I hate my step daughter

I hate my adult step daughter with a passion. After 10 years of putting up with her snidey comments, treating my house like a hotel and me like staff, I finally told her to f*** off and get out of my life. I mean what is a 23yr old doing still doing bludging off her parents? The nasty piece of work only calls her father when she wants something. After travelling around Europe for the 4th time she has the audacity to whinge that her car needs to be updated and that she hasnt finished her degree. OMG what a WASTE of space.

I said to her father, I will no longer tolerate her rudeness and general bad attitude in my house. If she can't be polite or civil to me then she needn't bother coming around anymore. This message was passed on so she decided that she wasnt coming around anymore. My husband now accuses me of banning her from the house. This, because she can't be civil to me in my own home so chooses not to come here ugh! The manipulative little b**** now cries to her father and hes the reason she is such a spoilt nasty piece of work.

She will not split my marriage up.


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  • My stepdaughter 26 years of age is a passive aggressive narcissist. She lives with her bipolar mother whom she hates with a passion however she says she has the best mother in the whole wide world. Maybe so because the mother treats her like a friend, they go drinking together... classy mother....classy daughter.

    When my husbands daughter comes over there is no hi to me nothing. She stares at me like I was a caged animal
    She claims she took etiquette class in school but I swear she must have not attended one single class, the kid farts, snorts at the table, can’t use a knife and fork and sits on a chair with her leg up like her v***** needs to get aired out... gross
    Did I say she is 26 years old.
    At our wedding she was late,, of course ... she had to be the center of attention.
    No hi to me, nothing ...
    Our guests At the table started to tap their glass with utensil to get everyone’s attention and said 1st kiss...
    Guess who got the first kiss...
    Father and daughter...
    Tell me I don’t have a creep on my hands... the worse kind..
    She’ll sit on her fathers laps, asked him to caress her legs while she twirls his hair and kisses him on his neck
    When I says that’s creepy I’m being told I’m jealous ..
    I don’t think anyone would be jealous about anything I just mentioned.
    Welcome to my world.

    I can’t be around disfunction so I told my husband to meet his daughter at her house. or a park or somewhere far from my house...
    Yes it’s my house that she Is use to coming over and disrespected me. I purchased the house way before I met my husband.

  • After reading all these comments, it made me feel better. I hate my stepdaughter. She was a mistake from when he was a teen and so was her mother. She kept her from him for TEN years (they’re in another country). Come to find out, she was telling her things like her father was a monster, like Chucky, when he tried to see her or talk to her. Well, that loser had problems in her marriage and found out he had a job and family, so then she started using SD to manipulate my husband to send her money. She never cared what he was doing or about her half siblings, just money, money, money. Whatever. We sent it. Then this loser got pregnant at 14! And she expected US to pay the bill and send more money for her. Ugh. She’s disgusting and manipulative, just like her mother taught her to be. There’s nothing we can do for her. She friended me on Facebook and I don’t really interact with her. She calls her dad acting jealous over what we have or what we do for fun that is honestly because of ME and all the work I’ve done. I work. Her POS mother has never worked. It makes me furious that she acts entitled, never says thank you, and expects us to do for her what I do for my kids when I simply can’t since she’s in another country. I wish she’d disappear.

  • I ran into the same issue with my husbands daughter from his first marriage. I finally told him people were talking about the inappropriate relationship between them. She was not part of our lives for 10 years. She just had her first baby at 43 with a guy she met online. There are not engaged or married. I now feel like she is using the baby to pull her father away from me again. I'm keeping quiet for awhile to see what happens. Don't trust her with a 10 foot pole.

  • The fat b****** were the center of the universe, until I came along. The youngest didn’t like me because I was being loved her father and she no longer had a say- she had too much of a say opinion on how things would what color walls- just too much almost like a wife. I have been fight for a place of importance of years and years. She wanted to be her fathers everything- no she finally gets it! I think, she has no choice. 10 years later and one child she has no choice. They no longer live with us they only did for short period of time. They are fine now. Thank god! But I feel like it took a lot of me to get my presence know and stablished. It killed the l both the little fat b****** but the little one was worst. It really hurt hurt her and I’m glad, I’m still does and they both resent me still we don’t talk we don’t see each other maybe once a year or two time while crossing ways at best. They don’t come over, if he wants to see them he has to go out and do so somewhere else outside our home! Yes! Our home! We have a home that’s ours and we no longer live I. His home pre-me! No holidays are spent with them at all. We have become his priority now. I for pregnant by accident or may NOT with one child In Order to hurt them, and it did hurt th youngest one for sure. I stablished my presence with our child. All vacation are ours they never come or are even invited, they’ve never been invited to our child birthday parties or any functions at all. And they will never be either. He’s ask for MY opinion NOW! No more theirs. Or the youngest. They both have miserable lives now. Struggle with emotional issues and the mess they’ve created for themselves( their father refers to as WT) I enjoy their struggles from afar and laugh at their pain. I actually do enjoy it! It’s payback for the fights the caused for the times him I fought over their nasty disrespect behavior and controlling.

  • Why should anyone have to tolerate a disrespectful guest in their own home? Your home, your rules. Husband should explain that to his daughter, and back you, 100%. That's only reasonable. If you invited people into your home that disrespected him, would he (or you) tolerate this? He shouldn't tolerate disrespect from his daughter towards you. If he feels he has to choose his daughter over you, let him, them choose yourself over him and get a divorce!

  • I feel for this poor woman. My 25 year old stepdaughter just moved in with us. This girl does not work and on top of that thinks she is too good to work retail or customer service. So what? I am supposed to work 50 plus hours a week and feed your lazy ass while you sit around and do absolutely NOTHING? She is rude and not very nice to me. I have been good to her and have always stuck up for her when others have not. But I am over it. Get a life and figure your life out. This is MY house as much as my husband's and we both have say in what happens her. I believe in helping people but come on, you have got to help yourself at some point. Cut the strings.

  • You need to understand that you were the one who forced your way into the relationship. After what was probably a difficult divorce, he married you, and now you're trying to act like you're her mother. You want to police the way that she interacts with her OWN FATHER. If you don't like her, then you can leave her life, but understand that she has the right to stay around her father, and hence, your house. You don't have the right to ban her from the house that her father lives in. You're the b****, honestly.

  • The f*ck she is. Its HER HOUSE or at the very least, ONE HALF HER HOUSE. F*ck that little b*tch. Show her the door.

  • The second wife did not force herself on the guy ... his marriage ended in divorce and the child needs to accept that and the new partner ... betcha the ex-wife is exercising parental alienation .. tough on the guy, but it's his baggage and he needs to tell his daughter to behave

  • Omg, read what she wrote! She didn't BAN her from the house, she just said if she can't be polite or civil to her not to come around, and I completely agree with the writer!

  • You've clearly got no idea with such a stupid response!

  • She's probably a step daughter!

  • If its her house then she has the right to deny somebody who treats her like trash into it.

  • You didn't force your way into anything. You were having a relationship with someone you love. The people on this site are out of order. If someone, anyone comes into your home and makes you uncomfortable you can ask them to leave. The father can go and meet her somewhere else!! I feel for you x

  • .... Do you hear the way you speak?

    Take a look in the mirror, lady. You're jealous of the relationship between a father and his Daughter. You should very much be ashamed.

  • D*******. So you don't like someone standing up to a lazy t*** and doesn't want to be used .....

  • Nope step daughter is a narcissist and the fathers the problem... Run...

  • All of your are mental freaks for hating on children your spoused to care for all step parents that hate there stepchild should not be allowed near a kid

  • Tosh ! Step parents don't hate on kids, they get annoyed at being treated in disrespectful manner by anyone.

  • Snowflake crybaby b**** your just a worthless scum step parent after all ahh boo cry cry

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  • Gosh aren’t you mature! Try using grown up words and sentences!

  • Wow

  • You suck

  • The step-parent doesn't suck, all of you hating on this step-parent suck. This step-daughter is grown. She should be gone and independent.

  • I have 3 adult stepdaughters - all somewhat rude to me. One of them will be coming and visit dad my husband this coming July - 5 people - 3 kids 2 adults. We live in a tiny Townhome.......it will be rough and tough. This time around I have decided to take none of their crap anymore. It boils down to their insecurities and I will not allow them any 'power' over me. When she visits from out of state she always want 'daddy time' - them 2 watching movies together them 2 having intimate little talks sitting close to each other. I could careless about that. And when they show up in July I will tell them right from the start - we have rules in this house, no eating on the couch, no running in the stairs and when I come home from work, worked a full day - I don't want to listen to screaming crying children - go outside. My husband is such a push over when it comes to his daughters. I guess he feel guilt for being in the army when they were small children. I think girls are so much tougher than boys. We need to stop letting these insecure girls ruining our marriages. Yoga and meditation certainly has helped me.

  • Good lord. What a f****** b****. You’re angry that she wants to spend time with her dad? And don’t want her children screaming and crying? Do you actually have any yourself? I’m guessing either you don’t or you were an awful parent. Screaming and crying is going to happen if she’s visiting with three children. You’re a b****.

  • Moron

  • God forbid they want to catch up with their father.

    Part of the healing process for you would be to acknowledge the role you play in all of this. He loves them.

    They are insecure that you are ruining their relationship with him.... and your cruel post is evidence enough that you are not lacking in insecurity yourself.

  • Snowflake crybaby wants alone time with stupid husband

  • These comments are scary since my step daughter is only 16 and I still have two years left - I’ll pass on these probs in her later years. The only thing I can think of is praying for God to intervene having her and the in-laws move far far away, staying busy with my own life, and moving to a smaller 2 bedroom place in a couple of years. Sometimes I hope she marries someone like her dad so she can go thru the pain I went thru then maybe she wouldn’t act different. Doesn’t help with my husband not standing up to her or his parents when treating me terrible. I pray that changes too. I need some miracles Lord Jesus.

  • I often tell their father how lazy they are and how they should go to school and work mom learning a skill, I get at him because they do nothing and they struggle to make ends meet. Recently I realized that they live the way live because they are lazy low achievers and thought daddy was going continue to provide for them N continue to spoil them even after they were got married with children, because they married uneducated WT man with no HS diploma, but I look now and realized that their lives are so miserable and how emotionally and financially f***** they are- yet we live in a beautiful home and both drive very nice cars, take vacation and overall have a nice life. At this point that their uneducated looser a**** struggle emotionally and mentally, they haven’t taken a vacation in years because they can’t afford it, they I’ve in nasty homes like WT and can’t afford nice things for their own children. It brings lots of pleasure how see them struggle with emotional issues they e for several years since they were teens n still continues but now they have children andN the dysfunctional cycle continues. I hope that when their father dies I get everything n they get nothing, they counting on him. I hope I can manipulate him enough so they get nothing!!!

  • I feel sorry for you all. But as hard as it may be continue to love your husband and support him. I have adult step-daughters as well. They have given me a run for my money and know exactly what buttons to push to cause an argument between me and their dad. I am not one to bite my tongue until I realized what they are doing. They are jealous of our relationship and accomplishments together and try to ruin it. I am standing strong for what I want and that is a life with my husband. Hopefully they will run out of energy once they realize I am not going anywhere. His 30 year old daughter pushes past me when she visits my home drunk with a bottle of vodka in her and goes upstairs to our bedroom and cuddles with her father. Actually climbs in the bed. Of course, he gave her a hug back but pushed her away and took her downstairs outside and talked to her. What was said I don’t know. Then went to the downstairs bathroom with her brother (stepson). I opened the door not knowing they were in there. I can’t say on this post what I saw. It was unnerving. I am too embarrassed for my husband to tell him what I saw. I love him and realize why he is protective of them. There are serious issues. I have two adult sons of my own who are very respectful of my husband and our marriage. Raised differently I guess. Love will hold us together.

  • 13itchy ego you freak women have if some loser that wasn't my birth parent tried to tell me what to do that doughter should probably smack you an put you in your place
    Snowflake crybabys

  • They're not "jealous of your relationship" they hate the fact they have to listen to some a****** who f**** their parent. You're s*** to them. They could care less about you. They want their parent back not some bitchy a****** who talks about them like this. I bet their actual parent lets you treat them like that too. That's also why.

  • I feel like I wrote this... I am going through the same thing.. the step daughter (22) just recently moved out but now she only ever wants something when she calls, she is continuously spreading nasty awful lies about me and her dad and he seems oblivious to it. It's come to the point where I am telling myself jail won't be that bad, and it would be worth it to be able to knock her in the damn head a couple good times . I didn't use to feel this way towards her, we were actually pretty close when she was younger but she has grown into a disrespectful, two faced, manipulating pos. Not to mention she is a compulsive lier. I do not believe a word she says. It's pretty bad that her own sister and mother cannot stand her yet her dad continues to be oblivious to everything. I don't know what to do, I've even taken up counseling to try to work through my feelings toward her since I have never hated someone or wanted to fight someone as much as I do her. It doesn't help, nothing helps... I feel as if the only help would be spending a night in jail after giving her a well deserved/past due a$$whoopin. At least I know I'm not alone in this battle

  • Wow! YES. Being a stepmom is hard and just saying what some of you have said.. I don’t know if I could have said it myself but you took the words out of my mouth. His two children are much younger but the 12 year old girl is the one I have an issue with. It doesn’t matter what I do, she just is rude, hurtful, manipulative, and non to mention she lies about so many things. I never know if what she’s saying is true. His 10 year old son and I have a decent relationship but even he has his moments. Their mom is an addict and rarely shows up or calls them. I work from home as well so I probably see more of them than anyone. Luckily, I have enough good moments with them that I try to remember those moments when I start feeling like I’m sinking and about to cuss this little girl out!!! Haha. I hope it gets better, the longer we stay together. I’m literally outside my place typing this, trying to get away from them for a few minutes. She will push me and her dad’s buttons just to get a rise out of us. We both try and stay strong but MAN she can be SO F****** MEAN!! I have to remind myself that’s she’s a child all the time so I don’t lose my s***. We even have done a lot of fun things and had really good talks before but if she gets mad then it’s like those things never happened before.. especially if her mom starts calling or coming around. I feel like saying “f*** it” all the time when I think about how I could be dealing with this for many more years. Good luck to all of you!!!

  • Mental ego snowflake crys for attention from husband

  • Freak

  • I’m with ya sister! My 47 year old stepdaughter has been a disrespectful, liar, daddy manipulating , asking for hand outs for 20 years now. We pay half her house payment since her 2nd divorce and her dad can’t believe anything I say and it’s never her fault! I’m going nuts and would love to punch her in that lying mouth of hers. She undermines everything I do. If I ask her to back off with all her problems to her dad she sends him copies of the texts and says she doesn’t want to play these games with me! Therapy doesn’t seem to be working. Her dad and I started 2 years ago because she’s destroying my marriage.

  • I totally agree with you in this post...and feel horrible at the same time. I’ve helped raise my SD since she was 5...she moved in with us when she was 12. She’s made some VERY poor decisions regarding guys & s** & because I call her out in it (because I AM a concerned parent) I am the bad guy & get talked s*** about by her.
    My husband & I ended up separating for 6 months, mostly behind her, and now that we’re back together we are experiencing some of the same issues due to her.
    Love & hugs your way❤️

  • You need to tell him that either things change or you will leave for good. I set boundaries, I don’t have to spend holidays birthday or anything with the liars lazy manipulative fat ssdholes they are. I don’t see them, I do hear about them occasionally but mostly when he complaints about their horrible trashy behavior, if I do t like what I’m hearing or don’t care, I change the subject to our child’s something something. They are looser emotional needy lazy low achiever looses with very miserable lives. He feels that he lives to lives, he sees them very little and when he does it’s not quality time, it’s like passing through mostly, they go out and celebrate birthday or anything like that.xmas they get about 300 $ not even Xmasday it’s before Xmas way before. We spend holidays at home with my family n have Xmas at home, they are invited to with us ever!! We do fancy dinners on weekends n Friday nights with our family. They have miserable lives and I enjoy it! They made me miserable the little bit short period of times they came to live with us, but left soon after they came every time. Our child being born was very hurtful and painful to his youngest who thought was running the show n had daddy wrapped around her finger, she no longer does! I do!

  • My step daughter is 30! Lies all the time, manipulates and uses people. She literally lies all the time, and can’t even remember or kept track of her own bs stories. She is married now, 3 kids, all under 5. We love the babies very much, and she uses them like pawns. We are 2nd choice for holidays, but we are the first to help out. Her mother and step father are unemployed (always) drink, use meth, borrow and use people and etc.... but mom and step dad can do no wrong. She is jealous often off her younger sisters and expects the same treatment, gifts, and vacations we do for them. We cant afford to pay for a family of 5 and I don’t feel like I should. My husband sometimes sees it but overtime he forgets and almost never calls her out on her bad behavior or treatment to us or me. I love the babies, do I keep my mouth shut, she would be do low yo take them from us, but if if I can keep quiet much longer. I very badly want to tell her to p*** off... she is 30! I don’t see her changing anytime soon. I don’t want to do it anymore. I think I hate her...

  • To her your playing favorites a if you cant afford to give everyone a vacation you are picking only family member over the other thats sadly pethetic parents like this are worthless scum trash

  • You seem bitter and twisted, plus entitled if you think it's normal to pays for adults holidays !!! You sound like a free loader with no job

  • Most people don’t pay for their adult children’s vacation

  • You know, i have dealt with the same issues. My step daughter is still in high school and as last year she moved in with her aunt because she was tired of my "b#$%h @ss". Ok well bye. I have other children to worry about who arent disrespectful and who actually pull their weight around the house ( chores, ect.). I honestly believe the household is in a better position now that she is gone, even when she shows up and her brothers address her (they are happy to see her), she talks to them like crap and gives them her s***** attitude. The only part of me who dislikes the situation is seeing my wife's pain which i dont understand because shes called her mother every name in the book and has tried to fight her on many occasions. The well has run dry for me. Good luck to you though!

  • If my child were to end up with a stepmom half as evil as you people, I would honestly murder the c***. You people belong in jail, an asylum, or a grave.

  • And let me guess....you’ve never been a step mom or a step daughter?

  • What’s your point. By definition she is a step mom. What an idiotic comment. I share her identical feelings about my bratty, lying, Machevelian, self serving, snotty, unappreciative and socially inept 24 year old. Do you have a value added comment, for a serious family problem for me as well? Mine is driving my wife and I to divorce.

  • It's mothers like you that raise your pieces of s*** children like animals..you asswipes teach your children from a young age to hate their stepmother because you niserable c**** are upset that your ex husband divorced you and the only rhing you pos have dangling over the marriage is your child. so sad.

  • This is such a bs comment. Obviously you are a bitter step daughter.

  • Hahaha well then don't raise pos disrespectful bratt a$$ kids and you won't have to worry.. if you ain't dealing with something similar, then wtf you doing here?! Bye !

  • Such a mature, sophisticated response. Wow. I will need months to digest. not. I have a stepson who is awesome. However, my stepdaughter is the queen b****. You have no idea how difficult it is to give, give, give and the father buys their live and your the a******. It is comical. No. It is horribly sad. It isn’t the stepparents fault. It is the blood parents fault. Not knowing how to manage their kids - because they feel guilty for a failed marriage.

  • Blaming kids for the adults problem pathetic excuse oh you wont be happy untill the child lives like a pet being ordered around ahh the child freely speaks their mind an you go crying like a snowflake
    Kids do not have to listen to their dumb parents even more so when you aren't even blood related your job as a parent is to make sure that kid has a place to live a perant fails when they take their anger out on the child

  • Lmao once you are 18 you should take your freeloading ass somewhere else. I deal with this crap too. Sd is 23 still living at home thinks I'm the maid refuses to do anything chore wise smh once I was old enough to move out i WANTED to and DID!!! By the time I was her age I had my own. Working raising kids you name it. But she has admitted she doesn't "do dishes" but still likes to cook. Leaves mess for me or her dad which I do it cause I dont want him to have to after working a long day... so apparently I'm a little b**** for an able body 23 year old woman. It does leave a bad taste js

  • So many awful pieces of s*** in this thread. I feel so bad for these poor children who have to deal with such evil. You're the ones who chose to marry people with children and yet you have so much hate for the kids of the person you claim to love? I hope some of you die in a car crash. You deserve to burn in h***.

  • Christ you're a freak and clearly don't have a clue what you're talking about

  • What is wrong with you? You have serious anger issues!

  • Jessica Jackson age 9takes a hard DP

  • Trust me. Many of These step parents are good people. A person can only take so much crap. It is the birth parents fault and guilt that create these monsters. Buying love instead of live and discipline.

