It would be better if I just died!

I can't go out with friends.
My love life sucks!
I'll never get married!
I'll never get over my shyness!
I'm too boring!
I cant even keep up a conversation!
I suck!
I'm a bad friend!
I'm a loner!
I'm a s***!
I'm just a toy!
No one will take me seriously!
I dress ugly!
I'm a b****!
I messed around with boys who had a girlfriend which one of them was my best friend!
My dad doesn't have a job.
I cant do anything to help.
I've smoked and drank and I'm barely 16.
I have ugly hair!
I'm hairy everywhere!
I've kissed 11 different guys in just two years.

SEE? my life pretty much sucks!

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  • smoking and drinking by the age of 16? lordy lordy lordy! you are a crazy one arent you?!

    girl please...

  • 26. After getting out of public highschool which was pretty stupid (For the reasons that you were being so h****** your self, you know, fashion, gossip, and teachers who don't seem to give a damn sometimes. That was at 18, then I took a year off of school to take a break from the monotonous school schedule to take a fresher look on life and get a better perspective towards the world (which is not where my writing style came from, that was from my aspirations to write from when I was 13). My parents actually supported me fully on that decision, which was nice (they were always supportive, and gave me a lot of the wisdom that a try to give out) and I got a job during the summer working and running a small club that fixed food and had a bar, with my brother. A hard and badly paying job but the club was in a private park my family had gone too since my great grandfather founded it. (Its actually amazing there, as its in the woods and mainly undeveloped, so theres no skyscrapers and fashions there, lots of woods and a wonderful natural lake.) Worked there for the summer and then after that sort of wandered around a bit and got an apartment for myself. I wallowed there for 2 months until I got bored of that and got a part time job that payed fairly well, working as basically a secretary for an editor, which taught me some great things about writing. (Ironically my grammar remained poor and to this day does unless I really try to control it) I worked there for the rest of the year until the following July where I was again working in the club as my brother and I had done a good job running it the previous year. During that period I applied to a few universities and got into one majoring in History (European history) and minoring in English (Writing) which was actually a lot of fun (The adults don't lie when they say that if you find something you love, you love to do it) and found the love of my life, who I am with to this day (Found her in my Junior year). Out of College I moved in with my girlfriend who was the same age as me. I started to send in 3 or 4 political articles that analyzed the current political status or certain people of the government to my local newspaper, and got paid some money for that. That paired with my girlfriends job got us along for a few months. She continued college for a year. During that time I also wrote historical fiction stories in my spare time. I decided to (With some coaxing from my girlfriend) to send in one of these stories to a publisher who about 3 weeks later liked and after a few months we got some contracts up and my story got published as a novel. Now I'm writing another novel and thats my job. Ehh. Quite a great life I have. I'm with a women I love to death, have a job that allows me to sit around and just write some days, or do nothing others or really... whatever I want to. Ironically my teen years were h*** except for about 6 friends I had and great parents. Thats why I encourage you to look towards the bright side, because in 10 years, you could be famous, I don't know. :p

  • Lol. I haven't heard that line except for in movies. I'm not sure what to say, but you said you were about 16, so I'll mention that I'm just out of college if you were curious. Despite the fact that I write as if I'm... I don't know, much older.

  • Sorry for being anonymous when writing that, I forgot to log in.

  • And... Again... Damn the log in system.

  • ah it's totally fine, I couldn't even respond because this wasn't allowing me to send my reply.

    so anyways, how old are you exactly?

  • Hmm, I will tell you that I've given advice to real life friends, and lovers, and such but haven't been taken seriously because I'm not a therapist. I like to give advice here. Something nice about this website is the innocence that it brings to everyone who comes to it. Whether you are an axe murderer, or a troubled person, or just someone who wants to help, this website does a great job of keeping that secret. So that is why your going to have to wonder, not because I don't love conversation (which I do:P) but because it is the secrecy that allows for me to so openly write advice.

  • I like the way you think. ha! thanks! Now I wonder even more who you are.

  • No, it wouldn't be better if you died.
    I see no reason why you can't go out with friends. But to sum up your list:

    Your love life "sucks" because you aren't trying to love. Your trying to fulfill the prophecy that you have set yourself in being a lonely person. You made a mistake! OK! You drank, you smoked, ok! Change! You don't have to continue to drink and smoke. I'm not great with conversation, so practice! Its ok, your not perfect like the stupid women on the covers of People magazine look like they are. You've kissed a lot of guys... I don't see a huge problem here. Anyone who calls you a s*** for being curious is wrong. Being 16 is a horrible time for peoples lives. The teenage years are bad. You are hypercritical of yourself. You aren't horrible, and at worst you've made some mistakes . You say your too shy, but yet you have lots of relationships. If you aren't great at keeping one, it sounds like you may be being a bit selfish in your relationships, and that you should listen to your boyfriends/friends more. If they can't take you seriously, then you need to slap them or something and tell them to listen to YOU! You are you! You have no idea how much of a tragedy it would be to lose you. Your parents, friends, teachers, and many others would miss you immensely, whether you want to thinks so or not. This is a hard time in your life, one of the hardest if not the hardest in anyones life. Trust me, I know exactly what your going through, exactly! The only difference is that I'm a guy. But I've felt suicidal, I've felt worthless, and as if all I do is add h*** to everyones lives. But you don't. Your life sucks, but you have to bear it for just a few more years. Find a guy who adores you, and adore him back. Look at the bright side. And you may think that there is no bright side, but there is. Teenagers have to face the conflicts of hormones kicking in, social pressure, school, your future, and more, and it makes you want to explode, but just hang in there. You can get through it, and talk to someone. Share your miseries and your joys. Therapists are there for that exact purpose. Your dad (if he loves you) will listen. And sometimes the best thing you can do is vent. Which is why I'm glad your venting here. Your a fine person, and be happy with who you are. Don't let some abercrombie stuck up s*** callling a****** tell you if your good or not, and don't let you get yourself down because you are you. Tell the a******* to shut up, and embrace the ones who love you.

  • thanks for taking your time and actually telling me all this, CJB (:

  • wholeheartedly appreciate you taking the time to reply in such great detail, you must be an interesting person indeed :)

  • Your welcome. :) Sorry if the english was badly put together here.

  • It was very well put together :)
    I wonder who you are or how you look, stranger!

  • everyone is beautiful in their own way

  • Sounds like a lot of guys find you attractive. That's something. And you're pretty good at making lists.

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