I have feelings for my married coworker....

I have developed feelings for my married coworker. We have been good friends for almost a year and just last night...we started sexting and then we shared a couple of nude photos with each other...before we knew it he was picking me up to go have s**. Started off lots of kissing and touching. I performed f******* on him and it ended in climax. We did not make love, but I wanted it so bad!! It was then we held each other and talked for a long time. Now we both feel bad about it, but I understand why he did this with me, cause his wife hasn't made love to him or showed him any attention in a very long time. For me....it was the compassion, compliments and being held...that I needed. We feel like we both helped each other in our needs. It hurts cause I know I can't have him for myself. He says if he wasn't married, we would be together. Which made it even harder....makes me want him even more.

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  • There's only one thing left to do now....kill yourself!

  • You need to decide if you can handle being the "other woman." Part of that means accepting he is highly unlikely to ever leave his wife for you. It also means he won't always be available when you need him most. You also need to respect the absolute necessity of keeping this quiet. If you can accept all that, then you can probably handle an affair. But you are off to a bad start. Sexting and naked photos are creating an undeniable record of his infidelity. Both of you need to be more careful.

  • SOS!!! and you fell for it! Another stupid b**** bites the dust!!!

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