  • Gtfoh this is for us to vent not be judged. Everyone is living their own life doing their own thing sometimes you just need to vent and connect with people dealing with the same thing you are... That obviously ain't you so keep your judgements to yourself and move tf on to a "I love my step kids" page you judgmental b+*%/

  • Exactly. You can be doing everything you’re supposed to as a stepmom and they will still hate you! Maybe they believe they are betraying their biological mom by accident their new stepmom. I try to remember all of these things but sometimes you just accidentally lose your s***. But all parents do this. You could try and be a little more empathetic and just let everyone vent and leave us alone.

  • Accepting.. not accident 😆

  • LOL who sounds bitter?? Sounds like you.

  • My step daughter has been brain washed by her mother since the age of 5. Her mother made it very difficult for my husband to see his daughter through out the years. The mother has mental issues along with having had several STD's, MRSA and HPV. Her only identity is being a 30 year old's mother. The 30 year old step daughter is very destructive when at my house. She flushed maxi pads down the toilet and then lies about doing so. She has put dents in my new refrigerator and dropped menstral blood on my new rugs and ruined a new faucette. Her husband has every food allergy and I have to make the menu around his allergies. If I never see them again, it would be great. When she was growing up, I spent so much time and money on her. Her mother would throw away anything that I got my step daughter. I am at my wits end with this self centered adult brat....she even treats her father like crap.

  • I feel your pain. I hate my stepdaughter so much I can't even begin to express it, yet if I even bring up that she annoys me, I am the evil stepmother. She is lazy, stupid as a rock, and has basically intruded on my life without anyone asking how I felt about her presence in MY home. She is almost 19 years old with zero ambition to do anything other than eat fast food, watch TV, and lay on the chair in MY living room, taking up space and destroying my peace and my time with my husband. Just the sound of her voice makes me want to vomit. This girl was literally thrust onto me without asking, and I've been putting up with it for almost a year. I'd rather her choke to death on a McDonald's french fry than to ever have to deal with this crap for one more day. I cannot do anything but imagine her leaving, which at this point is the only thing that would make me happy. Otherwise, her presence is soul-sucking me dry. I hate her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL! french fry!!
    Ibfeel your pain. I hate my 13 yo stepdaughter. Known her since she was 4 and was a great stepmother to her. Had my own children 3 years ago and all h*** broke loose. Her comment to me when i told her i was pregnant was "i wanted to be the only one"...yeah right ugly b****!

  • Lol. I got pregnant with the only boy! Ha! I marked my territory that way. And he’s Jr. as well because he’s the only boy.Take thAt them little b******. Jelousy it’s a major part of our lives. Competing with n my little son- who it’s clueless about the whole thing. They hate me because I get their fathers attention n mostly get everything I want. I no longer have to see or be around those to fat b******, I stated it very clear to my husband thAt I did not want to be around them and their disrespect ass behavior. I told him he can go see them somewhere else but they come around my house, and they don’t. They would love for me to be gone for good. But stubborn as h***. I’m not leaving for my son and because I refuse to let them have things their way. They dislike me because I’m pretty I’m smart and I’m thin n not fat like them. They are lazy with no goals in life none!! Smooching of their father it’s what they do best. I see them both as losers unhappy bitter looses like their mom

  • When my stepdaughter asked to come live with us after we married (20 years ago in May) we said no. She stayed with her uncle and his religious wife and their 4 kids. They dressed like Amish and lived that way too. But she finally calmed down because before her own mother was useless. In and out of mental institutions and actually became pregnant while away in one. She couldn’t claim it was my husband’s because he’d not only had a vasectomy but the girl was of a different race than them both. Anyway neither of them could deal with wild child so they sent her to live with her uncle. We’ve never been close and are now estranged because I let her and her husband and family of 4 kids stay in our new beach home not even having had it a year ourselves. She had the audacity to ask if a cousin of hers could join them m, which was fine but instead of asking me she calls my husband who’s busy seeing patients and aske him having just left our home, seeing me that morning where they stayed for several days before heading to our beach house. She also wanted my stepson and his family to join then and stay there too. No interest in is being there along with them but just using it as a free hotel while they visited the area and afterwards she NEVER even said thank you or sent a card or anything. I’m done being nice to her and she’s mad at me for finding stuff they left in the house. Beds not made and them leaving and leaving a second story window open anyone with a ladder could climb into.

  • Oh “the audacity to ask if her cousin could join her” hahaha. SOME inconsiderate people have the nerve to want a family gathering. God you are gross.

  • D*******

  • Out of all the comments here this far, yours is the most disgusting. Either you have failed to describe any reason other than your own bias. Are you racist? Sounds like her deadbeat father treated her like second class garbage her whole life and you were cheering him on every step of the way.

    Now she asks to use your superfluous beach house and you’re c**** enough to spew s*** like this? I get hating the way some step kids can make us feel. But not on your end. You sound horrible. Poor girl was raised by religious freaks and rejected by her own father when she needed saving and all you can do is b**** about allowing her the grand privilege of using her “parents” precious beach house. If I were her I would have off’ed myself a ling time ago.

  • That's exactly how I feel about mine.

  • She’s using triangulation, which is a form of manipulation. Essentially, she’s weaponizing your husband against you. My adult step daughter does the same thing. Best thing you can do is thinking about the end game. There are a couple options, you can do the Cold War thing again, or you can confront her, be triggered and cause a WW3. The last option is you confront her, in a kind, loving way (even if you hate her f****** guts, just fake it), and communicate you value her and your relationship and want both you and her to feel safe in your home by getting along. If the talk doesn’t go well or her behavior after the talk is still that of a whiny entitled little b****, stay calm and positive, but tell you no longer feel comfortable with her around and for the sake of your relationship with her she or you need to take a break. Meaning one of you needs to not live in the home for periods of time. If your husband is a douche and unwilling to see your kindness and efforts then do you want to stay living with him? However you handle it, the result is the same, she’ll be a sniveling, egocentric, hateful brat but at least you will have maintained your dignity and communicated heathy boundaries.

  • I left and came back with rules and boundaries. If you want me back here are the rules!! I’m not to be expected to be in their presence EVER!!! They can’t come near my house or much less inside. Meeting With their dad is outside my house lunch dinner whatever. No holiday at all. Our sons birthday parties they never gotten an invite not once not ever- he the husband doesn’t bother to ask. I have a beautiful home and very nice car I drive around. And a whole new upgraded ring 2.5 Ct!!! The b****** hate me and I despise them back! They are both fat fat fat low self steem tons of emotional issues and financial issues as well. Love to see them struggle, it’s my joy, payback for manipulating and coming between my husband and I with their manipulative way. I have gained a lot of ground now but there a bit more to go still.

  • I thought it was only me. My adult stepdaughter uses people, uses “religion”
    To get what she wants and to have people pay for things. She was a professional student, wanted to go to Greece so yep... go fund me and religion!!
    She would visit, jump on furniture.. in her 20’s! Never a job just a dream job. She called her dad saying she was on her way to visit us.. no notice, her dad was just out of the hospital and she asks “ can he get disability?” She and her mom never worked!! So she visitis doesn’t do her laundry.. clean her mess. We are used as a hotel while she just goes off. She wants to meet for dinner, we wait over an hr for her. She shows up for 15 and leaves. Then she is not around on her last morning. Her dad never got to say bye.
    She uses people. Age 34
    I’ve told her dad since meeting her.
    He is too passive. He now is beginning to see what she does. Oh she wanted and got 2 weddings!! Wanted people to bring a food dish and pay for their new home.
    He was unable to go, no notice. She is now refusing to return messages.
    Nope won’t get a thank you for the present. Invites were on... Facebook!
    This has caused so much stress in our marriage.
    I hate it!!

  • Our second son (my stepson) is getting married again but thankfully her parents are very wealthy and paying for the TWO weddings their having . When we first met the girl - she works in Human Resources but was carrying a $1500 Chloe (she was surprised I knew what it was 🙄. My husband’s a Dr.) handbag which of course her parents paid for. They both worked for Microsoft and her dad works for Elan Musk now. They’re from the Ukraine and she has a fake tan, fake lips , possibly fake cheeks too and extensions in her hair our son in-law(my daughter’s husband) who’s from Luxembourg called her a “fried russian” she’s younger than our son (of course) seemed nice enough but I predicted his first marriage would fail and I’m not sure this second one will go the distance - Their both high maintenance.

  • And how does this fit in? Judge much? Get a life lay and stop cursing your stepsons new marriage. Why would anyone be surprised you called out the brand of handbag on her arm?A. Tacky. B. You sound jealous. C. Unsupportive and rude. Where is your issue with your stepson? That he likes a woman from the Ukraine?

    Stick to your “own” daughter and her catty husband. With mother in laws like you who needs backstabbing, petty, fake step parent in laws??

  • I really thought I was alone here. My SD is 21, she always blames her dad for everything that is wrong in her life. They are always fighting.
    When I got married she was 9 and my SS was 11.
    I never had a big connection with my SS but he was always very respectful (and still is), her in the other hand, I did everything to be friends with her and at the beginning everything was great.
    As she became adolescent, and her friends started talking about branded clothes, is when the problems began.
    She was always complaining, we could not hug her, we could not joke with her about absolutely anything. There was yelling between her and her father, every time she did something wrong he would take her phone away and sometimes even hammering it. HE IS NOT AN ABUSING FATHER. She used to ice skating 4 times a week and she was always complaining saying that if she was not good enough was because we didn’t provide for her to be better. One day we were coming back from a competition and we where tired, I had my kids very small (at the time, 4, 2 and the las was 8 months old.) my husband had a hockey game and she wanted to go skating after his game. He said no, she became the Incredible Hulk, hit him, spilled on his face and he almost lost control of the car.
    Many times I had her telling me that I cannot tell her what to do because I was not her mom. She is violent, selfish, stubborn and until now, I try to love her because I am the only one that listens to her. She pushed everyone away from her. She left the house 3 times and she aways come back. The last time she left to vive with her mom “because they never had a chance to bond”. Her mom put her out of the house because they had a fight so bad that she made her mom bold on some spots. I can’t take it anymore. If I say something my husband says that I’m saying just because I don’t like her. my kids are afraid of her. I am truly afraid that if she doesn’t move soon, I’ll end up asking for divorce because I’m on a braking point.

  • I feel for you. I have a sibling like this. Have you ever researched borderline personality disorder? Even if your not privy to armchair diagnosis, some if the communication skills they teach for handling borderline-type behaviors in others can be helpful.

  • I swore if my ex and I ever divorced I'd never remarry until my children were adults because of horror stories about step-father's abusing the children. Now, I guess I'll never marry again because I'm not putting up with abusive step-children (child or adult), or someone who would hate MY children this much. BTW, not ALL step-children are mistakes----but clearly most of these marriages were. God help your husbands and the children. Some of You should see an exorcist.

  • Maybe bring up respectful kids and not be a vindictive idiot when you're husband leaves you. Might be a good start.

  • Not even an excorcist would work on mine.

  • Get bent. You're clearly deluded and stupid !...

  • I am the mother of a 25 years old step daughter. I have been her mother for the last 15 years. Her birth mother has not contributed anything to her life-and still does not. She is spoiled beyond anything I have ever known. She is selfish, disobedient, self--centered, disrespectful. She has a false sense of entitlement: trips to Europe, weekends and holidays on the coast, new car and anything that her friends have that she wants her father gives her money to buy it. Her father thinks that by spending money on her, she will somehow raise her social standing. As we all know, that won't happen. At 25, she is what she is.
    Even though she has a college education or she spent 4 years at a college, she does not have any meaningful employment and does not bother to look for any.
    If there is any attempt to correct her behavior-or at least try, her father jumps to her defense and causes major problems between us.
    I do love my husband but at some point this has to end.

  • Same thing I told mine. At what does the taking care of two disrespectful and lazy adults ends?! At least don’t have to see them. They are not allowed in our house. And that makes me happy!!! And they hate thT I got that from their father. I put my foot down! Often, I have left and I’ve came back for tgat reason alone. They need to suck it up! They are not allowed inside my house!!! I won that and yes it feels like victory to me!!!😃

  • Sounds immature and demands. You did right thing not having her around , as far as your husband goes tell him man up stop blaming you. . sounds weak and afraid to let is daughter know party time is over she no longer is a child

  • Hate my SD! She lives been living with us full time for 4 years. Her loser bio mom picks her up every other weekend. I felt sorry for this child in the beginning because she was sexually abused by her much older half-brother (that her mother raises) for years. She is fat & awkward. No one wants to hang out with her for more than 5 minutes, including her bio parents. She grew up poor and wasn’t used to attending after-school activities, wearing nice clothes, attending nice schools, dining out, vacations etc. Bio mom NEVER paid a dime in child support until she was finally forced to by the State a couple months ago...since she just works a crappy part-time hairdresser. Come to find out, SD had been talking crap about me to her bio mom the whole time behind my back. I guess that’s how they bond by talking sh** about me. I don’t buy her crap anymore. She grows out of her clothes every few months because she keeps getting fatter. I don’t say anything to her but hi and bye. She goes to her 5th grade class every day looking like s*** while my beautiful and well-attended-to daughter is away attending university with a life full of friends and fun. My hubs admitted he wanted this child to be aborted. Now by default we have to raise this disgusting, gross, stupid, sperm-child because we just can’t let her live with her bio mom. Yet SD spits in the face of the couple of people, me & her dad, who did lots of nice things for her. Not in this house. I predict by 13 she will be hooking up with lots of men online & will be deep into drugs- At that point we will dump her off at her mother’s to live so she can enjoy the s***-show. We take mini-vacays while she’s away at her mom’s and then tell her all about It. She should have been more respectful of us since no one wants her anyway! One lucky thing- hubby has always backed me 100% which makes living with this dirty fuzzball child every day more tolerable. I hope bio mom’s womb is retired...she isn’t fit to breed!!!

  • That’s the same way I feel. He asked for an abortion she said no! Now we got a fat ass lazy with no goals kid another dysfunctional resin in this world

  • I take back my earlier comment. Your post is the most disgusting.

  • I've been raising my step daughter for almost 6 years now, she is just now hitting that adolescent stage, but she has always been extremely disrespectful, rude, and down right self centered. Her real dad has done nothing for her, cant even maintain jobs for more than a month, her mom (my wife) is disabled with nerve damage so she cant really do much physically, and yes I do love her. The daughter I always worry about her well being and I try to give her chances including times when her mother won't, but she just always disappoints and just doesnt give a damn how it affects others. She never offers to help with anything and the second anyone tries to talk to her she stares off into nothing, say "sorry" like its a bandage, or starts crying to get out of the situation. I dont want to see her end up like her loser dad, but Im at the point where me loving and being concerned for her life is enough to put up with her **** anymore. I actually had a dream where I tossed her ass out of the house and yelled good luck the other night. I feel like ****, I care more for our cats than my step daughter.

  • Wow. I feel so much better.

  • OMG!!!! Wow. I really thought that I was alone out here!!. I married my husband A LITTLE OVER A YEAR AGO! Before we even had our one year anniversary, he was telling me that his daughter wanted to live with us. Seeing that I had only met her five times in two years, I told him to wait until she got out of high school. She lied and told her dad that she was being bullied. So, here she is in my home. She is weird-looking, she stinks up my home with her wretched odor, she acts like she doesn't understand how to do chores...But the house that she came from, the s*** was sleeping with her mom's best friend's husband for years and got caught!!! No wonder nobody wanted her around. Now, the witch is living here, sucking up resources. Come to find out that she is 18 and is reading at a sixth grade level. But have her tell it, "with my cute self". I feel like in the very beginning she tried to sleep with my husband (daddy)....S***!!!! I hate her. She tries to act like a five year old. And every time that I get p***** off at the DUMB stuff that she does, her stupid dad yanks her in the car to try to run to his sister's house. She is unwanted there as well. Nobody wants this p.o.s. around and we just found out that it will take her four more years to graduate. Not in this house she won't. She is so nasty. She combs her nappy head and throws the bunches of hair on the floor instead of the trashcan a few feet from her bed. She lets the shower in her bathroom run over the edge so now we have mold damage in her bathroom. I'm renting so who is going to take care of that when we leave? Her dumb dad won't let her work. Why not? He's scared that she is going to s**** everyone at the job? Probably. So, I burn sage and incense to keep her evil out of my house and so that I can tolerate living in my own home. She's out of school for the next two days and I just want her out.Her very presence disgusts me. I hate to look at her. I especially hate that I have to smell her stench!!!

  • Wow! You are not alone. I’ve told him , that they will never live with us! Ever!! I’ll leave and I’ll. And he knows that! I have left before and can’t live nasty dirty lazy free loaders low self steem low lives trash a*******

  • She acts like she’d been sexually abused. Sometime you clearly have no patience for considering the fact that all you care about is yourself.

  • You are scum trash hope ya die from cancer poor child so what if she is gross you are very judgemental freak

  • I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years. When we started dating his son was 19 and his daughter 17. His children were still staying over night on Tuesday nights and every other Saturday night and all day every Sunday. I thought that to be a little weird. His kids never missed a day even when they were sick. Not only would they not do anything with their friends but would make him go to movies with them, etc. Their mother has had a dozen or so boyfriends since we have been together. She always stayed at her boyfriends and said that the kids were old enough to be alone. I thought that they would have been more independent but are very clingy and always looking for dads attention. I tolerated them as best i could . After his son died of a heroine overdose in 2014 his daughter would still stay over night with the custody schedule from before. Finally she went off to college. Of course he has sold everything he could to pay for the 4 years. Her mother has contributed nothing. Also he still pays child support cause he thinks the man should take care of everything and of course to show off to his ex wife that HE"S THE MAN she shouldn't have let go of. His daughter has said to me that "She gets what she wants cause that what her daddy is for." Since that statement i can't even hear her name without getting mad. I really hate her. He has bought her a convertible mustang and a toyota camary for the winter as well. I get so frustrated. I really really hate her. I ignore her when she stops by to see her father. His family all hate me for hating her. I had dated a guy with a daughter before meeting the guy i am with now and got along well with her. Am i a bad person for hating her. I love her father but hate her so much.

  • Omg I am so glad I found your post. I hate my annoying, self centered, ugly, disrespectful, know it all little B**** SD. She thinks the world revolves around her and she can say and do whatever she wants. She milks her dad for everything we have and doesn’t even say thank you, she is too “depressed” to do any chores or clean up after herself. I wish she would just live with her mom full time. I hope she goes away to college and never comes back.

  • Snowflake 13itchy crybaby adults oh your mad over a person expressing their free will

  • I hope my SD dies from an overdose as soon as possible.

  • I feel the way you do with my sd

  • Omg you have described my step daughter to a t.

  • Your living my life. Daddy’s little girls...I too am counting the days my SD is gone from my house.

  • I have two s**** stain daughters I would happily execute .

  • Just wanted to say if you all hate your stepkids so much don’t get with someone who has other children in the first place! It’s not fair if you’re gonna be immature about it and nasty you should all take a look at yourselves! I have stepdaughter who is 6 and yes she can be a diva but I as a responsible adult have to accept the fact I am married to her father who already has a child and get on with it and learn to love them

  • Learn to love them .... ??? Respect they are husband's children but you do not have to love them.

  • You’re a dumbass...these teenager/adult stepkids can be nightmares

  • Amen! I TRIED optimism, love and compassion but that didn’t work! This poor kid may have mental illnesses like her mom. We don’t know, but her volatility and absolute rudeness is inexcusable. My parents would have beat my a$$ repeatedly if I acted like her!

  • Go f*** yourself

  • Being six and being eleven and being able to vote or buy booze are all very different. Glad you are able to be with her when she is still in those formative years. Others have not been so lucky. Power and control are what defines most struggles. Easier with someone who has yet to develope abstract thought or master manipulation. Hope all remains healthy. Wish I had my SD at that age. Sincerely!

  • It’s just hard to believe that ALL of the stepchildren here are clinically narcissistic. That would be statistically impossible.

  • 6. Exactly. We are talking adult stepchildren. Whats overlooked at 6 is unacceptable at 26

  • There is one thing in common here- we are all taking about step daughter!!!!!! Mostly, why?! There is something about female step children something all these have in common. I think they see us step mothers as a threat! For love and attention and financial. They compete with us because they are insecure, rude and everything else. But we win at the end. We are the ones f****** their father and giving them head 🤷🏻‍♀️. So we have the upper hand.

