My family isn't my own and of the devil!

My whole life has been a joke as if being guided around by evil into endless misery and suffering until I hated everything about existence. Then sadly I awoke around 33 while in this nightmare apartment owned by some n*** texan and started remember what I was like before all the endless insults and provoking turned me into a miserable son of b**** with no desire to exist at all. It was the most amazing experience ever but then I realised I was ssurrounded by pure evil in the okanagan named JOSEPHINE from the TOSH bloodling of england born apparently 10/3 and the father born 10/4 and the eldest demonic sister born 10/1. Brother 11/23 and lil sis 12/29... Me 7/28/76 and aparently am to believe of rev 13:18 but it's not really me though I fear by staying here so long with these fking evil fkers I've destroyed myself because I didn't bleieve in myself at all and thanks to the freemasons etc who've mapped out some giant conflicting nightmare game all over this place I wasn't sure what to believe.

Shortly after 33 was when reality seemed to drastically change in very bizarre ways as if I was in other dimensions or something. Was really interesting but at the same I would hope it was more. Around 6/16 was when I refused to believe after I got a requested sign about 15 hours after requesting then the jesus statues was struck by lightning and burst into flames. IT would seem I was actually relevant at one point but sat around here so long confused with this massive hole in my foot that I've damned myself around these gutter trash demon pg fkers of the Berrington family. Though I suspect there were other families involved and most certainly a great deal of others thought it would amusing to shuffle their vehicles around in sync with astroligical alignments to keep me here all messed up confused.

So there ya have! 33 years of misery, then finally give up on life and try to ascend out of existence only to find myself surrounded by pure friggin evil and went into a nonstop panic after about august when it was like picking up demon josies filth energy and she began smiling like some sinister twisted pedophile freak she is. It sickens me to see her own grandchild whom she acted like a slothing pig around defend her now as he's clearly fk'd in the head now too.

This whole bloodline should purged from existence except myself and my own ofcourse. Even though after that 12/21 event he and others all seemed to completely change. Now I'm totally screwed and feel like I was left behind in this nightmare reality where my so called family has been against me my whole life and guiding me into this nightmare until it was like number crap constantly guiding me around into misery. That or some arses thought it would be amusing to use technology to messed with my truck odometer and clocks so they'd constantly pump out hte same times everywhere I went etc.

This city of kelowna, british columbia and north america for that matter is the most twisted messed up place I could imagine. I wish I had seen all this growing up and prepared for it instead of being all miserable in the corner while sloth family desotryed me.

After I'm gone and you all see what these friggin bizarre creatures make sure you desotryed them all since they all found it would amusing to drag me into misery with them.

7/28/1976! 76->7:06->6h 66m! REAL FUNNY! You NT is a joke and EVE is EVIL as in mentall ILL or EVE ILL!

These people and this place should be nuked! What a friggin h*** hole! I wish I had never tried to figure out all that clue stuff sitting around that my son made me as a child before he seemed to change into someone else. And all this crap that I'm somehow going to take the fate of these freaks is sickening! Watching them try to call at certain times and acting like good decent people after the years I spent listening and watching the things they've done is disgusting too. Though I am no saint mind you. I've tried and done my fair share of disgusting sht too while around them and wish I wouldn't have given up on life so long ago. Though now I see why I never trusted the people I did as they're all friggin AI or something or guided around by something evil like I felt as if I just was and still feeling like I am.

I wish I knew where to go to escape this h*** hole province and country if only to get my wonderful story out to other otherside of the world. This place is just MESSED UP and if I really showed this crazy freak show family all the things I was figuring out or being shown then friggin forgive me as it seems something really messed up and demented is influencing reality now and it's realllly creeping me out.

Look up at the georgia guidestone on 3/22 and see what happens at certain times... THIS PLACE WAS MADE so if you don't believe in anything out there think again... Not sure if it was god or what but from what I've seen it certainly seemed like there was a god or something with technology out there that crafter this solar system. Wish I just shut my mouth in the past before it went this far. Now I feel totally dead inside after listening to these evil pukes as much as I did.

DESTROY ALL THE DECIEVERS! This family is nothing but lies and filth and I'm ashamed that I fell down to their level and never saw just how badly all of humanity was making a mockery of me my whole life.

Man I wish I would've ignored all that freemason type crap and trusted myself to just leave when it first started happening. My god what nightmare. To think I let these pedophiles, murderes, prostitutes and other filth of this family drag me down to their level. I hope I die swiftly and never have to exist again after this. What a nightmare!

Feb 26, 2011

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