All Ladies with Boyfriends Come Here Please.?

Before you get the wrong idea about what Im gonna tell you, I want you to know that Im a single 21 years old, Im on the lookout for a boyfriend...I have been single all my life and I must tell you, it irks me to see you girls holding hands with your beau's and whatever **** that you non-single ladies do...
Honestly speaking here's what I think when I see you girls together with our lovers:
a) they are not gonna last long.
b) he's probably rich and she's a s**** so I guess it works out.
c) they are not serious just look at them they look like complete douchbags.
d) These same girls are gonna put up a drama with their friends when they break up...

basically stuff like that, yeah. =) This is what pretty much I think. I dont know about other single girls out there but I definitely feel this way. =D

So my question for you non-single ladies is - what do YOU think about single girls? Not the ones like me but single girls in general? You are the one with the boyfriend so what do you think about your single counterparts?
Are you glad you are not in our shoes? Or are you glad that you're not the single and desperate friend in your group? Or even better, you wish you had the courage to be single and be proud if it? I am seriously curious you see it's getting on my nerves for some strange reason. =\

So that's about it? Your opinion on your single counterparts out there and your own expereinces.

And dont give me this bullshit about how you think having a boyfriend is not important because you girls had exes and you would say that even with a boyfriend at hand[(hypocrites =)] and I have always been single. It hurts to even write this sentence, anyway.

So yup. Thats about it. Now let the flaming and opinions pour in!

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  • What is it with stupid girls,all attitude an no brains on this site,are you all like that,there should be more school shootings if you are

  • Little girls have two modes: either being jealous or accusing everyone else of being jealous. You're in the first camp, complete with the defensive hissing. Why do dumb b.itches do that like EVERY time? Are you trying to be scary? You are failing.

    Happily married for over 10 years here. It doesn't matter whether I'm male or female because there is indeed a female involved in this dynamic, which ought to make your forever-alone b.itch self even more JEALOUSSSSSS. So enjoy that and stew in your eternal c.unty bitterness :)

  • ^ily :)

  • Well I'm married recently but I've been with my man for almost 11 years. I haven't ever really bothered with female friends because I don't need another woman's drama, I have enough of my own. Anyway, I'm not that interested in having single women around my husband, not because I don't trust him, but because I don't trust women. I've heard enough stories about women who are happy to try and f*** up another woman's relationship.

    Mostly, women in relationships just don't want you around our men, and we really don't care about you at all. Also, this is gonna sound mean, but no bf ever, you're probably ugly so you're even less on our radar.

  • I have been single for long periods of time and I have been in relationships for long periods of time. As for what they think about each other I would have to say that both groups are a bit jealous of the other while wondering which is getting the most or best s** with the hottest partner. Odd, maybe, but true.

  • First off, you need to calm the f**k down. I know being single when is seems everybody around you has someone sucks, but not having a boyfriend by the age of 21 is not rare. There are plenty of people who have never had a relationship at your age, or any experience at all. It doesn't mean you are doomed to be single forever.

    You are also too worried about what others think about you. I can guarantee that those girls you are judging don't notice what's going on with you. They have their own lives and problems to worry about (and they do have problems; relationships can be work).

    I don't mean to sound unkind, but searching for a boyfriend and getting p***** at those who have what you want does you no favors. I am sure you are probably a lovely person, but you are coming across as somewhat hostile and desperate. Generally, this can be a turn off. People look for someone who is a happy, full and complete person on their own, and if that’s not what you're projecting it might explain your lack of success dating-wise.

    So go out there, surround yourself with friends and people you love. Do things you want to do. Enjoy life, whatever it brings. If somebody comes around, great (which in all likelihood will happen once you calm down about finding someone. In the grand scheme of things you are still young.) If not, at least you'll have a awesome life.

  • What do we think about single girls? If other attached girls are anything like me, they probably DON'T think much about single girls. Your singleness is not my problem. I never ask myself whether a person is happy being single or not because it's none of my business and because it makes no difference to me. This is why I never try and set my single friends up on dates. They're adults just like me, and it feels stupid to try to subtly suggest to them that their lives should be more like mine or that I can do a better job of finding them a boyfriend than they can.

    You're wasting your energy worrying about us attached people. You're not hurting anyone but yourself.

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