  • I know! So glad I have read this. My step daughter is horrid. I blame myself for not being stronger in the beginning, but I so wanted everything to work out. Well, 25 years of marriage and she still has an attitude form h***. She is not going to change and I really hate her. She treats me like the maid and says whatever rude comment she wants to make. I was so worried early in my marriage that she would succeed in ruining our marriage. I wasted 25 years thinking that. I just hope she f's off permanently. I think, hope, she had a bad time the last time she stayed with us. Hopefully she'll never come back!!!

  • Don’t let her come back- leave for holidays. I do so Xmas it’s mine for several years now. I see how much ground if gained the past few years just by putting my foot down! I do get things my way. I’ll not break bread on any holiday with POS. They hate me and I hate them back!

  • My SD is 23. She is a vial, spoiled, ungrateful, wretched puke. The way to deal with these menaces is to set very strict, unbreakable boundaries. She works her mother like a baker working dough for morning biscuits. Being “the bad guy” I don’t hesitate to call her on anything and everything... reminding her mother that she’s being played like a piano. The SD gets away with ZERO! She’s never afraid to cry fro money when she spends too much. There’s always an excuse... never her fail and never any accountability. Her car is a disaster, always in need of repairs and expects mom to, “foot the bill.” Too bad for the puke! The gravey-train has run dry. Mommy & grand-daddy paid for your college... your drunken binges and for the collateral damage you left along the way. Now she’s fast & furious in finding a rich young man she can spread her legs for; taking him on a one-way trip to H***!!
    This little gold-digger is out there! Warn your sons! She has many friends just like her.

  • Why should she f*** a poor guy instead? hater

  • I just read someone else has a stepdaughter named Olivia, crazy, that's my stepdaughter's name and I hate her just as much as the other poster hates their stepkid. I honestly can't deal with having a stepdaughter that's this horrible, she takes all of our money and my husband still goes to see her a few times a month. I'm hoping one day he gets sick of her and just abandons her like the useless waste of life that she is.

  • Mine is 23, has no job because she injured herself in 2 car accidents by driving under the influence and to endanger. She has dreadlocks, and posts pics of herself in tiny bikinis and shorts untied to her crotch. She tells my husband she'd visit, then blows him off. He continues to pursue her, and kiss her butt. She messages the "I love you, Daddy...." CAN I PUKE???? I don't care if I never see her again.

  • So July 29th is my stepdaughter’s birthday and I absolutely hate everything about the damn day. This time of year is terrible because it just reminds me of how she should’ve never been born. I’ve heard people say that children are never a mistake but this little b**** is definitely a mistake. I hope she chokes on a piece of f****** cake and dies! She’s the absolute worst thing in this planet and i no longer want to waste any of this family’s time or money on that stupid f****** brat.

  • Err I have a confession I'm a 35 year old dude and have annoying cousins, adult a******* more like it that never really grew up and act like childish c****. Short of living on the streets or in prison I would kill to be anywhere away from such nasty family. High above some Appalachian mountains, lost in the Amazon h*** even a cave anywhere would be better than such company. Its worse because they have children of their own, and act like their some majestic beings from the clouds. Here to judge the lesser life forms, and teach them their narcissistic ways. What are their children like you ask like? As worse as the effin parents. My old man recently had a brush with death my c*** of a cousin, I wish I could maul to death with a club, as I maniacally laugh as her daughter watches on. Anyway my old man got to see her fangs for the first time, and pulled me aside to ask wtf is wrong with her to which I implied you tell me. Which surprised me because he actually did tell me, she apparently lost her sense of control and started yelling at him losing her cool completely she stormed out of our house and drove off. For what you ask? He simply asked her if there was anything wrong and only pressed a little because she didn't answer the question. At which point she went ballistic short of braking any of our furniture.

  • Thank god im not alone!
    I absolutely despise my ugly, nasty, horrible, pathetic, waste of space, oxygen thief stepdaughter.
    She is annoying, selfish, boring, cringey, whinging, spoilt little b****.
    I wish she would go and live with her father, she creates an awful atmosphere and yet she thinks she is amazing?
    She thinks if a leaf blows off a tree and lands by her that it is a gift from the tree because she is so wonderful. She is a parasite.
    She is pathetic, she is thick as two planks and has nothing good about her. She is fake and jealous of everything.

    Frustrations vented. Thanks for reading

  • Its not the children, it’s the man/woman you married. If you’re SO cannot stand up for reasonable boundaries and put your marriage on even, but different ground than their children then stop blaming the kids. Look at who you are married to ffs.

  • Get the fake and jealous part.

  • Lol very well put. I can relate

  • Thank you. Like you read my mind!😎

  • Hopefully she f****** dies. She sounds like a waste of resources!

  • I’m really not sure how someone could love the product of a past mistake that they didn’t make? I can’t stand my stepdaughter, she’s a spoiled girl. She was born and basically had everyone else but her parents to raise her because she was a mistake-really neither parent were ready or wanted her. Her days are spent on school and after school programs and weekends are spent being raised by grandparents or her daycare. She is an absolute animal and is probably the dumbest child I’ve ever met.

    She isn’t allowed near my daughter because I don’t like the idea of having someone else’s kid be considered family. That other nasty kid is rude, spoiled, and a terrible example for my quickly developing daughter. She also doesn’t partake in family activities and I’m really happy that she’s not a part of my family because my daughter will grow up understanding how a real family works.

    My stepdaughter (I don’t even like calling it that) wastes more time and money than she’s worth and always asks what “presents” or “surprises” she’s going to get. I’d love to give her a huge cupcake full of x lax and raw chicken-surprise b****. Happy birthday hope you get dysentery and salmonella!

    Did I mention she was born on July 27 or 28th? I can never remember which day because it’s never important enough and the day she was born was probably the day Lucifer sucked up this b****’s soul, hence why she turned out to be one ugly soul less m************ pale ass ginger.

    I hope she gets a pile of s*** on her birthday, that’s all she deserves really.

  • Ha ha ! I wish mine move but they won’t because they need daddy’s financial help. Both lazy and uneducated low self steem pigs with a dysfunctional mother their life’s are similar. I often laugh at their miserable lives and struggles- it sounds horrible but I enjoy it so very much that they got very little education and resources and they struggle financially And emotionally. I know it’s mean but I do. My husband tells me he’s disappointed in both of them and how embarrassed by how they have turn out, basically calling them WT recently now more then ever. He lives them but often says he does not want to too much time with them. Their children (GK) will part of the same nasty cycle of dysfunction. I keep our child away from them, they horrible examples and he often refers to them as his fathers a kids. I don’t want to be or want my child to be associated with at all.

  • Im sorry you have to suffer with her. I feel the exact same way about both my step daughter spawns from h*** it is pure torture everyday my boyfriend has full custody of them and their mom barely wants to see them they are so horrible. They constantly need daddys attention but they are 14 and 17 old enough to f*** off amd leave us alone but they dont i never get quality time with him unless they are in school then i got to go to work and dont get to cherish their away time. And its funny you mention birthday my step daughters birthday is next week and i would also like to put laxitives in her slice of birthday cake and slugs and bugs like the nasty parasite she is

  • Move can you move if he’s willing

  • Lol

  • The child needs love love love ..

  • My s*** stain sd needs a gun gun gun

  • You should be upset with Dad, he's the only one that can change it, and you need to set boundaries with Dad first

  • True. I did and it works. It’s me or them, and get things my way. I don’t have too se the little ducked thought they are in the late n mid 20s. Nasty little f****** that are needy n dysfunctional

  • This is so so so disgusting I wish I knew who you were so I could ring child services

  • I absolutely hate my stepdaughter, I threw out all of her baby pictures, sonogram, and everything that is a memory of her. Nothing that belongs to her, made by her, or resembles her is allowed in this family home. I make my husband throw out her pictures and rip them up because that ugly piece of trash doesn’t deserve to be remembered. He’s not allowed to have pictures of her on his phone, and her name isn’t to be mentioned in this home. I have a daughter with my husband and she is not allowed to see or talk to his mistake. I refuse to have her think she is anything but an only child, that other c*** can go ahead and grow up to be a spoiled, entitled, little b**** all she wants-shes not allowed near my daughter or my family.

  • Ha ha! No pic of them fat looser here and never will be or grand kids either. If he wants to see them it’s outside my home - Alone do t invite me because I have no desire to be around poor me bitter negative no goals in life fat losers, how can you lazy lazy lazy but entitle. They both live poorly and struggle financially and. Emotionally- husband are low end Hs drop out WT in other words. I live in a beautiful house now. They are jealous n it kills them. I left and I e came back, because I refuse to let them win!

  • Same here! No pics anywhere my house. Nope!! And I also put in a trash all their pic n if I find something of their that’s it’s been giving to him by them I’ll put in the garbage.

  • Horrible! You should’ have thrown out her pictures and stuff. Those are irreplaceable. You never tell what happened to make you do so either. The smart, calmer thing to have done was to box them up and put them away somewhere.

  • Same here. No trace of her anywhere in our home and not going to be. And her name is never mentioned with the exception of when I refer to her as lard a**. I've told hubby he should have had a DNA test taken years ago. Lard A** doesn't look like her mother or him. Maybe she looks like the mailman. Who knows. She has red hair and there is no one with red hair on mom or dad's side of the family. I've spent the past 26 yrs. treating her like she doesn't exist. I care so little about her I don't even know her exact age. Somewhere between 25 to 30 I think. When ask if we have kids I've always answered NO. Wish she wouldn't finish eating herself into oblivion.

  • Wow your husband needs to grow a pair and leave you if he lets treat him this way with his child

  • Oh my, you nasty, evil pathetic woman. How can you have the love and respect of your husband and others when you act this way? I feel so sorry for your stepdaughter who has to look at you.

  • You don't know the full situation you moron.

  • Your f****** problem. your job to explain it a******.

  • Omg I threw out my stepdaughters sonogram and baby scrapbook too! I don’t want her memories to ruin my home, my home is a place where I can enjoy my family! I don’t need his mistakes f****** up the aura in my home, your post really touched my soul because I thought I was the only person who did this.

    I actually had his stepdaughter give my daughter some sort of toy as a gift when she was born and I gave it to the dog as a chew toy because my daughter doesn’t need anything from that piece of s***. She often gives stupid gifts like bracelets and they all end up in the trash, nobody here wants to be reminded that she’s alive and breathing lol

  • I removed all pictures of her from OUR bedroom yesterday and declared it a “neutral zone.” I need a refuge from her negative energy in MY bedroom.,

  • Good for you. I feel the same as you about mine.

  • Your a horrible person.. he should pack his stuff and leave u and burn all ur crap!

  • I never thought a child could make you feel so low. That was until I had a stepdaughter.
    I love and adore her mum (my wife) with all my heart and soul, but that 11yo parasite is draining the life out of me and it seems a lot of other people are suffering the same.
    It’s not easy when a child can be so draining, and I have brought 2 children of my own up, never encountered such troubles as I am now.

  • So cool to hear from another guy on here. Seems most step parents that hate their step daughters are the women in the relationship.

  • Yes I hearing you ..I have 5 stepchildren ..ages were at the time ..18..21..23..26...28. I have 2 children at the age 16..17.. This was 18 years ago ..I had my stepdaughter living with us ..& my husband at the time ..Yes we had our up & down ..My step daughter was stubborn as a donkey ..We had our good times & bad ..We As Adults when we expected our future husbands or wives ..We also expect the package that comes with it ..Yes I not perfect myself nor are my kids & step children ..They to need to be loved ..The more I tryed to them them all it worked ..Yes of course we are not perfect .. no families are ..Iam sure you a wonderful Dad & Stepdad ..Sometimes they can put us to the test ..It's nice to at times for you & your Strpdaughter ..Go out together st Macdonalds ..Or to the pools .Or does she have sports ..It's different with our own children .They are ours ..& we naturally the bond with them ..But having a man or womens child from the past ..It takes years to adjust .. Maybe her dad's not around all he is ..I don't know . But she is one very lucky Child to have you in her life .. it will all work out well hang in love

  • Spell check...

  • Wow! And all of this at 11? You’re in for much worse. You’ll want to smother her in her sleep in a few years.

  • No. In fact it is pathetic to see messages of: how can I love my hateful step daughter. Good for her for standing her ground!

  • My husband went to go see his stepdaughter today (he gets 2 days a month because that’s as much as I’ll allow him to take any time away from his REAL family). Hopefully one day he stops seeing her altogether and just forgets about that mentally challenged mistake he made. She acts like a 3 year old when she’s 6 and she looks like she’s some sort of autistic little brat. I hate her and hope she kills herself before she wastes anyone else’s money or time.

  • You deserve to be treated the way you treat her.

  • Freak mentally unstable you adults are thats a child your talking about

  • I f****** hate my ugly sd also but you did offend me by saying she looks autistic? My own daughter is actually autistic and is f****** gorgeous. I don't know what your idea of autistic is but it doesn't make you a mean, fat, lying ugly piece of s*** that got shat out of my husbands exes fat a***! Lol

  • Well since she’s just 6 then YOU have plenty of time to get some therapy. Sounds like you need it. Try family counseling while you’re at it and grow a heart.

  • Gosh really, you need to get a divorce

  • You are evil as h***

  • Your having a go at a 6 year old little girl ..Who act like a 3 year old brat ..More like you need to grow up ..Women ..Your just a waste of space ..your toxic waste of sewage ..That all you are ..

  • Just remember he was with her mom b4 you and your kid will be the next woman’s step kid

  • I went on this confession because I wanted to see what other halves think of the step children, this is absolutely DISGUSTING those children have triple the hearts you have you all should be ashamed of yourselves wish I could call child services to get you all locked up

  • Thank you. This is f*****. Its one thing to have issues and sometimes need to vent bad s*** but the comments on here are fowl beyond belief. There really is merit to the evil step mother archetype. You c**** proved it to me today.

  • You're just an enabler of the s***** manipulative behavior of these s***** S-kid brats, who use this "victim" mentality against us to get their way. She'll cry her tears in front of the crowd, but behind the scenes the spoiled little s*** is gloating away with an oversized ice cream cone dripping on your floor that she has no intention of cleaning up.

  • Shut the h*** up! The skids don't have triple hearts they have triple the sense of entitlement, made worse by biomoms who are pathetic and toxic.

  • Very true! Dysfunctional mother make dysfunctional children and now they have soon to be dysfunctional Adult grandchildren it’s a vicious cycle. I’m sitting here watching it all and enjoying their suffering and miserable lives. Their emotional and physical pain it’s my joy!

  • Depends on the kid. We've encountered the worst of these children, who blame us for their parents not being together even if the divorce was years prior to the conjoined family, are openly rude and disrespectful, and dad's eyes just glaze over in admiration for their ability to speak their mind even if it's hurtful to their spouse. When one spouse says "your child is disrespectful to me" it's the parents job as a spouse to step in. Most wedding vows say something along the lines of "forsaking all others". This includes children and family. If you're not willing to put your spouse first, don't get married.

    Some of these people also need to grow up and realize that anyone under about 7 is still impressionable and can be taught to be kind, provided they are shown kindness. Much above 8 or 9 it gets more difficult. Mine was 11, and I simply walked away. Let him finish raising her on his own if she's so damn perfect that I need to look up to her and be just like her (yes, he really said I should be striving to be like a pre puberty snarky little b****)

  • Wow. Mine said if she and I fell from a boat and were drowning that he’d save her and not me instead. She’s adopted too.

  • Wow you sound like a loving c***

  • I know how you feel.

  • How can u hate a 6 year old! U need to grow up! And thats all u allow it isnt the babies fault she is here.. u should kill urself for being a horible pos!

  • Why are you even here? Are you someone’s mistake too? Leave people who want to confess alone, and just go Kill yourself.

    To the poster: I only allow my husband to go see his little s*** once a year lol the best thing to do is move far far away so visits are nearly impossible!

  • Go kill yourselves. And no, I think we would rather hope the reverse.

  • I agree u have mental issues for hating a 6 year old in the first place. If I was your husband b**** u would be getting divorced or 6 feet under. Your a stupid jealous crybaby of a both...

  • You are mentally ill, and that poor stepchild needs to be kept away from you.

  • She better stay the f*** away from me, nobody wants that parasite around here.

  • Couldn’t agree more, such weirdos on this confession how can you hate poor little kids? They should all be locked up in my eyes

  • They're not just poor little kids. Looks like one of them managed to pull the wool over your eyes as well.

  • Yep, you should not be around children.

  • I don’t hate my SD, but I hate how she makes me feel. I love kids but sadly can’t have any of my own. I met my SD when she was 4
    years old. Naturally she was very confused and so I decided the best thing to do was take it slow with her, afford her time with her Dad without me around all the time. She was also very jealous of me being too close or showing him affection so out of respect I was very conscious of this and made every effort not to upset her. I thought In time as our relationship grew and we became closer I could show affection to both her and her Dad. sadly 5 years later I’m still in the same boat except now I just don’t like her and I hate myself for that. It makes me so sad that I can’t like her, nevermind love her! I feel I am letting her Father down, and I am. But what do I do? I love my husband and I don’t want to give up. So I just keep going, giving my SD and her Dad time together while I sit on my own most Saturdays, never dare show my husband any affection in front of my SD, watch her get her way at every opportunity. Daddy’s little princess. She will never accept me. So it’s this way or the highway for me. :(

  • Stop. Stop letting her control what you do or don’t do. You’re right. She will never accept you. That’s her choice. But do not let her choices affect your’s. Love your husband. Show affection. Go sit with him. Snuggle on the couch. Put some boundaries in place that protect your ability to feel safe in your own home. She doesn’t like it. Too bad. She’ll have to finally work through some of her baggage. You’re not making things better by doing what your doing. Trust me. I did it for 11 years. I’m done. If it’s that way or the highway. Pack your self respect and go. Xoxo

  • No man or woman will ever feel safe or live you if you hate their kids. All of you need to get the f*** out of these relationships. The only parasites are the spouses creating hate and disease within the families that were there before you. GROW UP!!

  • And my step daughter is always safe in our home and in my care. That goes without saying!

  • I didn’t say I hate her, I said I hate myself because I don’t like her. I think you need to grow up and understand life is not always a fairytale. End of the day, a few months later and things are much better, not perfect but things never will be, it’s a complicated history with my husbands ex wife causing all sorts of hurst and pain. So why don’t you mind your own business and get off your high horse. Even better, get off this site.

  • I have been in my SD life for 10 years since she was 7 ..she lives with us full time and visits her mom a couple weekends a month. I have done everything a mom should do including being involved with her schools and classes, first bra shopping, washing her hair for her, doing her laundry cooking her meals picking her up and dropping her off to all a kids events..it has made no difference if they are allowed to be disrespectful they will continue to be until your husband puts a stop to it and if he won’t you will never be treated the way you deserve..don’t waste anymore time waiting for your love and understanding and giving of yourself to make a difference you NEED to get your husband to listen to you now..

  • This I agree with.

  • First of all your a beautiful Mum to your step daughter ..It your fault you should have showed affection to your husband infront of his 4 year old daughter as time went on ..Also allowing g that time alone with her dad ..Should not have been every Saturday ..You all should start giving each other Hugs & show effection to each other .You can't expect to love ..Love grows Why don't you all decide to go to the beach or a Picnic ..Remember she is his daughter & his little princess & Your his wife ..His Queen & the 3 of you together is Royalty ..I beleive you such a a I g women .. How about you & his daughter have a girly thing together ..do her hair or nails ..Ride a bike ..Take her outfit lunch just the 2 of you alone

  • I have learned after 10 years that grown spoiled step daughters hate to see their dads happy. They think you will come along and take their attention.. One of mine has been married her husband has cheated on her 4 times. My husband and I have had a rocky marriage because of his two grown spoiled ass daughters that feel entitled. He says they just don't want to see us go through another argument. Well they have caused most of those but, he would not say so. So what do you do ?

  • Cry. lol. No, idk. Either the man gets it together or we all rot away waiting. Not the child's or adult child fault really.

