Im having an affair and I cant decide who I want to be with

I've been in a relationship with George for a little over 2.5 years. It was rocky in the beginning but eventually everything panned out. We say we want to be with eachother for the rest of our lives. While I would like to be with him for the rest of my life, sometimes I doubt that.
There are things I like and don't like about George such as how he handles his anger (extremely bad) and a lot of times I feel like I am putting all the effort into the relationship. However, he does make me laugh, we do enjoy eachother's company and I am extremely comfortable around him.
At work I met James. He's handsome and we've been secretly seeing eachother. He doesn't know about George and thinks I am single. I really like James, he's completely different from George. James is extremely generous, intelligent, and doesn't have an anger problem like George.
George is a much better lover and more endowed than James is; but James still pleases me. However, I am not in a relationship with James and I don't know if he wants that. I don't know if I should break up with George and try to be with James, or forget about James and stay with George

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  • What did you do finally?

  • Girl - there are more fishes in the sea than just George and James. Love yourself - no better love than that.

  • Do whatever will make you feel happier

  • Your a worthless cheating w**** i hope you get aids

  • Oh, come now. No reason to get nasty.

  • Yeah, those anger issues are a big deal. It's another way of saying he's a d***. And speaking of d****, it sounds like you prefer them larger and James aint measuring up. Regardless, George has got to go.

  • Maybe you should break up with both and just be by yourself for awhile. You're lying to both men and chances are someone will make the decision for you. But at least by being single you could figure out what you need exactly and won't be replacing one guy with the next. The anger issues that George has is concerning. That will never get better unless he makes an effort to work on it. You sound like a smart girl, just make the smart choice. But don't string either along. That's just uncool.

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