking him WTF is up with the teen girls is out of the question? You are suspicious, obviously, so there must be more to the story. You don't trust the guy, you have no real communication with him and you fear for your daughters. You sound like a mess. Mommy of the year aint happening.

  • Dont worry about it. Just bc his sexual fantasies are directed toward teenage girls doesn't mean they include your daughters. In fact, the idea would probably bee repulsing to him. Just how women are attracted to masculinity, the Alpha male, the guy who will protect and provide.. Men are naturally attracted to youthful women. Dont worry about your daughters but if the p*** itself bothers you... Talk to him.

  • No one said it was p***. There are lots of videos of teen girls which are not p***, I heard.

  • Woman... He needs s**!!! If you don't give it to him, he will find it in his fantasies, or online! Stop being so bitter and worried. Youtube doesn't put anything p***, and even if he watches other sites, it's half your fault. Go ahead and give him some good head and drain him of juices - that's what he needs!

  • Divorce him. He will only get worse or cheat on you.

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