  • I hearing you ..I have 5 Adult stepchildren ..& 2 Childten of my own ..We have been together now for 18 year ..I meet my husband at the time his youngest daughter was 18 my step daughter lived with us ..Of course we had our ups & downs ..I found as time we would Clash ..It Was hard ..Because we as Adults .Excepted a man to love us ..Also we had to share him with his children ..When we married .I had to also expected the package that came with it ..Now all the kids have all grown into Adults & Hsve there own famies & lives ..Some have been married some did no work out ....My step children also keep in Contact with their own Mother ..Which is great to see ..But my husband & I have had problems with the step children .Thry come to me or there dad ..They don't go to there mum ..I always asked how there Mum's going ..We have to remember as wive's .My husband had a wife & had Children ..& they will forever be a part of his life & mine . I too had children in my marriage in the pass as well ..As he too has to expect my children ..Don't worry I have not had it easy as well ..t times I I felt like leaving the marriage ..I final found & understood .It a different love that we have for our Husband's or wives ..But we must understand A Father or Mother Bond to their Child .is genetic ..But someone else child we grow to bond ...And to build on that solid foundation ..It can take years ..There might need some adjustsments to be made ..But we will be great ..Of course we as
    ..What I do is try & get my husbands children together we all go out for dinner every 6 months ..I do t have Christnas at home with his Adult Child ..We all. Meet at a all you can eat Buffet ..Se go around Xmas eve which works out cheaper ..It's important that you & your husband have quaintly time together ..You both need thst balance & Romance ..Remember don't leave ha g I. There ..Your step daughters s Spoilt princess ..They go home ..But remember you married a life time & your his Queen 👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽

  • To get rid of your stepdaughter for good, constantly talk about your s*x life whenever she's around. Say how good her father (or mother) is in bed and how you guys just love to F**K. Be VERY graphic. Do it every single time she comes to visit. Works like a charm. I did this every single time daddy's little accident came to visit and now she wants nothing to do with us because we're always talking about our "nasty s*x". I couldn't be happier!! You're welcome!!

  • Love it! I
    Might try this though thankfully I set the boundaries several years ago 5-6 n I’m not to be pressure to be around them or for them to come to my home, if they do they use the back door, And they don’t stay very long. Like the help they use back door so I never to seem by me so I don’t have to be annoyed by their presence. Either I get things my way or I’ll hit the rd, he has to make a choice. He chooses me n our child.

  • That's an absolutely disgusting lack of boundaries and bordering on sexually predatorial behavior.

  • I suppose your kids are a f****** accident as well ..Your to I. Waste of space you Fucken sewage

  • I hope your husband sees what you called his precious child, and dumps your sorry a$$.

  • If she cared about DADDY she would respect DADDYS WIFE!!!!! Bible says Wife 💕

  • Wtf ... u show hate... u call her a mistake and then u throw the Bible in there? Are u f****** serious... pick a side b****

  • Really???? U r kidding ? His daughter trying to be the big girl on campus ? Well she can learn to take the punches !!

  • You're a b*****. She will always mean more to him than you do, because SHE is his CHILD. All you are is his current s** toy.

  • To get rid of your stepdaughter for good, constantly talk about your s** life whenever she's around. Say how good her father (or mother) is in bed and how you guys just love to F**K. Be VERY graphic. Do it every single time she comes to visit. Works like a charm. I did this every single time daddy's little accident came to visit and now she wants nothing to do with us because we're always talking about our "nasty s**". I couldn't be happier!! You're welcome!!

  • Yeah, and etched is stone is your legacy of being a total pervert

  • My stepdaughter is such a f****** little manipulative lying b****! Enough that I’m ready to leave her, her mom and her brother!

  • I would love to beat the s*** out of my stepdaughter. Whoever invented the term “beat them like a stepchild” is truly a genius.

  • I have this stepdaughter named Olivia and I’ve never hated Olives before but ever since I met her I hate everything that reminds me of her. She smells like s*** all the time, she’s dirty, crusty, unfeminine, always has a dumb look on her face, has disgusting tangled and dirty hair...looks like she’s been raised by animals.

    All she ever does is ask for presents and expects more and more s***. She doesn’t appreciate small gestures because she’s been taught to be a f****** brat. Ever since the birth of my daughter all I could think of is how amazing it would be if my stepdaughter could just go away and never ever effect us again. She wastes time, takes time and money away from his true family and she deserves nothing. She should have been aborted.

  • You are a horrible person. And you need to remember that your husband's CHILD will always mean more to him than you ever will. All you are is the thing he has s** with. His daughter is his Flesh and Blood. Just remember one thing, when you die, your name CAN be removed from her father's headstone. By her. That's what we did with my husband's step monster. Bought a new headstone without her name on it. It was hilarious. We celebrated her death over dinner.

  • And I'll just bet that if "stepmonster" were alive she would have side two of that album. You sound just like a jealous hateful stepdaughter; you're so overwrought with jealousy and anger that you'd trip over your own stupid self just to diminish a ghost .

  • I bet your father would have lived to celebrate your death over dinner. I would do the same thing if my stepdaughter died.

  • Actually when I die, my daughter will ensure my stepdaughter gets nothing and no say in what happens to her fathers headstone :) since my daughter is really our one and only true daughter. The other piece of trash will also be left out of the will, she doesn’t do anything for this family. She never has, and never will be considered family. So you can be a jealous stepdaughter all you want, it’s because you really do know that deep down, your father never loved you enough to keep your family together. He remarried because YOU were not important and still aren’t important. He’s probably looking down at you wishing you died before he did.

  • Did you earn yourself the role of daughter when your mother spat you out? I dont even want to imagine what one has to do to earn her way into your “real family.”

  • You deserve to have your throat slit

  • You sound like my stepmom!

  • Wow.

  • You also sound like a horrible person. A Step Mother isn’t just someone to have s.. with! It takes work from every blended family member to make things work! People make mistakes and marry the wrong people and have kids from that mistake, that doesn’t mean that kid is a mistake. People can move on and remarry and be happy! But you can’t have one person behaving badly regardless. I know u get nasty step mothers out there, nasty step fathers, SD , SS but come on, to imply SM are just for s.. how wrong you are! Deluded if you think a father can’t love his wife just as much as his kid! It’s a totally different kind of love! you sound like a very bitter, nasty person yourself!

  • Well said. Bravo!

  • You’re a disgusting piece of s***. You are probably one the the evil little f****** disgusting “daddy’s little girl” hopefully you get someone just as bad as you are you stupid little f*******!!! You make me sick for what you said and makes me realize why I hate my own stepdaughter because she’s just as evil as you. You will rot in h*** for what you did!! Ever think that maybe they didn’t want the headstone changed, no because it’s all about you. You’re a spoiled little f*** too and one day I hope you get what’s coming to you!!! Wish I could beat your f****** ass!

  • People like you are the reason I believe in sterilization for the human race

  • Who the f#&* are you to judge someone on their anonymous confession? Probably a butt hurt step daughter..

  • My stepdaughter called me a nasty name once and all I could think of is “wow you’re lucky I don’t want to go to jail because I would love to poison you and watch you die a slow and agonizing death”... my favorite thing to do is watch “evil stepmothers” on investigation discovery because it’s insane how we as stepmothers all feel the same hatred towards these little bratty mistakes. But the worst part is these fathers are stupid enough to feel bad for the little f******, a real man takes care of the family that will one day take care of him when he’s old and the last time I checked, children from first marriages are never the ones trying to support their parents in their old age-they’re usually out doing stuffing cocaine up their nostrils and trying to prove they weren’t a mistake.

  • What are you even talking about? You sound like your brain is blown on come yourself.

  • You're a disgusting excuse for a human being. I can assure you that your beautiful step daughter feels the same about you. His children are his family. Blood means more than s**.

  • You’re most likely an unwanted stepchild. Go preach somewhere else, everyone here hates useless stepkids like you. Just go kill yourselves, seriously....stepchildren are all mistakes.

  • Go kill yourself! so creative. yawn.

  • Not ALL are mistakes. My husband’s ex insisted on adopting a child even though they already had two healthy sons and he’d gotten a vasectomy and their marriage was failing. Long story short. Momma was in an out of mental institutions - got pregnant while in one. Slept with the boys karate instructor and ended up marrying him too and divorcing. They gave my SD to his brother and family to raise until she turned 18 and got married and thankfully moved across country. Her mother married another guy with kids (her third marriage) and 5 kids latter and divorced him shortly. Unfortunately her older (uglier) sister is married to my husband’s younger brother so I always running into her at family events and the B**** ALWAYS has something snarky to say to me. We’ll see here next month (May) at their 2nd son’s second wedding and I’m preparing my own comments to say to her jealous self this time. We’ve been married 20 years now longer than they were married and she hates it!

  • Then why did you marry a man with kids you f****** psychopath??? If my child had a stepparent like you, I would cut your f****** brakes.

  • No it doesn’t, a man can leave his mother and father to die but still take care of his wife. My husband will always choose me over his “family” you sound like an entitled and spoiled f****** stepchild... who’s jealous she’s not the center of f****** attention. Newsflash: your family was broken and is still broken because nobody loved you enough to put you first before their needs. Sorry, that’s the way life goes.

  • Yawn.

  • I have a stepdaughter who seriously is spoiled to death. She visits Chuck E. Cheese like once a month as if it’s her g******* birthday every month, getting whatever the h*** she wants and more. Just because her father feels bad for that little mistake. Not only was she receiving 900 dollars a month just so her and her mother could receive a lavish lifestyle, while we had to downgrade in every single way and ended up losing our nice apartment but she gets spoiled with f****** presents too as if 900/mo and a f****** 2 hour drive visit isn’t enough.

    She won’t grow up to amount to any thing by anyway, just like her mother. So why even keep that f****** thing alive? If you ask me her mother should have had an abortion to save everyone the grief of having to deal with such a spoiled f****** kid. That little b**** treats her father like an ATM and she doesn’t learn the value of f****** money, every damn time she’s at Chuck E. Cheese her father has to pay for her to get whatever the f*** she wants because she’s too much of a loser to understand what those tickets are really for. Her father is stupid for allowing her to be that retarded and hopefully one day he just sees her for the trashy brat she really is. He wastes way too much time, money, and effort towards this brat who shouldn’t even be alive.

  • Oohhh 900$ a month! How LAVISH. Jesus christ you sound backwoods.

  • My husband used to send his ex money for their daughter and she not only didn’t live with her but I doubt she sent her a dime. I had him stop and send the money to his brother and family whom she stayed with. Her mother no longer got a dime. Hahaha. Lazy Wh*** that she was. She cheated on him with their sons Karate instructor and before that got pregnant with some kid after my husband’s vasectomy! She’s always a b**** when we meet cause unfortunately her older sister is married to his younger brother. What was I thinking? But we’ve made it to 20 years this coming May thank God!

  • Memory care much? We just read your bigoted garbage one post ago.

  • It his fault .. Buying his love ..Give her nothing ..Just love & see that huge change

  • F*** that little c*** b**** I can’t stand mouthy kids my step daughter is a f****** b**** too

  • Wish it was legal to just throw them off a cliff lol

  • When I talk to by about this he gets very uoset bc he feels like he's in the middle, so he begins to disapline her more but only bc I'm around. Then it's back to whatever she wants. He negotiates everything with her. She's only potty trained and not using a sippy cup now bc I pushed her father to put an end to it bc she was so capable. His whole family adores her, and I literally cannot see anything good in her anymore. This situation has been about two years long and seems to be getting worse. We spend less time together bc sometimes I need a break from her and he feels that I hate his child, which I do honestly. I've tried to give her everything. Vacations, trips, gifts, normal family outings.  I very much would like a daughter in a house full of boys, but nothing works. I try to meet her at her level or be interested in things she likes or buy her things. She refuses to tell me thank you or sorry, and is only interested in me if she thinks it's causing her dad to give her more attention bc of it. Best part is I worked in a behavioral facility specialising in little kids for darn near a decade...but this takes a toll. He doesn't change his parenting/ doesn't know what to do/ gets frustrated. I'm left feeling crazy for resenting a child and him..but this is not normal or healthy. How a child can be so attention seeking and hateful is beyond me.

  • How can a woman working in behavior health with children be so ignorant and bat s*** dysfunctional? She’s a toddler and you’re talking about her being attention seeking?

  • Sounds like she needs a stiff one rammed up her but that will change her attitude

  • Similar problem. My boyfriend has a 3yr old daughter. I myself have three small sons. 4, 5, 7. Her mother left her very early on, and he has been raising her with the aid of his mother. She's a very smart little girl. Scary smart sometimes. She's very jealous of our relationship. Which is funny, bc we were friends for the longest time before we dated and she displayed the same behaviors. She is demanding, rude, disrespectful and manipulative. Hard to believe bc she's 3 right? She hates me so much, when she thinks her dad's back is turned she will accuse me of hurting her or doing something she doesn't like. Which he has witnessed this to be untrue many, many times. I'm not allowed to do anything for her, or She will scream and cry and say "I want my dad to do it." Even with the most minimal things. She has looked at me before and said "my dad is not here so you don't talk to me" she demands and bosses her dad around at times. She refuses to speak to me. She will tell her dad how she doesn't like me, doesn't want him to talk to me, or me to speak or anything. If I give her attention by ignoring my own kids and my boyfriend then SOMETIMES she will be accepting. Sometimes I try to talk to her about the things she does and her responses are absolutely crazy. She has curses at me, but by and I have never witnessed her cursing before and she will lie when I ask her to tell her dad the truth. She is so mean to other children and truly my children hate her bc of her constant tantrums and how she treats me. My bf held My niece and was helping her walk around before she was old enough so his daughter ran up and pushed the baby out of his hands. And has actually attempted to quietly hurt her before due to being jealous. My family has witnessed her behaviors and dislike her as well. She can muster up the rudest, dirtiest looks I hardly could imagine a little girl giving someone especially unprovoked.

  • SHE’S THREE. Get some f****** help lady.

  • At least you're not as nasty and psycho as some of the other women on this blog. But, come on! She's three! Poor kid. Her mom left her. And her dad has someone new. How about a little compassion! Also, since you're not related to her, using physical punishment for discipline just might be considered assault on a minor. She should ge living with her mom's relatives. Poor little girl.

  • You need to smack the crap out of her punish her and don’t let up don’t put up with that little brats crap and believe me it’s NOT going to stop when she’s an adult it will continue I know my step daughter still causes problems and gets me and my wife to argue if she’s mad about something
    My wife is too blind to see what she’s doing my wife’s ex husband ended up divorcing his 2nd wife because of all of the drama in the house after the divorce the little brat posted about it on Facebook and commented that she got what she wanted out of it she was trying to split them up

  • Yes, beat the child senseless so they can turn out as hateful and sick as you.

  • 'she will not split my marriage up'

    She will if he takes her side.

  • The stress is awful, isn't it? And then - in my case - something just snaps. And the rage and anger and hurt that you feel just coalesces into contempt. I now call my SD "Einstein" on account of her abject stupidity. It helps me control my violent feelings of dislike. Obviously only my closest friends and family know this - I don't use it to her face or in front of her father. Humor helps, believe me. See them - the ex, the daughter - for the clowns that they are. And rise effortlessly above them. Find the name that really nails them. And own it. Good luck!

  • I am engaged to be married on 9/22/18. My fiance has 3 adult daughters that hate me and are not even willing to meet me. The middle daughter has tried to split us up since the day she found out we were dating. She called me a C*** yesterday! I have kept my mouth shut for over a year now, but calling me that vile name was uncalled for. I finally stooped to her level and told her she was a b****. I feel so guilty!!! I have now given her the ammunition she needs to make his family think badly of me.

  • That’s on them. Your fiancé would be cruel to expect you to have contact with those woman whatsoever. When someone is contemptuous towards you just run.

  • Oh well, who cares. Just stay away from them or if you have to be around them be as nice as you can to them. They’ll have already made up their minds about you or not...

  • I hope you change your mind. Marrying my second husband and mixing myself up with his mean awful stepdaughter is the worst thing, the biggest mistake I ever made! I want out!

  • May as well get out while you still can. It will only get worse.

  • That's what I was going to say.

  • Sometimes you have to call them like you see them..

  • Be his part time
    lover when they aren’t around until he is man enough to manage his issues with his grown kids. Don’t marry a man that is hopeful a woman will make his life easier with his kids. You will be miserable! Or just stop being around him when they are coming. Plan trips and make sure they know you are gone. Have your partner invite them over then leave when they get there. Go visit a friend or go shopping and spend his money-making yourself happy!Change your life on your terms! Remember marriage doesn’t fix problems it makes them worse!

  • Bail now before it’s too late

  • Set things straight before you say I DO! Bn down that road but doesn’t bother me because my husband & I refuse to be manipulated. We are 14 years strong! I encourage him to spend time with his children. However, it is difficult because he & I do most things together. They only want to interact with him which i approve of that decision but they’re not allowed at my house because they do not respect me. I think that’s unfortunate but fair.

  • Finally someone sane.

  • I just want to tell you it's only going to get worse. They will be nice to you when they want something. Go to premarital counseling. Set boundaries mark my word if you don't get a handle on this now before you say I do you will regret and resent. I know because I'm going through right now and thinking divorce.

  • Agreed! Sorry to hear. It's so damn hard. I am at a point where I also have to make a very difficult decision. My Step Daughter is with us 3.5 days a week and they are miserable days for me, her and her Father. She has no joy, no happiness, no value, contributes nothing, swears like a trucker, has no friends. It's brutal. I've tried everything, now I just try to find things to do outside of the house when she is here. We can't have people over for dinner, I hate going anywhere with her. It's just brutal. I told her father yesterday, I am not here to wipe the #ss of a 15 year old. That's basically how I feel. Used and disrespected by her. And I told her I was done. She told her Dad and I that she doesn't need to be nice to us, that she already has us and she's only nice to people she wants from. I think she's sick. What to do?

  • Hold the line. You are correct and your husband will back you if he has healthy boundaries. Kids test, act out, do and say horrible s***. Its when they become adults and continue to act this way that we end up reading half the stuff in this blog.

  • I have a stepdaughter that I wish was never born. She was raised to be a spoiled brat who feels entitled to every single penny her father earns. She is an all around dumb and irritating child. I made my husband move 2 hours away so he is only able to see her once every week for an hour. She is not allowed in our home and since the birth of my biological child she has not been able to meet her. I refuse to allow that disgusting waste of life to teach my newborn bad habits and I can't help but wish my step daughter would fall ill and just go away forever.

    I dont even like to use the word "step daughter" because she is no daughter of mine. All she's done is act like a parasite and make snarky/rude comments about me to my face. Clearly she is a lost cause and I can't wait until my husband realizes she is nothing but a waste of time and actually put his full attention towards the family who has sacrificed for him.

    It was worse before I had my biological daughter but now that I have her, my husband spends way less time with his other daughter and I'm much happier. Although I'd be much happier period if he would just forget about her completely and worry about his real family instead of his mistake that he made years ago. Now he works full time and I'm guessing he will never be able to see her which would be perfect because she's already a waste of our money, no need to go wasting our time on her too.

  • Just remember that one day you just might be divorced from this man, and another woman might feel this way about YOUR spawn. What goes around comes around.

  • If I were to ever divorce him neither him or his next wife will ever be able to see or touch my “spawn” she’s worth too much to have a broken family or be confused about who her real family is. If a man leaves his wife, he should leave his children too. Fortunate enough, if that were the case I wouldn’t even need alimony or child support like the many worthless women out there who can’t provide for their kids.

  • If you mean “provide for” by paying for Daycare, food, clothes and medical care while they grow up and a place to stay - ok but remember often after a divorce most women and children are worse off than when married and struggle to make ends meet and new hubby isn’t always so eager to support his spawn while snuggling with his new squeeze. Let’s face some of you in relationships are a result of cheating spouses yet you expect the children and exes to respect you. Good luck with that.

  • Wise words

  • Wow hopefully your husband wakes up and realizes that he is wasting his time on a kid that really wont appreciate it. You are totally right to keep your biological child away from that little brat.

  • And both the bio and stepchild would be right to keep the f*** away from all three of you.

  • I have one right now. Baby momma was trying to trap my bf into getting back with her. And my stupid ass bf f****** fell for it. So these two dumbasses brought this f****** nightmare of a person in this world and now I have to deal with her s***. I know I’m an adult. But he’s a horrible person at 10 years old.

  • I wish there was some island for unwanted stepkids that we could just drop them off at and they can kill each other off like in Hunger Games while watch for entertainment.

  • Omg lol

  • I'm sure your step daughter feels the same about you.

  • She’s 10 and has mental illness but it’s not that bad. But this little b**** milks it. Blames her “illness” as to why she punched her sibling in the back of the head. No kid. You’re just a b**** and you’re gonna die alone. I so wish she wasn’t born or maybe should’ve been miscarried.

  • Gee, Id feel violent and afflicted with a serious mental illness too if I were forced via “family” to be trapped in your house of horrors.

