What you dont know wont hurt you right .

Where was your girlfriend on valentines day ? In bed with me thats where . Ive tried warning you for quite some time now that you are being cheated on and lied to you choose not to listen. How stupid must you be to have a relationship with someone from the other side of the country that you have NEVER met ? And why cant you see that you are being played like a fool? That personality you sit and chat with online is not the person in real life its fake . The person you are talking to is a two faced cheater thats just using you as a toy for her to manipulate with her lies because she craves attention the attention she gets from those lies of false beatings , abuse and rape . Wake up and see what is going on boy before its too late to stop whats going to happen.

Feb 15, 2011

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  • But she sent me a winking emoticon, so I'm convinced she's sincere.

  • And she's got a big rack and is hot, so she could never lie or do anything bad ever.

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