Your Hugs Make Me Feel Weird.

I have never been into Tory.
We've been friends for 3 years and in all that time, never once did I feel anything other than sisterly love for her.........................

That is, until she left for 6 months and came back looking so different I didn't even recognize her.
Everytime she hugs me, I feel weird, like I almost like her like I like guys.
I don't want to tell her that I might be bisexual/lesbian because I don't know how she feels about "gay" people.
She's always giving me mixed signals and I don't know what to think of her.
She claims to have a boyfriend, but sometimes she almost seems like she's into other girls.
Everyone who knows her thinks she's gay, but she's never denied or confirmed the rumors.

What should I do?

Mar 30, 2011

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  • ASK! Just casually ask her if she's ever had bi/gay feelings toward other women. Don't be a loser though and lie about it if she asks you why you want to know. Explain that you've had them on occasion and think it's perfectly natural, she might feel comfortable enough to tell you.

  • great advice! i second that notion

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