  • YES, I have a 5 year old step daughter that my husband sees every 2 weeks. Even though its like a 1.5 hour drive (complete waste of time if you ask me). That kid is dumb, ugly, nothing but a dirty little brat. Hopefully these kids just die.

  • I find it fascinating that nearly ALL of you b****** call your husbands first child “dumb”

  • I had one of those for 13 years and finally said "s**** it. I'm out."

  • Congratulations I know you will not regret leaving

  • Wow... is she that bad?

  • She would tell her dad "oh wow dad you're going to work to make money for me? I hope you give me lots of money daddy!" because her mom taught her to be a money grubbing w**** just like her. When she used to come over she would always demand to play with my make up collection (it's thousands of dollars worth of make up, I'll be damned if she wastes any more of my money)...she would p*** her pants even though she was potty trained and she would do it on purpose. She is so dumb she can't tell the difference between a boy and a girl. She would never listen to a single word anyone said, you can tell her to stop doing something a million times and she will wait til you are gone only to do it again (even dangerous things like standing on a chair on the balcony). She's a greedy little pig, would always want every single food in the whole house and when you give her something to eat she would change her mind and say she's not hungry and wants something else. She doesn't understand the word no. She would say "You're not a princess you're a witch" when my husband would tell her I look like princess jasmine"...or she says "my mommy says you're not a princess you're a witch" ...or "you better be careful my mommy is going to b**** you out" LMAO She chews on her hair despite countless attempts from her daycare teachers telling her to stop, she puts globs of salt on every single thing she eats (maybe she'll get a kidney stone and die), she would get sauces from food all over her hair and face because no one taught her to eat like a proper lady. She's just a disgusting brat who should have never been born.

  • Sure. This s*** sounds like a great way to target her for all of your anger and resentment. But one of you has a brain that is fully developed and the other one does not. Who’s responsible for taking on a marriage with previous children? Who’s the one who has absolutely NO control or choice in the situation? Your hatred is obviously felt by her and her father from a mile away- but even more so, it’s eating you alive. If you can’t find a way to accept this child then you really should leave before you become someone you hate.

  • Oh...and the answer to question two is THE TODDLER

  • I understand completely the sauce getting all over sounds like when my wife’s youngest son would eat with his hands bbq sauce on the walls light switches the little black baboon didn’t know how to use a fork I was never a prejudice person but after being married to her and putting up with her family bs the N word comes to mind every day now and mind you her family is very racist oops I forgot blacks can’t be racist I don’t like any of them spear chuckers at all but your comment about the kid dying isn’t very nice you should try to think before commenting something like this I’m sure you’re not a bad person I’m sure you’re just frustrated I un

  • The N word, seriously? Why don’t YOU man up and teach him some manners instead of just bang*** some black a** sounds like that’s all you’re in it for. Poor kid doesn’t need a racist, ignorant, entitled j*** in his life like you anyway.

  • I actually do hope she dies, less money and time to waste on someone who isn’t going to be a productive and human being of any worth.

  • What’s more likely is that you’ll die instead. Curse others curse yourself.

  • For over ten years, one of my adult step daughters has been nothing but a b**** to me. My husband always thought she was the one he was closest to and that she was so happy for us, but over the years he has seen her true colors. A few years ago, she told him she wanted a relationship with him exclusive of me. I told him that was just fine because I am done with being treated badly and being disrespected in my own home. I encouraged him to visit her at her house which is only 30 minutes away, go to the birthday parties, the ball games, the school programs, etc but I will not continue to waste my time to go somewhere I am not wanted. But, fast forward a few years, and now my husband has started having her over to our house for cookouts or whatever occasion. She brings the two young kids who never like whatever it is I cook, and she expects me to make something different for them. The kids are bored the entire time, destroy my den, leave their drink bottles and plates wherever, and help themselves to anything in my pantry - usually desserts that I have actually tried to hide. After they leave, there is a trail of trash, food and junk strewn across the house, patio, and porch. My husband just doesn’t get why I think he should arrange these visits at her house. Why should I have to clean up after people I don’t even want in my home? Drives me NUTS!

  • Has your husband made it absolutely clear to her that learning to respect and have kindness for the woman he loves and is happy with is the only thing left his daughter could offer him to make his life better? that it hurts him everytime she is unkind to you?

  • Lack of home training on her part. Unfortunate for the kids. We were always taught to pick up behind ourselves ESPECIALLY at someone else’s house. That’s fundamental!

  • She aggravates me so much that I don't even want to be in my own house and she pretty much does what she wants. She has even gone so far as to get a knife out the draw to her dad when she didn't get her own way.
    He own mother kicked her out of their house because they had a disagreement and the daughter grabbed a knife and tried to slit her wrists for attention right there in the kitchen. Police were called and restraining orders put on.... and then she had to come and live with us.
    She is a manipulating, little b**** who will make your life h*** if she doesn't get her own way.

    When I tell her that she must treat me with respect under my roof, she turns around and sais "This is not your house, it's my dads house, and I will do what I want".

    She is supposed to be moving out with her boyfriend in August next year when their house is built.... he saved all of the deposit and she has not saved a single cent towards it as she claims that he earns more then she does, so she shouldn't have to..... the day she moves out will be the best day of my life!!!!!!!!

    Anyone will similar sitch going on???? Will it ever change?

  • Wow DRAMA. Her behavior should not be tolerated. Counseling or get your own apartment until that s*** ends.

  • Not now but yes when my wife’s kids were living with us her oldest is a total piece of garbage in his 30s and has never had a place of his own he lives with his grandma which I don’t think she minds because she never married she never could keep a man once in awhile he’ll sponge off of a fat white girl with no self esteem and let’s him live with her ya you know the type black boy pants hanging off his ass and of course the stupid fitted hat crooked on his big head with no job does nothing but eats sleeps s**** and plays video games in between impregnating fat white girls so the tax payers like me can house n feed them with the EBT card yes it was pure h*** especially when the oldest was laying around my house and I come home after working a double shift it was killing me to have this dumb n***** leaching off of me at the same age that I was busting my ass working two jobs supporting me my first wife and my son

  • Should’ve raised your dumb fat daughter better. For some reason she prefers black guys even lazy ones over your hard working probably never at home beer guzzling ignorant self - I wonder why? Kids hook up with partners opposite their parents because they HATE them and you using the N word just shows you’re a Hater which you can’t hide no matter how you fake act nice and how MAY JOBS you work. Who let’s their kids bf of gf stay in their home anyway? Sounds like YOU need to grow a pair instead trying to garner sympathetic comments from racist boneheads like yourself. Yeah, it’s the black kids fault you’re a wuss and he’s f****** your dumb ass daughter in YOUR home.

  • My boyfriend hates my daughter wouldn't let her in the house it. was very cold and she told him her fingers were numb he still left her outside I was asleep in hate him for that

  • LEAVE HIM. Or she will never value herself enough to be loved in a healthy way.

  • That’s rotten is she disrespectful towards him though I’m trying to think of both sides

  • OMG!! Reading these comments is almost like I have written them myself!!
    I have a 23 year old step daughter who is never in the wrong and it is ALWAYS everyone else's fault. She is rude and disrespectful and will argue just about anything that you tell her. To make matters worse, my partner of almost 3 years always has a reason for her behaviour and always blames me! The other night the SD called me a b**** and a cow and told her dad that he is not to marry me and if he does, then she will not be at the wedding... she manipulates him all the time and if he ever does put his foot down, she puts on the water works to manipulate him into softening up and giving in to her. He always justifies her behaviour by saying that I have treated her differently to my own son (16).
    It doesn't matter what you ask of her, will always argue with you about it, and then she will go behind your back and do it anyway. When ever I tell my partner that he needs to do something about her behaviour, he just rolls his eyes and sais that she's just a kid......she is b***** 23 years old and needs to stand on her own two feet!!

  • Pathetic. He raised a spoiled brat and now he is still catering to what a 23 year old grown woman wants for him? Where is HER life? she should be moved on by now dating men her father disapproves if not the other way around!

  • You just wrote my story.

  • Very similar situation to yours, except this little b#%*@ tries to manipulate everything with excuses. Excuses for why she doesn't have a job and her and her boyfriend are mooching off of my partner. Every time she comes around and hes not here she brings up all his ex girlfriends, her mother, purposely looking to stir trouble. As of today I texted my partner that I cant take it anymore. They both text eachother while I'm around in the same room as she asks for money and he hides it from me. I've had enough of the secrecy

  • Grown adult children manipulating a grown man out if a healthy adult relationship. It could take a decade of therapy to end that noise. Move on

  • Maybe you should go find yourself a gentleman who doesn't have children.

  • Sounds like a b**** she needs a stiff one rammed up her but to teach her some respect

  • Do you just go along repeating your same comments in every thread. jesus god

  • Right?

  • For the love of God DON'T MARRY INTO THAT! I speak from experience!

  • Omg! this sounds like the exact same situation that i am in! i have a SD well actually 2 SD they are identical twins, i have been in there life since they were 8 in the beginning we were very close they even called me mom. Now they are 13 and the one is totally disrespectful and always try;s to get a pity party from her daddy she puts on the waterworks. she rolls her eyes and smiles right in my face after she has done something wrong and i will tell her father and she will wait until he turns away then does the smart ass smile like yep b**** i just got away with it. i try to set boundaries and try to tell the dad about the games that she is playing and how horrible she treats me but he always says shes a teenager that's what they do, and its u you are to h****** her. um no me telling her to do her chores and take a shower the right way and not s*** and p*** in her underwear and then hide them in her room is not acting like a teenager. she has also told me that she doesn't like me and that she wishes that i didn't live in this house and that she wants her mommy and daddy back together. The crazy thing my other SD is so sweet and kind and tells me that she loves me and everything else. Please help i dont know what else to do, their father and the father of my son is always on her side and never puts his foot down with her i am the one that gets yelled at and belittled when i am the one doing everything for his kids, dinner,laundry,clean there room, by them things everything that a stepmom or bio mom should do but she does not appreciate one bit of it! I am so sick of fighting with my bf over it and i refuse to let her tear my relationship apart!

  • This sounds like normal run of the mill teenage h***. the fact that your a step mother may complicate her behavior somewhat but not enough for you to take it personal. you would be having similar issues of craphood from a maternal child so idk...maybe not so much about being a stepmom but more about Dad wanting to play the good cop resulting in you playing the bad cop by default.

  • It’s too bad that you have a kid with this guy you’re kinda screwed now unless you leave him n get child support then you’ll have him by the b**** you can come back and use that as a tool to force him to set her ass straight

  • Still baffles me how women think that just because they are female, the man owes them something out of it. He's the only one working for the family while they enjoy his hard earned house and spend more of his resources.

  • Don’t do any chores or cleaning up after her!

  • Omg

  • Omg ! I have similar situation, but I’m over it now. She was exactly the same the only difference is she is 14 yo. Yours is 23. My best advice is to not show any fear to her , and stand your ground I know it is hard but no one will ever depend for you , only yourself . I had problems I can only deal wit everything wit her bit when I’m being disrespected, it’s a different situation. So I had to leave for 1 week with my baby, because I got stressed living with them (dad and daughter) for almost a year , I have 7 months baby and dealing with spoiled annoying , disrespectful, name it, all negativity. ... kid that is not even yours , in the house all the time . Is very stressful so I had to leave then for a. Week , when I came back . Everything changed , they couldn’t live without me. Good luck

  • I hate my step daughter.

    She was raised very spoiled. She is very pretty and talented and the family revolved around her and what she wanted to do. They moved, causing her father to basically re-start his business, so she could be closer to the city for auditions. When they would travel as a family, the master bedroom was always given to her and her boyfriend (teenagers at the time.) She went to a private school in the city and they her parents had an apartment so she wouldn't have to take the train back to the house they bought to be closer to the city.

    I came into this mix when she was 21 and knew that she would have a problem with me. And I do understand that because her father hurt her mother and I'm "to blame". I didn't expect us to be best buddies.

    This coming Thanksgiving we had planned for my husband's kids to have dinner at our place. He also has two sons form another marriage. I knew it was going to be stressful but knew how important it was for him to have all his kids with him for the holiday. He let me know yesterday that his daughter would be coming the night before AND that she would be bringing her dog. Of course her father said it was fine. We have three cats in our house. So my husband wants to put the cats in the basement for over 24 hours so her dog can run around the house. This dog, while adorable, is a pain in the butt. It pees all over the place, chews things, is basically a hyper little thing. The thought of having to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for 7 people and have my cats locked in the basement meowing away and a dog running around the house make me want to jump off a cliff.

    I hate being the b**** with my husband but because I said I didn't think the dog was a good idea, I am now the bad guy. And, of course, have been overruled. It should be mentioned that the dog doesn't live with her. She bought it then promptly delivered it to her mother to take care of. Her mother is away for the week of Thanksgiving.

  • Uh WRONG. You’re not the bad guy. your husband is for bending backwards for a grown woman with no manners or consideration. I wouldn’t expect my worst enemy to rearrange their life for my guest dog. this is your husbands issue and id be p*****.

  • You should’ve suggested the dog be kenneled while she visited or refused to do Thanksgiving if it wasn’t. It’s your house too and your husband was wrong to side with his daughter. You just set yourself up to be bullied and double teamed in the future. From here on out refuse to cook/clean have her over for any holiday unless the dog is kenneled. It’ll survive a few days. Good luck.

  • Kudos to you for not being nasty about her. You sound like a nice person. She's lucky to have you as her step mom.

  • Sounds rediculous giving her the master bedroom no wonder she’s a c***

  • And with her boyfriend..please!

  • Any gal in here have any advice on how to get my wife's kids to back off more often?

  • Love. the real kind not the strings attached only when it makes you feel good kind. But above all- a husband or boyfriend that has boundaries and respects you!!!

  • Step kids are just demons. There is no hope of ever having a civil relationship with them.

  • I realized that after a short time even though my wife’s demons are adults now the daughter and her youngest son act nice towards me but it’s fake I know they will and have turned on me but even though if it were genuine I don’t care s**** them I don’t want anything to do with them they’ve already caused enough damage the oldest son is still a pos thief stole over roughly 200 dvds from me ordered over 300 bucks worth of biggie n Tupac rap s*** n adult movies on the cable stole my clothes I wouldn’t p*** on this jigaboo if he was on fire

  • You were a racist hater before you married her and always will be. How’d they get access to your credit cards accounts? You didn’t have the sense to lock up your financial information if you didn’t trust them? Dummy. Couldn’t been your friends who stole stuff or their kids fronting.

  • My wife has three adult daughter's, one married with two kids and the other two in serious relationships with a kid a piece. Me and my wife ended up having daughter together with special needs and what p***** me off is her daughter's are in there 20's and having babies and expecting there mom to be a sitter. There is already 4 in the mix and they want more, we have a daughter who needs her mom too like they had. "T" is the one I can not stand, calls her mom to every freaking appointment she has, like......Mommy can you watch my kids while I go to a doctors appointment? I hate those brats, can not stand them. I wish I met my wife before she those dumb brats of hers came into the picture, if I didn't love my wife I would have left her. They keep fu**ing and wanting kids. Uugghh.

  • What nationality are the babies they are spitting out

  • What? What the f*** do you care?

  • You have no idea how refreshing (and sad) it is to read all of your posts. My stepdaughter makes my skin crawl at this point. I love her, but I do not like her. She is an eternal victim. She would sacrifice any relationship, anyone’s reputation, if it served her in some way or helped her not take responsibility for her actions. I’ve never ever met a more self centered, calculating, manipulating, nasty hearted person in all of my life. She treats her father horribly. She uses people until she gets what she wants and moves on. She’s burned every friend she’s ever had. We’ve tried to get her counseling, etc, but they don’t tell her what she wants to hear so they are stupid. My home has been nothing but peaceful since she moved out. I truly hope she learns some hard lessons and realizes she has excelled parents who have done everything for her, that she in return had abused and hurt. What a first class, grade A, narcissistic sociopath.

  • Congratulations on having you home normal. She’s lucky you stuck around that long

  • With stepkids I learn you just can't win. I finally broke off contact with all of them. I have gone over and above to make them happy but ?&$# it....not worth it.

  • What absolute truth your post makes. Totally resonates. Love her but dont like her and it's hard to how love now.

  • Oh wow, I’m going through this now and I am beating myself up feeling the way I do. I have enemies yet, no matter what I have tried to do to make things work with my SD it’s never good enough. And always everyone else’s fault. I have now decided after 4 fours I will no longer be a part of her life or have anything to do with her and her dad. It guts me but I can’t do it anymore it’s not good my mental health

  • Omg are you now married to my ex husband cause you sure have his daughter for your step daughter! Narcissistic sociopath is exactly what she is!

  • We got custody of brother and sister from coyote in CA (lol) 5 years ago and female has been h*** and I hate being in my own home I am counting the days till 18 (261) Ive come up with my word for her "grifter".. shes stolen $ from grandpa($900) credit card ...lies is nasty and does the minimum when dad asks her to help out..i hole up in our room when she comes home im so happy to read these other womens stories!!!!

  • :((

  • Oh yea PS i have a daughter who is 21 lived with us till college
    (2 yrs ago) dual enrolled in college during last 2 H.S. years and has graduated from Ultrasound college now and is a wonderful helpful joy to be around so i know its NOT ME whos the problem !!

  • Ditto, my own daughter graduated from university (we paid) but my SD doesn’t even have a college degree. She married young and expected us to pay for everything (we didn’t) we did pay for a few classes she took and I suggested we take her along to Europe years ago when we took out two youngest kids (mine from previous marriage) and we had a grear time. We also bought her and her husband a car and now 4 kids and years later she’s still a B**** even though we let her use our beach home after only having it for a few months and me remembering their birthdays and Mothers Day and of course to send Christmas gifts but I’m done. Cause she still treats me like crap and does nothing for my birthday or mother’s day either. She actually sent a gift card with no name no identifying information or card for my 60th and the thing is she doesn’t even get along with her who**** mother either.

  • You again??? With the beach house? f****** h***.

  • Of course not n besides even if it is so what you’re the adult and it’s YOUR home not hers

  • Mine is 31 and her father & I have been married for 21 years .. we have 2 beautiful kids a son16 & daughter 18 both of our children are good hardworking children and very loving and caring . My SD gets everything she wants she just graduated college at 30 & her grandpa pays for her apartment car cell phone .. we gave her our gently used car at 16 and she drove it into the ground . She has never spent more Than 15$ on her Dad for a gift ever !! she expects us all to put her on a pedistel. We arranged a holiday dinner at xmas and invited her to come to exchange gifts I work from home and she called her dad and demanded she be able to come 5 hours early to beat the traffic .. her dad tried to negotiate with her and but she blew it all out of proportion and turned I into a pity party for herself about having to drive 40 minutes in traffic she ended up not showing up and never saw her during the holidays... her xmas gifts are sitting in the closet still ... I have done so much for her over the years and get treated so badly over and over and her father does too but gives her a pass every time .. I have had it I am so tired of it .. being a step parent sucks and I do not love her . I don’t even like the person she has grown into and she doesn’t seem to care how she behaves either her. But we are supposed to continue to forgive bad behavior ... I cannot do it anymore . I love my husband but I am so sick of doing and doing and doing and getting nothing but bratty self entitled behavior in return ... 😡

  • Amen to that

  • Don’t feel guilty s**** her

  • Exactly my situation, except my 23 year old SD will get knives out of the draw if she doesn't get her own way. I physically hate her with a passion. She has another 12 months of living with us until her house is built.... I am not sure I can last that long with her under our roof !!

  • Exactly my situation, but unfortunately step daughter age 23 is still under our roof. So relieving to know there are others in the world going through exactly what I am. She is a total selfish spoiled A hole, but I can try and be patient til the day we are free from the b****. SometimesI feel like I really can't take another day, but then I have some wine and take a deep breath and envision the years to come when I finally get my husband all to myself. It will be so great! He's worth the wait.

  • Phew! Exactly! I’m trying to hang in there...

  • Sorry to inform you it doesn't end when she moves out! My wife is at her daughters beckon call! They talk and text all the time. And she drives her around to do all her appointments. On my dime. She expects her mother to do everything for her. If her mother says no she threatens to kill herself. She is the only reason we fight.

  • And yet what a reason. Your wife is a huge enabler.

  • I know my Sd is trouble too still n in her 30s someone told me years ago it’s not going to stop when her kids are adults I wish I would’ve never married her I should’ve beat all of their a**** years ago n tossed them all out the front door when they first moved in I regret everything so much

  • Poor victimy you. Leave then.

