The Forward Button Is A Powerful Thing.

I found your topless pictures at the 4th of July party and I forwarded them to your mom.

She told you I was the only one who saw, but she didn't tell you that Annie, Emily, Josh, George, and Benjamin saw them too.
You felt bad enough about taking them, so I never told you that they saw your tiny t****** also.

Next time, don't post your nudies for all to see.

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  • What's wrong with a little fun on 4th of July? Holy pickle up your butt! Not to mention the worst friend ever. Judgemental, callous, and crass, you are a two faced jack-ass who deserves every terrible thing to come your way, and trust me they will.

  • And your a d*** that likes to make people feel bad just because you can, what do we call that... A d***, a******, s***** to an extent, your probably a homophobe.... Problem is, you sound proud, like your not confessing but gloating...

  • He's a b****.

  • The human body is not something to be ashamed of. Your disdain for your "friend" is highly telling of your awful constitution. You know who's a b****? Karma.

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