News Media Drops Greta Thurnberg

I too grow tired of the news media and their overkill, one topic reporting on the covid virus. However I always look for the silver lining with hope and gratitude. I am happy to report that throughout this crisis reporting I have not seen the angry, scowling face of teen eco sensation Greta Thurnberg since the media leaped into full time covid reporting. The media built her, shoved her down our throats and now they dropped her for the duration of another topic. Take a lesson teen queen. Go home. You aren't saving the world. You are just a media tool.

Apr 9, 2020

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  • The problem is there are many imbeciles out there like her

  • She not worth wasting so much time on

  • Yah she changed her cause from fighting climate change to sucking all them raging c****.

  • Blah blah blah "raging c****", over and over and yes, over again
    Yeah, you're a real intellectual giant worth listening to... LOL

  • Relax just turn off the media outta of your life for some time and start meditating...all is happening with God’s will let him proceed

  • For God's sake turn off the media and let Greta suck all the raging c****!!

  • TIME Magazine pu her on the clover of their Person of the year issue as the representative of supposed youth movements. So she is still a very big deal. You chumps are just jealous because people pay attention to her and won't give YOU the time of day. EAT THAT S***!!!!!

  • Yeah, I saw that cover. She was on her knees sucking raging c****! Delightful!

  • Greta may be autistic, but you're just a fuggin ret@rd stuck in toddlerhood.

  • Maybe . ....... . but he ain't suckin no g****** raging c****!!!!

  • ...That we know of. Personally I think "he's" a third-rate cockhound ("he" meaning YOU, loser who responds to his own comments)

  • DAMN! wish it was mine she was sucking, would have started her before now though

  • Climate change and saving a planet are long-term and complex tasks. Many great changes are already being worked on sensibly by hard-working, highly educated, and largely unknown experts. Their efforts are almost mocked by the media manipulation of Greta by the press. I'd advise her to go to college, work hard to develop the skills she will need, and join those hard-working experts in their largely unheralded and anonymous work. That's how the real work gets done. There is no depth to what she is doing now. It's like being an eco Kardasian. All about the cameras. Don't make stupid people famous!

  • S***, that's a lot to ask of her, she wont even finish High School!

  • That would be okay because if she doesn't finish school she'll be able to devote more time to sucking our raging c****!!!

  • Yeah, that little b****'s fifteen minutes of fame lasted about six months. Good riddance.

  • Right? I mean, she took away a little airtime from the Tangerine Toddler! Do you have any idea how much that hurt his feelings?!

  • Probably not as much as how much I hurt your mum when I jammed my phallus deep inside her r*****.
    She yelped like a dog who's had its paw trod on

  • HuuRRrrrr your mom your mom your mom
    I is a jeen-yus, your mom your mom your mom hurrRrrr


  • She said it was so small she thought her toddler had his finger in her

  • It is very easy to misjudge Greta, but the one thing she is right about is that humans are harming our planet in a way that will lead to its destruction.
    We only have to look at the global changes since Mother Nature introduced "The Virus" to teach us a lesson. Though we can only see the changes Covid19 has made to us personally.
    Greta is still a child and has not learned how to express herself in an acceptable way, say like David Attenbrough. However, her vision is accurate, she has the courage to protest, to make us take notice, but like so many visionaries of the past she will be ridiculed by the ignorant masses of human kind.
    Undoubtable, the world will eventually end up like that portrayed in the fiction film Mad Max or worse like Mars. What a shame that the majority of human kind can't see that as it is only concerned with the present day and h*** bent on destroying a beautiful gift, our planet!!!!

  • Whereas, we, on the other hand, are h***-bent on getting Greta to suck our raging c****.

  • Love her to suck mine

  • She is a precocious young teen and a great example why we should physically punish kids and teach them to obey adults.

  • Yeah! And to suck our raging c****!

  • It is not her fault people are stupid enough to think she is the second coming of Einstein, before she started brow beating everyone into thinking the oil and gas industry is this massive polluter that it was 20 years ago she should have done some research, maybe even accept the invites that were sent her way to visit some of today's modern oil companies, must say she is very cute though!

  • But the thing is that she's only cute when she's sucking our raging c****!

  • Haha my man! But I'd definitely prefer her super hot mom!!! I'd eat her a$$ all day

  • No way I am wasting time with mum if I have a nice teenpussy available

  • Nah, her mom is hotter

  • Just thinking of f****** Greta.
    I'd love to hear her moan and squeal.
    I'd probably finish all over her face.
    I wonder if she.shaves her c*** ?

  • No, because razors are probably a waste of environmental resources or some petty crap like that. So I reckon she has a thick coir matt between her legs.

  • And a hairy butt hole too

  • I could f*** her so hard in her school.uniform. Can't beat a hairy teen c***.

  • Preteen and hairless, nice and tight

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