  • My step daughter is one of the only reasons my husband and I fight after 21 years of marriage she still causes issues with her demanding bratty behavior

  • Lolol narcissist

  • Same. Thank you!

  • 24 year old stepdaughter blindsided us at her father's 65th birthday party to say she needs to live with us for a year - beginning in a couple of weeks... She's been living with her mother the last month or so while she looks for a "big girl job" in her chosen field but mom and stepdad smoke. We began creating a bedroom with kitchenette and already had a full bath in our basement. The very first night she stayed in "her apartment" we left her at home while we went to Church and came home to see her coming out of our room. The door is always closed. She gave a ridiculous excuse which her father believes. I'm insisting she stay in her basement "efficiency"unless we're home. BTW - she hasn't spent the night with us since.

  • Sounds like my narcissistic mom. I never leave her alone in my house to long. She actually had the audacity to comment to other family members that I still had price tags on some clothes in my closet. What were you doing in my closet in the first place uninvited?

  • We have a lock on our door. I never leave the house without locking it first.

  • Maybe you'll get lucky and she'll never come back.

  • These girls cannot let go of their daddy’s! What’s up with this? My Dad on the other hand could not wait for us to get married and be on our own! Much healthier!! It seems like it’s a millennial thing .. the days when all these young girls visited Disney, dressed and became princesses and their Daddy’s became their knights in shining armor and it never ended on both their parts! Blame Disney! 😂
    Married 17 years, known him for 22 years and mine is 28 with a kid! Neither she nor her mother have gotten over it and her mother never remarried nor ever entered a serious relationship yet she divorced him!!
    Will not leave Daddy alone! Must call and text him several times a day! I feel for her husband of 2 years! It’s getting worse. He does not discourage it so I have detached totally and feel so empowered.she can try all she ants but will not end my marriage and everything i’ve Worked for!

  • Exactly! This is me. This is my first marriage. We dated six years, and the SD was still going to her mom’s every other week. Then a year before we got married she decided to live here full time. I was 43 when we married. He has the one daughter, now 15, so I have been in her life since she was 8.

  • Amen to this.

  • She doesn’t come by anymore? Thank your lucky stars! She finally got the message!! He’ll get over it!! Sometimes you just need to totally detach and pretend she is non-existent! Good Luck and stick to your guns!

  • Good, wish my wife's kids kids would do the same.

  • She doesn’t come by anymore? Thank your lucky stars! He’ll get over it! Sometimes you just gotta detach and pretend they don’t exist!! Good Luck.. and stick with your guns!!

  • I understand fully. Lord. A maid is treated better.

  • Nasty

  • My stepdaughter does not acknowledge my existence. When her 2nd baby was born, we sent a monetary gift;she sent a thank you note addressed to my husband only (a little passive aggressive?) He did not address this with her at the time and now it's too late. He is afraid that she will cut off all communication with his grandchildren so she is holding him emotionally hostage. It's been 13 years and she and her mother are still not over the divorce - I am not allowed to go to her house with him when he visits (not that I want to be there) but I feel that he doesn't advocate for me.

  • That’s because he doesn’t!! Id be resentful and furious if i were you. but unfortunately at him. he sets the pace on the expectations on how tou should be treated. if he treats you this way then why should they treat you any better?

  • 13 years omg get tf over it I’m sorry to hear this

  • I hate that little piece of trash....Always calling Daddy,Daddy...And her ugly old cougar mother.

  • Hahahaha

  • Just like mine has to be on his ass at all times

  • You should never be around or have kids

  • You haven’t been there yet just wait

  • My wife's kids are always calling.....mommy......mommy I need you. Stupid brats.

  • You should never be around or have kids

  • You are just naive

  • I am in the same boat.... My step daughter is 15, extremely rude and snide, rude to her mother and very selfish..... Whenever we try to intervene on things she shouldn't be doing (shoplifting, stealing from us, stealing from our friends) she just throws a tantrum and runs to daddy..... Daddy is very non chalant with discipline and it all falls back to us because he thinks we single her out with things, but the fact is, there's 4 kids, she is the only one he gives a toss about, but she tries to turn us all against one another, not even being arrested for shop lifting was enough to convince him.... She's ruining our relationship with her ways

  • Daddy is a poor parent and you all are paying the price. including her.

  • I have been around since she was 5/6 and been there through thick and thin , but now being 19 , OH NO Know it all. I can't stand her, she says she has a boy friend but he is just a f*** bunny. ( Essex Area Name Nick, at portsmouth area.

  • Good on you fight the good fight

  • I absolutely can NOT stand my step daughter. She is a 18 year old sarcastic, smart mouth who eats anything that isn't nailed down and refuses to bathe or be clean at all. She smells and is just so hateful and she's just nasty. She has even struck me. I want her out of our lives for good. I can't wait till she's married off and on her own.

  • L****. good luck with that.

  • Would put up with everything but hitting and knock her on her ass if she ever touched me first..

  • Why married just go

  • I hate my fat little b**** all she does is eat everything and her boogers all day long had it

  • Struck you?!?! Oh No... get rid of her yesterday!!

  • I'm going through same exact thing wich has led to devorce because the man ther let her continually do this. Mine is actually worse.

  • She will never be out of your life. She will always need something and will always use the grandchildren as a crutch. My SD is 28 married with 2 kids and can't support herself. I'm so tired of giving the stupid loser money

  • You are a narcissist and you need help.

  • Why because she doesn’t like the little demon

  • Try being tied to a nasty piece of work who wants to break you and your partner up.

  • Married Dad with the same issues. Her kids do nothing but use there mom as a baby sitting robot. We are living with her foster dad taking care of him because when he passes he is giving us the house so we live in the basement with only one bedroom that we give to our one daughter we had together and we have our bed in the living room of the basement, we have a kitchen with sink fridge and stove and a bathroom too, but it's not very big and gets over crowded down there and her three kids always begging my wife to her grandkids. I have no space or room to go to for piece and mind. Only place I have is the bathroom, lol. I feel your pain.

  • Oh god, move out!!!

  • And do you work a job to get your iwn space instead of waiting around for a house? Hmmm.

  • Similar thing here with age and a kid.. known my hubbie since she was 5! Neither she nor her still single mother can get over it nor move on! Pathtic! I detached and CHOOSE not to go there..experience PTSD for days when in her and her self centered husband’s presence !

  • Get rid of his ass you can do better

  • STOP GIVING HER $$! It’s time for her to stand on her own two feet! Kids or no kids!!

  • After reading a bunch of these "I hate my step kid" posts, I actually feel really lucky. My SD was never disrespectful towards me. She's actually a really good kid. Now she's graduated highschool, the biweekly custodial visits are over, and she doesn't come around except holidays and birthdays. Here's the thing that I never factored when I first met my husband, she will always have an impact on our lives. Just because she's twenty and living on her own doesn't mean that we're "done" with her. I think a lot of us need to be honest with ourselves, and by us I mean us step parents. It isn't so much that the kid is making our lives h*** but that the way we thought things were going to be, aren't. I'm a selfish, self-centered person that thought I could manipulate the situation to my advantage but it just didn't turn out that way. I was twenty when I met my husband and his daughter was 4. He allowed her to do whatever she wanted and that drove me insane plus I wanted him for myself. I still want him for myself, i'm being totally honest here. I told myself in the beginning that I just had to be patient and wait 14 years and then it would be over. Now fast-forward 16 years, it's not over and it's about to get even more "not over". These step kids bring their own baggage now at this stage of the game. I have to attend graduations, possible weddings, and grandchildren will be born, and houses will be bought, and all the things that life throws at you as an adult will happen and we will have to be in attendance. I'm sick of attending. I'm sick of pretending that I give a damn. I love my husband so very much and he loves me unconditionally! I feel very guilty that I can't do this one thing that he deserves, to also love his daughter.

  • Yep very hard to do after 21 years of marriage and having my own 2 kids with my husband .. good kids too.. I do not love my step daughter and at 31 she still causes fights and unpleasant sitiuations.. just cause they turn 18-21 etc ...they still impact your life and marriage .. it sucks

  • Blended families suck i would never do it a second time

  • H*** NO!!! Never again

  • The biggest underestimate of my lifetime, blending families

  • OMG I couldn't agree with you more! I have 2 step daughters, both manipulate the crap out of my partner, and emotional blackmail him if they don't get their own way. I will never date another man with kids again... blended families are just way too difficult.

  • Every guy has kids

  • No, they don’t

  • I did the same thing. I thought to would get better once the step daughter was grown but it has actually gotten worse.

  • I agree my SD is 28 and I can't stand the dumb lazy b****. It's a shame there are no laws on having children. Her and her husband have two and use me as a bank because they are so irresponsible.

  • Your the idiot that gives them money

  • Seems to be a thing with the 28 year millineals!!! Unreal how they still need their daddy’s and can’t stand on their own 2 feet even when married and with kids!!

  • Maybe cause you kept telling them they wouldn't amount to s***. so there you are dealing with the s*** you raised lolol.

  • Sounds like that’s what you’ve been told while you were growing up

  • No Way! Stop it immediately! They need to find their own way!!

  • That's such a good point!!! In my situation, I knew that they would always be a part of our lives, but when we first got together and got married we all got along. Now that we have a new baby my two adult SD's hate us/me and that's really changed things. One does still live with us full time and is quite similar to OP's SD. However, my husband (mostly) sees through her BS and is going to be setting some firm limits for her on what she needs to be doing if she would like to continue to live with us.

  • I have told my husband that if he allows his daughter to live with us at all after she graduates from high school, I'm moving out

  • Same here 9 months and counting 261 days ...yea

  • Sad expectations. you should never be aloud around any children. your personality disorder will ruin their future

  • Tosh. Utter tosh.

  • How did your husband react to you saying that?
    My partner sees the stuff that his daughter does and the fights that we have, and then acts completely surprised that I don't want her living with us!!

  • She will be back. Hate to say it. Just move on now it will be less painful and easier in the long run.

  • I feel for all of you and your situations, truly. I have a 23 year old one living with us. I need her out of my house and out of my life! I don't want or need this constant source of irritating aggravation gnawing away at my last nerve!

  • Maybe you should to be told to get out of the house and out or their lives

  • These are grown people. They should WAnT to be out on their own.

  • Get bent. Clearly you have no idea

  • You must be one of those step demons

  • Me too. My nerves are TOTALLY consuming me. So much I can't figure out a way to care for myself. I don't exercise anymore. Just want to hide from it all. I think...someday once she's gone, then my husband and I can FINALLY make a life with each other. We are close to 50, so I feel we need a change ASAP. Get out of my house b****!!

  • She should be out of your house living her own life if i had to deal with my tubby stepdaughter as an adult I would divorce it doesn’t get better she is a b****

  • I'm in same boat

  • I hear you know exactly how you feel.

  • My. Worst. Nightmare. I feel for YOU!

  • I feel the exact same way. 6 years ago I hooked up with my childhood sweetheart. Her daughter was 11 at the time. We had two good years and then she became a teenager. She became rude, lazy, and disrespectful -- not only to me, but to her biological mother as well. She is an attention seeker and is only happy when 1) She gets what she wants, 2) She wants something, or 3) She feels vulnerable. Otherwise, she is a miserable b*tch. It has been a rough 4 years and I honestly can't wait until she graduates college and moves out of the house. I feel so guilty for hating her, but OMG I absolutely despise her. She is a horrible, mouthy, disrespectful, little beatch. As she has turned 18 recently, life will need to teach her some hard learned lessons. I hope she gets fired, loses boyfriends, etc because she has such a horrible mouth. She is so lazy and entitled. No amount of parenting has helped. She is truly a demon and I hope one day she looks back on this when she is a parent and feels some regret.

  • She won’t regret it she’s trash

  • THIS is what concerns me about my SD. She just has no class! I can’t understand it and won’t.

  • You just described my step daughter. She is 18 and is the most entitled, spoiled, selfish, rude person I have ever met. I sure hope college knocks her down a few notches and brings her back into the real world. I hope one day she has a child just like her to give her a taste of what we have gone through.

  • Help me. I have a 32 y/o SD that tries to use me to get things for her 3 Children. 10. 5. & 2 years old. I'm aware that this is a bit different that what you comment was regarding. However she calls me and not her Father due to the simple fact , he ask me while in the phone with her or in person what to want to do Example. She asks him for money for her electric bill and he asks me if we have it or do I think we should give it or loan the cash ...., meanwhile that is a joke because she rarely pays back anything If the bill is $160. She'll pay 25 and say I'll pay you 25 a week until it's paid and we never see the additional money. EVER!!! Or she has things that she NEEDs for the kids. She ask me since she DOESNT want to bother Dad at work. Grrrrrrrrr. This angers me terribly. I feel that the children should not have to NEED the necessary things in life because she and her husband are irresponsible with money. By the way I really love the grandchildren and I have NEVER once referred to them as Step Grandchildren ...... so YEs I'm pretty frustrated with her.

  • Stop giving in to her. Don’t they work? Let the grandkids go without. When they getbold enough they’ll b**** for stuff and it’ll be on mom and dad not you. Duh.

  • Stop handing over $$! They use the grandkids as bait to try to make you feel guilty!! Just say NO!

  • Same boat. I don't work to support lazy adult step children!!! The don't even go to their father, because he is the perfect example of a lazy SOB. Guess the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  • She is very smart to do this sort of thing to you. However. You are allowing this to continue by giving her the cash etc. her father does respect you and ask you for advice.....It seems as though you are strong and you choose to handle most household things. This is most homes and moms also work outside the home as well . So pay direct to the company a small $ amount and say that's all you could spare. Teach her to use the money they get for priorities first auch as THIER CHILDREN and bills. So pay 10$ to that bill and say you'll have to pay the rest. I put a amount online toward that elec bill that you've told us you needed help with and you can pay the balance. She text her like she does you and forget about talking on the phone since you seem to allow her to win when you speak and hear the kids telling their mother they want to see Nana or they want something. And you know you'll give it to the Grand Childeren since you sincerely do love then. Tell her to go online and look or call the company as ask. Your out of the mix and you helped. PERIOD!!!! DO NOT let her manipulation continues and don't give her CASH. She'll tell you she needs 200 when the bill is only 100. Or she says she pays the bill and doesn't pay anything at all You'll be ask to keep paying and of course now she'll have a disconnect notice and then you'll pay ALL of it , so your grand kids have electricity etc. this is a vicious cycle and only YOU can stop it. Done !!!!

  • Yeah, I know how it is. I have a 21-year-old step daughter who walks all over her mother, and her mother denies this. She moved back home a couple of months ago, but she usually stays with her boyfriend at his apartment. She only comes by our house to wash her clothes (hogging up the washer and dryer), and cause just enough inconvenience without staying here often and without paying rent or any money towards the bills. Whenever I complain about it to her mother, the mother turns it around on me and makes it look like I have the problem. We have been married for 10 years, and I am sorry I ever married her. I can imagine when my step daughter has children, I am sure that will just add to the problem.

  • I really feel for you man.I'm in exactly the same boat as you.There was a big bust up today because i was sick and tired of cleaning up after my 23 year old lazy slob step daughter.I do most of the cleaning in the house,particularly after meals.I do all the dishes and wipe all the surfaces down.Then this lazy B**** waltzes in, makes herself food and leaves everything out,grated cheese and crumbs on the floor then dumps her dirty plate in the sink.I lost the head head today and everything got turned around on me.My wife of 10 years even told me to pack my s*** and f*** off!!!

  • It's such bullshit how it gets turned around on us!!

  • Been there done that.... doing the same right now with my deal.... honestly I think it would probably be for the best for me if I did leave. I just can't take her damn daughter anymore

  • Similar situation is mine.

  • My situation is almost the same. This has caused so many problems with my marriage because my wife defends her daughters actions and blames me whenever I say anything. My wife allows her daughter to curse me out whenever I say anything to her and that really p***** me off. Her daughter does not work or do anything and my wife acts as though there is not a problem. I stay gone from home as much as I can so I don't have to deal with this and it is more peaceful for me to stay away. I have gotten to point of telling my wife that no longer want to be married to her because of this

  • My wife has three kids and four grandkids, I had to move from a nice place into her foster dad's house basement because he is giving her the house when he dies. The thing is we have a bathroom, kitchen with fridge and stove. There is one bedroom down there that we give to our daughter, our bedroom is in the living room of the basement. Thing is her kids will be calling all the time, can you watch the grandkids today, or....... can you watch the kids while I go to the doctors appointment. Sometimes I have to step in and say......... we have daughter together yea know, pay attention to her too. Her grandkids get into my stuff as well. My wife gets mad when I suggest her spend more time with our daughter we have together. I even dare ask to move 100 miles or more away from her kids she freaks out. Uuuuuuggggghhhhh just want our space away from her kids. I feel your pain brother, I do.

  • Yes... you should lay it on the line with your wife. Rudeness and disrespect in your own home will not be tolerated!! She either straightens them out or you both go for counseling and or divorce! You should not be uncomfortable in your own home period ! At this point you have nothing to lose but your dignity if You remain submissive to this mess!

  • This is me again man !,I cant believe how many of the things i've read on here are my situation.I have thought about telling my wife the same as you but i wont do it and you shouldn't either.

  • I know how it is, my step daughter (28 years old now) whom I have received disrespect from for 8 years now is a monster and real Ugly on the inside,the stuff she says and demands from her mom is most horrible at times , she cant hold a steady job and always blames the job . Im sure she has some kind of thinking problem.Any way I go out of my way to avoid the b****. There is no guy that would put up with her putried ways. To bad her mom did'nt spank the brat when she needed it growing up,and this one needed it !Well its too late now . I would hope that she would be an outstanding person and be intelligent and kind , there really are some out there , but this one is not and never will be,

  • I drew d**** on my husbands car tonight...with toothpaste...only in places everyone will see but him...he leaves for work in the night..hahaha...I hate my stepson ages 15....all u other step moms can relate...I'm a mom of 4 and a soccer coach, scout leader, pta mom, but 15 yrs of step-bullshit drove me to draw d**** all over his car, and I laughed like I haven't laughed in a long time...😆

  • Why? Work it out, set some boundaries or just leave.

  • This confession made my week:) My 14 yr old stepdaughter lives with us. She is the most entitled, back stabbing nightmare I have ever encountered. She is a Bit%& to my 5 year old son with my husband. She dresses as skimpy as she can around my 17 year old and 12 year old sons, and lays provocatively on the floor with her back arched and midriff showing . My husband is as blind as a bat to what mess is right in front of him, and feels guilt "Because she had a rough life before we got custody of her". He is making it worse! I desperately want her to go live with her mom (who only takes her when it is convenient, and hadn't been involved in her school conferences, Dr/dentist apts, volunteering for sports, etc), but being ever-the -" cool " mom she is, was sneaking her around to see a boyfriend at 13! My husband acts like I am crazy when I am in the throws of an almost nervous breakdown over the past year. God help me

  • You better watch them I don’t want to sound sick or offensive but the 17 yo n possibly the 12 yo just might end up tapping that ass

  • Wish I knew what it was.. the spelling did not come over!

  • I bet it felt good.

  • UPDATE: yesterday my tells the 21 year old don't knock on the door ever again. Your 21 years old there is not one f****** reason why you need you mother or myself for anything your 21 years old grow up - then low and behold this morning I hear foot steps and something like she is knocking on the door or dropped something big on the floor - she's just a b**** that needs to be dealt with

  • I have two step daughters, they are the spawns of Satan. I can't wait to be rid of them. Yesterday the 13 yr old is sitting on the Computer up until 5:30 pm
    Then my Wife comes downstairs & says the 13 year old has to be at school at 6 for a some kind of function. So the 13 plays around, I'm in the drive way at 10mins until 6 - we get to the school late, I still don't know what's going on a play, a meet and greet with the Teachers - I haven't a clue ..then my wife says she doesn't feel good and wants to wait in the parking lot...Noooooo, I'm not waiting in the Parking Lot ..we go back home,then my wife has no idea when the function is over...we go back to the school, find out its over at 7:45 , then we come back home and my wife asks her ex to pick up the child since nobody knows what's going on ...then we get home and the child is mad because "she says I left her up there" well, miss prissy if you had any idea what you were doing or even that you had to be at school at 6pm ,..I should be p***** that's the only person that should be p***** ....then my wife also has a 21 that knocked on our door first thing this morning looking for her clothes ...listen little 21 year old, do I wake you up when I can't find my clothes NO...so, leave me the h*** alone ....these are two of the lightest stories I could tell, one night last week the 21 year decided to bake a cake at 2am in the morning ...I go to the kitchen and she has an entire mess made and it's 2am and her and her BF are standing in the kitchen baking a f****** cake, of course I cursed them all out and the BF left.....again mild stories, I'm contantly flushing toilets,wiping off sinks, putting dirty dishes in the dish washer, etc etc.....some of you may think that's natural, my Wife is too lazy and co-dependent to correct it .
    At 13 and 21 I had chores at that age, but their mother and their Dad
    Don't correct..

