I am a total and complete careless a******. I was drunk and rolling (though that is not an excuse) at a party. I asked this girl if I could kiss her about a zillion times and she declined each time. I did not realize it but her boyfriend was right next to her the whole time. I still can't believe he didn't punch me in the face. The party escalated to a level where the police were called. The police were arresting people and the girl that i had asked to kiss all night got in her car to leave i knocked on her window and got in the car. She was nice enough and catered to the fact that i was rolling by toning down the music when it got to extreme. She picked up her boyfriend who took the wheel. He was definitely not pleased to see me. He took me to my dorm in exchange for gas money. They got me safely to my dorm. Two days later I found out that they were pulled over by campus police right after dropping me off, the campus police called in real police who then searched them and arrested them. They told me to never come into contact with them again. I have no way of saying how sorry I am. I have not been able to sleep much since I found out. I want desperately to make things right but I fear that it is way too late.

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