You think

You are so special. Keep those women's numbers. Let them be the ones you climb on and poke on in the middle of the night while they're in a dead sleep and breathe on THEM with your bad f****** breath that smells like fresh s*** and rot mixed together. Let them see hairy your protruding gut. Yes, go be 'Prince Charming' to them. I'M the one who REALLY knows your ASS. I'm the one that has BEEN HERE through all your s***- but by all means, let THEM be the ones you TREAT WITH RESPECT and CHARM. F*** YOU. Guess what? My Prince Charming is coming, too. Because you're leaving the door WIIIIIDE OPEN for him. Won't it feel good when he waltzes me right out the door? So- go be a friendly charmer to your little hookers. They know they are causing a problem. You know you are causing a problem by talking to them but none of you wants to do the right thing and stop. Would they like it if I started the same s*** with THEIR husbands? Hm? And YOU certainly don't care because 'getting yours' is so much more important than anything or anyone else. You want want you want when you want it- which is very TYPICAL for a momma's boy like you. And all you talk about is being worried about my leaving you. You don't NEED me. You need a pacifier and a security blanket. But think! Now you can f*** that b**** from work. Well, if you haven't already. You can get your d*** sucked by her! IF you haven't already.

The thing is, you've talked and talked and talked about how you've never met a woman you could trust- but I make you believe. And yet here you are all but walking me right out the door.

Good job, fucko. Good job.

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