  • The only way you will be rid of them is to leave. Hard to accept, I know, but it's the only way to be rid of them.

  • True... if it’s really bad leave because it got worse for me after even with her marriage and becoming a new parent..You and your spouse will become even more divided.. unless you really become good at detaching!!

  • I completely understand. Your not a maid to be treated like dirt at all and that's unacceptable.
    I'm with my partner he's 36 I'm 25 he has full custody of his kids one is 8 and other is 11
    The 8 year old bites scratches spits at me even if I do all for her I cook clean play with her. She bit my knee like a dog and it was gushing blood she cried cause she was caught I bit my tongue.... she lies she manipulates she does so much drama like her bio mother her mother allows her to do so, her mother stole money, doesn't pay custody, causes s*** in the kids schools, causes huge problems with me even if I don't even see her cause the dad my partner takes them to see her on Wednesday and on the second weekends (forth night) and the daughter has been saying bad s*** about me even if I would play with her for 2 hours and more let her use my hair stuff try and try to engage oh yes
    The bio causes a lot of problems she made me cry and breakdown I told my partner I don't want to ever want to get close to your daughter for a while from her s*** she lies through her teeth and looks exactly like her bio c***! The boy is autistic so the bio c*** doesn't care for him at all and even on weekends when she has him she doesn't give him his medicine! He listens to me at least....
    I hate my partners daughter..... she would use my stuff without asking me... the bio c*** married with a new man and has kids causes problems everyday not a joke..... tells her daughter to lie and say s*** to the counsellor in school ( cause she wants full custody of her stupid daughter but that will never happen to say bad things about her dad)
    And she told her mum "yes mum I told him what you said." I heard it and her dad......
    I swear it's like h*** on earth. This makes me not want kids. Only place I can vent. My partner said he wouldn't do what I do or be in a relationship with anyone who has kids... ha so I'm a stupid woman for being in one then.... never thought a child could scratch my belly and scar

  • I feel your pain! I'm constantly cleaning up after my fiancées 3 filthy children who are not appreciative at all. The 11 year old girl thinks she is the queen of the world and says "I can do what ever I want". I can't stand he talking back everyday and ignoring me when I tell her to do chores. Her dad lets her get away with everything.

  • You set the rules and guidelines in your home and tough if he does not like it..

  • And how did all these Evil Step-kids get to be this way? I have two step daughters and they both are spoiled ass brats!! Look no further than their parents ....

  • Sorry, but it is not always a problem with the parents. We are very good, very firm, very strict parents and my step daughter is an absolute b*tch and demon. I absolutely despise her. We have tried everything, but now that she is 18, life will need to teach her some lessons. I can't wait until she is out of the house for good.

  • Its their bio parent who has instilled these bad traits not us step parents as is confirmed because OUR bio kids are GREAT so WTF ? ANY REAL SUCCESS ...ANYONE ??? HELP US !!!

  • Agree! My husband has 2 daughters, both in their twenties, and while he definitely had some guilt after his divorce he always set limits and had clear expectations. They honestly didn't become little b****** until my husband and I had our son 2 years ago. He never ever gave off or did anything to seem like we were replacing them but they just couldn't handle it.

  • I have a step-daughter who is over 50 years old and wants to make visits with us on some holidays, super-bowl Sunday, etc. I don't mind seeing her maybe two or three times a year, but I believe she plans on dropping in whenever she feels lonesome. The point is, she really does not like me and I do not trust her nor do I care for her ethics. She is a very under minding person (has done some terrible things to me & my side of the family in the past 5-6 years), and some of us are not forgiving her for her dirty deeds. How do I let my husband know (her step-father) it's OK for her to visit, but staying over night is not something I want her to do every time she comes to visit. I told my husband I think she needs to get a life, and find others to visit when she gets lonely. She lives in the past and is a very negative person, plus, her morals are not very high. She may be trying to woo the guy she use to be engaged to from his current girlfriend (who we are friends to), and I don't think that is a decent thing to do. How to I tell my husband I really don't want to see much of her, without causing a problem between us? He is so easily fooled by her and thinks she does harmless things.

  • You can't. If you try to put a wedge between them, in any way, it will blow right back in your face. The child will always win.

  • Also one CAN and has the right to set rules and limits in their own home!! Do the kids pay the bills? No!!

  • So true! However Karma is a b****!!

  • My step daughter has shunned me and refuses to even acknowledge my existence. But she sure does accept the benefits of me such as a place to live, food, internet. In reality she could care less. I bet if the house was on fire she would rather burn to death then ask me to save her. I would save her anyway but I bet should wouldn't even thank me for saving her life. I've brought her over from another country and treats me like crap. If it wasn't for me the mom son and daughter probably be homeless living in the slums. What a ungrateful b****.

  • Teach her respect or she’s out!! You can demand respect within your own home!

  • I forgot to mention she dropped out of school and sits around and does nothing like a loser.

  • I hate my older stepdaughter and her biological mother with a passion, they both have Narcissistic Personality Disorder so you can imagine what I was put through, theft of my personal possessions which were of high sentimental value to me, false allegations made against me about me to me which were denied everything was denied - false allegations were denied, physical assault attempted on me by my stepdaughter right in front of her biological father - my husband and and they both denied it to the police who were on scene - lack of evidence - no marks, no bruises, nothing - police believed their lies to be the truth over the truth that I told them, police warned me that if I didn't leave the area or if I did leave the area but came back to the same area again then they - the police would arrest me, my stepdaughter has abused, bullied, harassed, victimized, stigmatized, disrespected me and has insulted me and been extremely rude towards me, shouting at me, calling me swearword derogatory names. Her and her biological mother have done much, much more worse things than that to me, my stepdaughter has a fairly long list of victims - I'm one of her victims.

  • I am so, so sorry. This sounds like my life. I cannot imagine that my husband could ever have found another woman to stick it out as long as I have. He has let his daughter & her bio mom run my name through the mud over & over & over again. Sometimes I think the 3 of them should have just stayed a miserable, dysfunctional little trio. I hate everything about my present life except my sweet, functional adult daughters and my own boys still at home. My children have never, nor would ever do that to him. I fed her when her mom wouldn't , I put her in dance lessons, counseling, tried to boost her esteem, to have my heart crushed and my time taken away from my own children. I HATE this girl more than I could ever convey. She makes me feel nervous in my own home.

  • I feel the same way mine is greedy she hides food that i buy she rude to my daughter and says things that are hurtful. I absolutely can not stand her you talk about lazy she takes lazy and nasty more like filth to a whole new level.

  • Plus, stepdaughter and her biological mother are extremely jealous of me and they are both insecure people, my stepdaughter views me as competition, is in competition with me, fiercely competitive in conversation towards me, does point-scoring and oneupmanship in conversation towards me, copycats me, she wants to be me, she tries to have the focus of conversation on herself, she tries to make the subject/topic of conversation to be about herself and if it isn't then she turns the conversation back around back onto herself so that she is the topic of conversation again and so that the focus of conversation is back on herself again, she tries to make everything to be about herself all of the time, so that it's all about her all of the time, she loves the sound of her own voice.

  • This is exactly my stepdaughter. She constantly talks about herself and tries to steal the glory of anyone around her. When my 11 year old son (who is very talented with soccer) was invited to play on a 13/14 boy's team, then my stepdaughter interrupts and says "My friends all think I should play". Today its karate. "My friends think I should do this". 2 weeks ago it was "My friends think I should do competitive cheer", and finally 3/4 weeks ago it was "My friends think I should try out for basketball".

  • Boy can I ever identify with that one! Wants more kids to even out the number of grandchildren I have between my own children.. Never ever asks how “we” are.,either
    . Have to have dinner with them soon..Fake time!! Ho Hum...tired of hearing about her life and what Daddy can do for her this time. Always has something in the works! Loves to throw out zingers!! I’m ready!!!

  • Oh yes your comments do ring true. In terms of SD needing to always be the centre of attention and in a very weird way I feel she flirts with her father constantly and it really makes me uncomfortable. She doesn't have friends and isn't interested in boys so is 100% dependent on her father. AT my wits end to be honest.

  • Yup she’s competing to get even with you and wants Daddy all to herself!! Not even an eventual spouse in her life will stop that!! It’s an Oedipal complex! She needs to get a life and move on! I would make things subtly very uncomfortable for her.. catch her off guard a lot.. be creative and outsmart her! Alway be one step ahead!!

  • Good advice!

  • Listen to this.. mine pumps her b****** in front of her Dad! Turns her back and takes off her top, attaches things and covers but you know what she’s doing!! Very seductive and suggestive. Told hubby he needs to go fir a walk when she does that! Me.., I up and leave!

  • You sort of sound like the traditional "evil step mom" from your post. Maybe YOU are being competitive. It's not easy at any age for a person's kids to see their parent with someone new, ESPECIALLY if they think you're vying for his/her attention. Don't forget that the bond between parent and child is thicker than anything else, and if you put your partner in a position where they have to choose, don't plan to be the one that's chosen. Maybe some compassion for someone half your age with half the life experience would help. It doesn't sound like you make an effort to let things go and be the bigger person, for the sake of the person you love.

  • I don't think you're right about the bond thing. It is working when children are little but for an adult person it is different. And to choose your wife rather than your adult and not too much loving daughter is very possible.

  • STUPID COMMENT! These daughters are spoiled rotten brats and its dads fault for that! U can bend over backwards for these spoil adult kids and get no where. SURE blood thicker than a relationship--but these daughter don't care if dear o dad is happy---he needs love someone his own age to hung with--not some silly kid that his daughter with no life she made for herself. ITS NOT HIS PROBLEM--ITS HERS--SHES AN ADULT!!!!

  • TRUE!!!

  • Lots of daughters are also SPOLIED ROTTEN to ruins for life by there single parent moms who are meaning to do well but have no man relationship to help balance the natural course of life,so mom and daughter bond and it ends up mom buys and spoils daughter,making her a disrespectful monster and never ever needing a man woman relationship , and if the daughter ever gets pregnant some how her off spring will be more of the same unfortunately.

  • I met her and her biological mother in christmas time of 2005, they started abusing me in 2006, me and my stepdaughter's biological father got married to each other in summer 2006. These two women started abusing me after me and him got married to each other in the same year of 2006. My older stepdaughter and her biological mother are f****** c****. I hate both my older stepdaughter and her biological mother with a passion. It was me who made the other two comments directly above immediately above this comment which I'm typing/writing now.

  • Ugh.. I have TWO horrible step daughters. I don't even consider them step daughters to tell you the truth. They are both adopted out of Korea. I have NEVER heard such potty mouths in all my life. 21 and 18 years old.
    They are not allowed in my home. (our home) If the oldest one EVER steps on our property i will call the police. She has called me every evil word you could possible think of and i have done NOTHING. She is just upset that I took her daddy away from her along with all the money he used to give her. Same with the younger one. Then I'm dealing with the lovely mother-in-law too. I took her son from her so she treats me like s*** too. I hate that my husband is in the middle but he could put his foot down but is afraid too. It is so strange to me.
    If my daughters treated and talked to him like his girls did to me, I would not even talk to my daughters til they apologized to him. I am really struggling with this. : (

  • I,so,understand this. I'm the stepfather. My step Monster daughter ruins my home life and my marriage. Been married for 12 years. Been with this 21 social misfit for 18 years. She is a B***H to me, her mom,her dad and her step mom. She is a mess a drama queen and is a social misfit as se only knows how to be on Snapchat 24/7. She has everything. Car, $70k a ear school, vacations, clothes, jewelry. Because her dad buys her. I dread when she comes home for a break or a holiday. I dint have the guts to tell my wife I don't want her here in my home when she graduates. She is the most inexplainable unappreciative little B***h I ever have met. She doesn't say hi. Is incapable of a conversation outside of her friend gossip, if you can get her away from the phone. I have given her my all,.. she has never given me one thing. I can no longer stand to be in the same house with her, let alone the same building. It is now ruining my marriage. For the first time. I want out. Life is to short to spend time under stress day to day and be in a bas marriage because this B^^^^H can't appreciate what she has and what I gave to her. Instead she s**** on me at every moment. I truly hate her. I really don't know what to do. Holidays are so stressful. I'd rather go to a bar then be near her.and I really don't drink I am losing it.

  • I totally relate to your feelings.

  • P*** the B***H out and take the cash back and more for the cost to your emotions.

  • Geez, I have exactly the same situation. I am here in the bedroom pretending I am sick so I don't have to deal with my stepdaughter and the other two stepchildren but the youngest one is the worse
    Like you I want out.
    She is loud, lazy, spoil, she is the miniwife.

  • Yup. I stay in my room a couple hours after waking just to prepare myself for what lies on the other side of the door...

  • Kick them all out! It’s your home and you should not have to hide in it!!!

  • It's my situation. Can't stand to stay in the same house with TWO 31 years old daughters of my husband. I'd rather leave him.

  • Oh I empathize with you. You're not a bad person because you hate this piece of work. You're a human. That you hate her shows you're capable of love. Has she not betrayed your well-intentioned efforts? Perhaps even your love? Rhetorical question. My stepdaughter is cut from the same cloth. I killed her with kindness. That made her machinations apparent to all.

  • Punch her in the head and she hits the ground kick her in the face :)

  • Hate her greedy fat little face so disgusting how can he think she is cute gagging

  • My SD is A spoiled Adult brat, that I found out the hard way ,after she got all that she could in help, transport, because the twit won't learn to drive, we run a home biz and could not drop what we were doing to give her a ride to the mall and wait for her to shop, I was told then to get the F out of het life, she is is a user, she only calls her Dad when she wants something she is 27 years old and he can't seem to stand up to her or her brother, it's like he's afraid of them. They have said horrible things about me, things if it were turned around would never be tolerated, he has never defended me! One time he said I feel like I have two masters. I said I'm the wife she's the daughters there are no masters. Now they just want to pretend like all the using and ugliness never happened ,Ha! We have been together for 8 years, The brat wants me out, but , I'm not going, I can tell it's hurting him, he wants everyone to get along. This twits don't understand boundaries , the brother threatened to kill us, we moved, she thinks she should know, that is never going to happen. She's toxic spoiled and her own problem!

  • My step daughter is in her twenties and I tried for 12 years to be a good step mother, even taking her in when her mother no longer wanted her living there. She has lied, stolen and done nothing but treat me like dirt. She is obsessed with her father, has ruined birthdays, wedding anniversaries with nothing but spite. My husband has done nothing to address what is a serious problem, that eventually has led to the breakdown of our marriage. My advice, don't put your own needs to one side trying to do the right thing. Put your relationship first, don't put up with bad behaviour more than once. I wish I'd have put myself first from the start, realised it too late.

  • It isn't just step children. I have a 22 year old son. He called and asked to spend, I can't get rid of him. He got mad at his dad and put about 15 holes in the wall with a knife.

  • Felt relieved somehow that im not alone having this kind of predicament. Been a step mother for 4 years now and things are getting more difficult. Husband has 3 kids from first marriage. It was tough since the beginning but manage to somehow deal his spoiled,rude,very messy kids. It was kind of bearable since they are with us every other week. It is very chaotic everytime they are around..stressful as i do everything at home (husband help a little) indeed they are A handful. One week will passed and then i would have one week to re charged and re gain back energy and prepare for the week they are coming over again. Its a h*** of an
    Exhausting routine and most of the i wanna give up. This year..my nightmare happened in reality. My eldest SD which is 16 suddenly decided to permanently lived with us. She is the one who resents me since the beginning. My husband cant say no as she is the daddys girl! The moment she move in is the start of my agony. She is narcissistic! But will not admit it. She NEVER help at home even his father asked her often. She only thinks about herself and what she wants and needs. I wash her clothes for her. Fold it neatly for her but despite of it we would always tell to pick it and put it in her room (her room being the dirtiest,unorganized i have ever seen). There have been so many frustrating scenarios involving her and i would be needing some serious long hours to enumerate them all. Bottomline now is that im so unhappy and often times would think of going away and end our marriage. I love my husband but im very miserable and depressed all the time. I hope to get some advice and hopefully come to thw the right decision. Im glad to be able to breath this out without being judge

  • I'm at that point too.. My SO is a "Disney land dad" and his 17 year old daughter is lazy and manipulative.. he said if he had to choose between her or me he'd pick her and I'm like.. I never asked you to choose? I haven't done anything to the girl but he's upset that I don't go out of my way to make time to spend with her 🙄🙄 I wouldn't date another man with kids.. ever.. especially a Dad that feels guilty from his divorce and lets his daughter get away with everything

  • Punch her in the face

  • Uuugghhh!

  • Her father should be able to go see her where she lives. she should not have to invade your space and peace to see her dad.

  • Step kids are horrible people! I have 2 that act like the spawn of Satan........ oh wait........ they are the spawn of Satan. Their mother is just as bad if not worse than them. Freaking losers!!! I seriously hate both of them!! Completely!!! I wish they never existed!

  • Lol I hear this, I'm SO tired after finally kicking off after 5 years of lies, threats and abuse from my 35 and 37 year old step kids. It's a complete joke and I'm too tired to even list all of the nasty stunts they have pulled to destroy me, but I have flipped and told her my gloves are off . My husband suffered a major stroke 5 years ago, has had falls and now a fractured hip, is diabetic and had 2 nasty foot ulcers that threatened amputation. I have got him walking again, after saving his life, his home and done everything for him. I am his full time carer and considering what he has been through, I've done an amazing job, meanwhile his kids have made our life H***. All I can be thankful for is that my husband is not blind to what they have done, and is on my side, even accepts that it is indeed time I kicked off and fought back. So I have but what a pair of twats to put their father through this while he is struggling so badly already.........I f****** hate the pair of them and god help them if we are ever in the same room again, I will wipe the floor with them completely and told them so too. From what I am reading though, I am lucky that my husband DOES support and defend me, god bless him for that otherwise they would have destroyed me and my marriage. Karma is a b****.

  • Ya you are lucky. Because my situation my wife blames me for trying to hold the step monster accountable.

  • Damn! I feel like your talking about how my life is. Should I tell her that's it! No more! F*** off!??¿?

  • This post and the comments have helped me and I thank everyone. Although most of the step daughters discussed here are in their 20's. My step daughter is 12! She has beaten up while my husband stood by, she covered me in bruises because I asked her to take a shower, she attacked me with a ice scrapper because I rode with to pick her up from her mothers, she threatened to grab my kitchen knife in the middle of the night and slit my throat because I sat in the front seat, she has lied to my husband about things I have said and he screamed at me to the point she was scared for my life and came clean about the lie. She has a therapist come to the house 3 days a week and we see a family therapist once a week. I have a demanding job and kids of my own. I am done putting time and energy into her and her father. My husband is trying to change but I need to protect me and my family.

  • Get out of that marriage you and your children come first!

  • The next time she is abusive call the police. Don't put up with being abused. Let them take her to a mental health facility and put a no trespass on her. I am a therapist. Do not tolerate her behavior or they will escalate.

  • Two large ice blocks in a sock , no evidence to show apart from sock :) .

  • You have to get away from now. This is not going to get better anytime soon. Start a new life you deserve a shot at being happy.

  • Amen

  • Run

  • Run.

