I have been writing about texting with my ex BF...I am married, with a child, and very happy. But my ex and I have been having this texting thing...and its getting real...Well, Let me say it this way...I think we may take it to the next level...I know, I know...I am a prutrid w****...someone keeps writing that in my comments. But I am not a putrid w****...Everyone who knows me knows I am the good girl, The good wife, Good mother, and I will continue to be the best I can be....But I find myself drawn to my ex...not emotionally, BUt sexually...I just want to try it once...just fool around, then move onand be over with it...
And to all you people who are going to call me a tramp, w****, s***...its going to ruin my life...blah, blah...you dont know me. My commitment to my husband is stronge and unbreakable...This is something for me...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • The grass isn't always greener,on the other side :)

  • I love it!!! Don't worry about all the w**** comments, those are the 17 year olds on this site. I know where you're at, careful and confidential.

  • Whatever...Oneday you will all be in the same position...

  • W****!

  • You disgust me. i wouldn't want to be your husband, or child.

  • Good for you sweetie. : ) I really mean that.
    Just be very careful not to let emotions take over. He IS your ex-boyfriend. ; )
    If you want to keep your home together, both of you need to be extremely careful. All those texts you've sent and recieved can be retrieved. Should go without saying but, NOT A WORD TO ANYONE ELSE THAT EITHER OF YOU KNOW!

    If you get a chance, come back here and give us a few juicy details.

    Good luck! : )

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