  • Well my 25 year old step daughter has lost her daughter for the second time and she is in recovery so they say. She is rude, self-contained, and greedy. I hate the person she grew up to be. She will has destroyed my marriage. I'm to the point I don't even care anymore all I want is me whole and out of this crazy brats grasp. If it wasn't for my love of my granddaughter I would have been long gone. What ever this brat wants she gets I have tryed for 17 years to try and show her mom and dad what she was turning into. No good they don't see. It's to late to turn this little monster around

  • I feel your pain. It ruins my wife's and my friendship, our holidays and our house is becoming a depression zone it is a beautiful home physically in a gorgeous town. I'm lucky with my house, town etc. We are spoiled I would say. But my wife and I appreciate our luxury. My step daughter? A self centered brat. She has zero social graces and continues to treat me like crap after 18 years and she gets of on pitting my wife and I against each other. I can't imagine any man wanting to be with her she is so odd and high maintenance. She knows three things. 1. Snap chat and texting. 2 how to spend her daddy's guilt money. 3 how to talk about her and only her problems and only with her mom. She Tate's her dad , step mom and me and her mom like crap. (Her mom the least) she takes all of her insecurities and reflects them back upon everyone else in a arrogant, dismissive way. Her donversations are one sentence answers between cell phone texts and Snapchat. I vomit thinking of her and want to move out of my house. She ruins every family event, every holiday - every day for me. Yet she will call or text me 6X a year if she 1" needs to know where her mom is, 2 needs help or money. She has it all. I'm too afraid to ask her to clean the dishes she is that much if a self centered brat and I never know when she will attack. Oil and water we are. Ugh. I want out of my marriage now, as allmy holidays are ruined I Sino,y hate her.

  • OMG! The first part of your is mine too. Spoiled rotten only child with a toxic mouth. Rude as all h***. My approach was different though. I choose to ignore her with a vengeance.

    At first I tried to be friends with her. I spent 10 years working on it. Every other week I'd be saying, "hey, let's go see her, go to dinner." We took her on vacations, sent her on own bday vacations, picked her up at the airport at all hours. Yet, she remained surley, bitchy and unappreciative. I am not like that so I have never treated her unkind, not once.

    Despite all my efforts, I finally decided she really wasn't worth it. She isn't someone I would ever consider befriending save for the one important fact that I really love her Dad. Now, when she comes over, I leave. I leave the room or the house depending on how I feel at the time. I will only tolerate minutes with her which depends on the holiday or my husbands bday.

    At family functions I don't talk with her at all. Interesting to note that after avoiding her for the last 10 months, she came up to me last week at a family gathering and said she liked my hair. After 11 years of snarky remarks, she says one nice thing. She thinks I am that dumb to fall for her false words. No honey, no I'm not.

    Her Dad and I had a talk about her a year ago. I told him she is the kind of person I have worked all my life to stay away from. He understood, as he has said over the years, 'I know why she doesn't have a boyfriend and why she isn't married. She's too much of a b****."

    Yes she is. But not around me.

  • I can totally relate. I can't be around my 17 year old step daughter. My wife is a good mother, but I can't tolerate my SD's total disrespect and rudeness toward both of us. When she is in our space, I leave the room and watch TV in the bedroom. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. All my SD cares about is herself. She is lazy and rude.

  • OMG! My annoying 19 year old SD is coming to our house to stay for a week. She never wanted to come on visitation or call her dad and now all of a sudden she wants to STAY AT OUR HOUSE!!! She is rude, selfish, LOUD, makes snide remarks and damages my property. AND she acts like "daddy's little princess". She sits at the kitchen counter with her feet up on the bar stool, "Daddy I want sliced fruit with whipped cream....can you bring it up to my room?!!" I don't want her here. AND she is going to have free reign of the house during the day while we are at work!! I am not comfortable with that!! I feel like she is an enemy that is allowed to roam freely in my house!! UGGHH!

  • This is exactly me and how I felel. Thanks for sharing. Oh My God! This is so accurate. I leave the house and won't go to events with my family anymore because I hate her so much. I would never be friends w her... ever. I just want out of the marriage now, the house and I don't want to compete with her rush dad who doesn't like her either but buys her. Ugh. I can't stand it anymore. Help

  • Same. You hit the nail on the head. I would never be friends with my SD in real life. She is so toxic, I hate being within five feet of her.

  • This is exactly me and how I feel. I would rather out of marriage too than to see them - SDs.

  • Just been married a year and my wife`s daughter is a 22 year old spoiled b****. She just demanded a new car because she abused the s*** out of her old one. She has no respect for anyone but herself and only shows up when she wants something. I want to tune this arrogant spoiled b**** in, but my wife won`t let me. Her tuition and rent are paid for so she should be lucky she is not riding a buss like most other students. Parents you are not teaching or letting your kids grow up by giving in to their demands.

  • I know how you guys feel. I tried to make my relationship with my narcissistic evil step daughter work, but it's impossible. I am so tired of her using me to watch her son and her father allows her to disrespect me. I've had it with the two of those ass hole's.

  • My 32 yo step daughter cut her father out of her life 10 years ago within a year of me coming into it. I met her a handful of times that first year, and then 8 years later we were invited to her wedding. Of course, she only wanted the check, and returned to total avoidance of us immediately after it cleared. She has since had a child and not allowed her father to see the baby, claiming it is because she hates me. We sent a gift with a check enclosed, but the spiteful thing returned it unopened. I gave the stuffed toys to my neighbor's little girl, and will use the money she didn't want to extend our vacation a full week. While I am on the beach sipping my frozen marguarita I will think of this fool, and laugh !

  • Glad there are other people that know how I feel.

  • I have a 10 year old (stepdaughter) who acts like a 18 year old, smokes cigs, disrespects any family member and rules, so since I own my house, she is no longer welcome in our home

  • OMG, she smokes? Wow.

  • God I totally understand where you are coming from! I have a 19 year old who lives with us and treats me the same way! Her and sister have no respect for their dad who just lets them get away with everything. After 5 years I've f****** had it! We are moving away so I can get rid of her! But she continues to manipulate and be a selfish b**** I'm done with this marriage!

  • Your husband is as manipulating as your step daughter.
    Girl, if you don't stand up for yourself and your dignity, nobody else will. And remember:

    Takers do not have limits.
    But you do.

  • Step child is so ugly and fat and dirty I hate her HeLp

  • I love your advice very well said I have been tormented buy my fiances 40 year old daughter yes she is 40 you would think with an 11 year old son of her and she would have a life however her life revolves around her dad she has made me miserable talked about me spread rumors about me and is very fake and phony to my face which she considers her being nice enough is enough and you're right if you don't stand up for yourself nobody else will thank you

  • I feel your pain! My fiancees daughter is 20 and the rudiest most disrespectful girl I ever met! I have no children but I have 5nieces and 4nephews who I'm extremely close with and became a aunt as a young teen since I have siblings a lot older then me. I have never been disrespected by any of them ever because their parents would never tolerate it!! This girl was so nice in the beginning until I moved them in to my place . She was beyond horrible!! Kept on bad mouthing me on social media too. I finally had enough and kicked her out after I warned her that if she did it again I wouldn't tolerate it. Its sad to say but she is the result of bad parenting. But I won't tolerate not being stuck up for or her disrespecting me. That is abuse! Stick to your guns and take no crap from her!!

  • I had the same issue recently, exactly the same only with TWO little b****** and here's what I did with very successful results so far:

    First I told their father that in our house, WE are number ONE, that I want to have a MAN who respects me and honors my place the same way I do with him. If he doesn't educate his 2 daughters correctly and in a way that they don't go around hurting people is their problem, but if that is dragging me and my daughter, then I would have to put them in their place. I told him that it was not a request. It was a warning. And let him very clear that if he doesn't take control and MAKES ME take over my own place, then I will not only be extremely mad at them, but only AT HIM for making ME acting like the witch after his cowardness.

    Well, it happened a few weeks later that I was talking and as usual, they started to mock me and laughed so rude. I suddenly stopped talking, stood up in front of them, watch them directly into their eyes and told them in a very firm, strong voice (NO SHOUTING):
    Do you two always laugh at people when they talk? Don't you think it's misbehaving and very rude?
    Then one of them did what they always do: tell that they were not mocking and bla bla.
    Then I raised my voice, didn't let her finish and told her very loudly:

    Well missy: in THIS house we respect everyone and expect the same respect back. I am NOT your mother, or your maid and I have NO REASON to keep up with your s***. If you have been raised to think that at your age is normal to go around hurting people and behaving like little b****** is your problem but certainly not mine. Therefore, you two apologize and make sure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN in MY house, or the door is quite open.

    Then I saw my husband to the eye and told him:

    And if you're not willing to respect your wife and your home, the door is quite open for you too.

    Plop! End of the story.

  • You did the right thing. We were at a buffet and because my stepdaughters a tall skinny scarecrow. I am a more curvy medium size person and I said I'm very hungry and saying hungry hungry hippo. Can't stand her or her siblings and especially her ugly ass scarecrow mom

  • You sound SO great at resolving conflict.
    Way to go - be an authoritarian - because that's SO respectful of you too, right?

  • Nobody is required to babysit grown stepchildren. If you don't know how to behave, then have no expectations of being invited in. Hit the bricks, kids (and dad, too, if he can't step up). Such is life :)

  • I hate my stepdaughter too, she's also 23. I met her dad when she was 12, married when she was 14. I was hoping it was hormones and she would come around but she has only gotten worse and more like her piece of s*** manipulative mom. Who BTW has never even paid a dime in child support. Yet she expects ME to do her hair for free. I am going to start charging her entitled ass!! Sorry for your troubles.

  • I have a 27 year old stepdaughter that is a brat. she treats her dad like crap and only thinks of herself. she posts pictures of herself constantly on facebook. I think she is narcissistic. he posts things about having daughter and loving her and she never even acknolwledges it or likes it.

  • Sounds exactly like my 31 year old step daughter!

  • Does your partner side with the child (adult or not)? If your partner EVER sides with the child, and does not come around the need to put the marriage first, I'm sorry to say it, but you will be tormented forever by your step children for as long as you stay with a partner that sides with the stepchild. That means, if there should EVER be any type of dispute between you and your step children, your partner MUST side with you. If your partner fails to do that, the step child will know that they are winning, trust me, they know. They know that they can divide and conquer. You, whether you realize this or not yet, you know that this step child is fighting you for position and power, and winning, and you resent it now, and will always resent the fact that a bratty kid gets his/her way, and you as the adult gets thrown in the back burner. I'm sorry to say, this torment will never end unless your partner takes your side. If your partner does not side with you against the child, and does not put the child in their proper place by correcting them EVERYTIME, your only, and only option out of h*** is to end your marriage to your partner.

  • I have a very rude 20 year old step daughter and her father very rarely says anything to her. There is always a battle and she knows that we aren't a united front so she takes advantage of the situation. She has only lived with us for one year and three months after she moved in her new boyfriend was having problems At home So we let him move in as well. They both go to college but they don't help around the house and they are not clean people and they donor contribute financially at all. Boyfriend is 21. She is rude and is very passive aggressive with me around the house. She is disrespectful towards me since I have stSrted dating her dad. I married her dad when she was 16 but have been in her life since she was 12. Her mother is s hoarder and a cocaine addict and alcoholic . Her mother also abandoned their home with her half brother from another guy. The half brother lives part time with the grandma and the aunt. It's a sad story but I have tried to help but always end up being the bad guy. She puts her f.... Ed up mom on a pedestL but she has never done anything for or with her and I do everything with and for her and she treAts me like crap. Her father doesn't stand up to her and he doesn't back me up... I really don't wNt anything to do with this little manipatve narcissistic back stabbing person any more. My marriage is great except for her.

  • That's a fact I can say nothing in my own house when ONLY me any my girlfriend pays all the bills

  • I have noticed that all step children are likely to cause problems for a step parent. Some will really act like devils, and some are really sociopathic. The key element to helping step parents is in their relationship to their partner. That's the key element. I repeat, the answer lies in your relationship to your partner, the parent of the step children. I repeat, the answer lies in your relationship to your partner, the parent of the step children. In other words, it doesn't really matter what your step children are doing to cause problems for you, or to push your buttons. That's almost irrelevant. What really matters is how your partner responds to his/her child when the child is misbehaving.

  • You are soooooooo right


    I hate her so much. I want her gone. She is my wife's only child and my wife loves her more than anything. She knows she can be a b**** and though she doesn't really verbally come out and fully agree with me, she is very patient and says she knows this isn't easy for me. I know she loves her daughter more than anything. And I love my wife more than anything, so it seems like a bit of a conundrum at times. I know I shouldn't tell my wife I hate her daughter, but I feel guily venting about her family to anyone else at the same time. It's such a weird thing. I never had my own kids for a reason and thought I had completely dodged this bullet when I met my wife because her daughter was already in college. She graduated a couple months before this visit and will likely return to Russia and get an office job and transition into the "real world" as they say, or (HOPEFULLY NOT) possibly try to keep dating some dude she met here long distance but I hope not because I sure as f*** don't want to end up living on the same continent.

    I am a huge animal lover. I have an awesome Giant Scnhnauzer that my step daughter bosses aroiund and yells at. I tell her to stop if I see it but I'm not always around. This really relly bothers me. And it also makes me realize that if this immature psycho has her own kids, she will probably be a s***** mother and boss her kids around and get annoyed with them in the same way she does with my very well behaved (AKC Canine Good Citizen-certified) dog. I simply wouldn't be able to stick around and witness her treating her future kids in the same way so I really hope she goes back to Russia, gets her first job and marries a dude there so I don't have to observe or be affected by her disrepsectful, uncooperative, manipulative whining bullshit.

    So here's to wishing for the best! And to hoping that she goes and lives her stupid life on another continent!!!

  • The only option you have is to end your marriage. Leave your partner. I know it's probably the toughest thing for you, but that's the only answer to find peace. Believe me, you will never be happy in a marriage that your partner puts their kids above your love for one another, and does not correct their kid's bad behavior, much less is aware of it. Children learn to be incredibly manipulative, and are very evil when they are given this much power, and they are intoxicated by this power. It will only get worse if your partner is not mature and have a back bone to deal with their kids. Trust me, save your time, save your mental health, save your money, and leave your partner, just say you will no longer tolerate disrespect from your stepchildren, and if your partner decides to continue to coddle to the bratty kids, that's his/her choice. You can always find a single person without kids to marry and lead a much, much happier life. Because everyone deserves to be happy, and if your partner chooses the kids who are disrespecting you, and cannot impose proper boundaries and rules with the kids, leave them for each other and their own mess.

    Much love and wisdom to all stepparents. You have all travelled a very difficult path, and I just hope you all find your light. Because I know how stepbrats can make your life living h*** and some more.

  • I really liked your answer I too feel that way but in my heart I am scared to go alone I love my husband very much and just needed to know other people go through exactly the same in life I am torn but I can't see my life changing as I am unwilling to ever be her friend

  • Test


    Also, what's with the f****** whining? I will not overload and possibly break the internet by doing this, but I could compose a mind-blowingly-massive list of everything this girl hates. 90 out of every 100 words that come out of her mouth are simply stating what she doesn't like. Why this or that person is not cool, why she doesn't like some type of food or music or some other superficial bullshit. Get a grip you brat. You're harshing the vibe with all your complaining.

    I told her mom how I feel finally last night and this morning. It sucks because her mother, my wife, is probably the very nicest person in the world. Anyone who meets her ends up thinking so. She's just plain sweet. She grew up in the USSR during the cold war and had to stand in line for hours for bread for her baby daughter, had to wash and dry disposable diapers for re-use because the economy there was in turmoil back in those days. She had to help her own mother smuggle in food from other countries so they could all survive. And I know she never thought twice about doing any of those things and has always put others first. Including her daughter...All this sacrifice for her spoiled ass daughter who now complains she has to pay the utilities (only) with money she gets from her dad every month in her downtown Moscow apartment which her mother and grandmother hustled extremely hard to get and which she acts like she was simply born deserving.


    She asks me ridiculous questions all the damn time too. Except when I respond, she disagrees with my answert 100 percent of the time. This makes me want to punch her. I never would, but it definitely makes me want to. Heres an example: "Jeff, why is that lady riding around walmart in that scooter??" Answer: "Well Lalya, she may have health problems which make it hard to walk." Her stupid f****** response: "No I don't think it's too hard for people to walk in Walmart." WHAT THE F***!!!!!! (hopefully you want to punch her now too) This back and forth questioning bullshit goes down all day long and my answers are always met with arguments which make no sense and are also very unkind and s*****. I finally told her 3 days ago after she fired 3 such ridiculous questions at me in a row that she asks way too many questions and it's annoying. I'd say her questioning has dropped about 30 percent or so since then but I'm also avoiding being in the same room as her as much as possible. When the 3 of us go anywhere public now, I find myself immediately finding an excuse to break off from the pack and meet up with them later; at the checkout line, at the car, back at home etc. I don't want to be around her and I definitely don't want to be associated with her public rudeness.

    I work from home on my computer also which compounds these annoyances a bit. I stay holed up in my bedroom working because I don't want to look at her or even hear her voice if she passes by anywhere else in our home like the living room or kitchen where I usually work. Clean your dishes when you make food. Don't turn off the radio I'm listening to. Don't start arguments. Knock if a door is closed. Don't even look at me.

  • My stepdaughters face is fat as a 300 lb ladies so not cute but she wAnts to complain incessantly about my food I think she wants to eat a whole turkey daily fat pig gross wasp UGLy I hate her ugly fat face and cheeks help

    Damn, at least I don't feel so alone now. I met my wife 4 years ago while she was on vacation from Russia, visiting her mom here in the states. Her daughter was finishing college in Moscow at the time and I didn't meet her until a year and a half into our relationship...

    My wife is definitely one of the top couple of things that has ever happened to me, maybe second only to my birth..anyhow, same story as most of you so I'm sure you get the idea; I love my wife. She's my best friend. I have never felt as happy in life as I am with her. She is 44 btw and I am 38. Her daughter is 23.

    ..And she's also a total b****. And she's here in the states visiting us in our small place for close to 2 months right now. I only have about 3 more weeks till she's gone and I'm counting every second.

    I am a pretty private person. I don't mind crowds, but I prefer to blend in. I live in a beach town so I am used to both; being around crowds and blending in...This f****** lunatic who somehow came out of my wife 23 years ago struts around everywhere we go in front of the biggest crowds she can find posing like a gosh damn model with her f****** 8 foot selfiestick making disgusting fish faces to blast out all over Instagram. So much for staying low key...

  • This is what this girl of 28 has done to her father,and stepmom had it .so now she,s doin it to her mom.....and it's so sad to see her mom taken for grift weekly...so she run,s up money her mom can't pay...even when the phone rings .it means money...that's all..I have to sit and watch ....

  • I love all you ladies who also stood up and said "NO MORE"!
    After 15 yrs together alone, my partner's grown b**** daughter has decided to move her & her 5 kids with 5 different men back here. I am 62 yrs old and hate her because of the snide comments, those sideways "hairy eyeball" looks some women do so well, not just rude but hateful, ignoring me & my wishes etc. This b**** is TOXIC and if my worm of a boyfriend does not step up to the plate, I will tell her to f*** off and he will be booted out right behind her. What is WRONG with some people? I would never dream of treating someone like that...!!!

  • I have a 21year old step daughter who resents that I stay home with my son who is 6 years old. She feels that she has more rights to her dads finances than I do. I have put up my life savings in this relationship in order to stay home with my son. Her mother hates me too and we can't even be in the same room together. I have no right to decide if something she wants is too expensive or not. She decides what we do, where we go and expects to be treated like a queen when she comes over for family dinners. My marriage has suffered because I refuse to be a doormat any longer. Years of resentment has left me burnt out because my husband will never defend me. It's a losing battle.

  • It sounds just like my 14 year old stepdaughter that lives with us. She resents me & my 5 year old son with her father. My husband makes me feel sick, I am no longer attracted to him because he has never protected me, he won't even speak up to her about all I have done for her. I did everything her bio mom wouldn't or couldn't do, and yet I still never said an ill word of her bio mom. I have been around since she was 5, her mother divorced her father , and I was not the first woman he dated after being left by her mother. So someone, PLEASE tell me what I did. I have given so much and asked for so little.

  • I'm so sorry. I feel the same

  • Well you are better than i i vowed it would never come to a marriage self destructing and it did 2 stepdaughters one a liar who claims sexual misconduct the other finally suceeded on divide and conquer because she held the trump cards the grandchildren who are in foster care and needs mummy to get them back whatever happenned to the golden years particularly when your recently married at 48 & 46 both starting again i commit to counselling etc... to hard for the wife and definitely too hard for a stepdaughter who will not hear the truth and when she did reverted to violence.

  • I have to say this as I am also going through the same s***; look at her every time she's a b**** and say (in your head, while smiling) 'I thank god everyday you are not my child').

  • Omg. I know.

  • OMG.... Girl Friend I wish we were close. I HATE to talk about this but I feel so isolated and alone. Mine is a 15yr old entitled witch. I walk on egg shells when she comes. she is a fat lazy pig that feel that I should roll out the red carpet every time the queen arrives!! and should I say BOO to her she runs to her witch mother and says I'm being mean to her. So now I say nothing. Imaging... a 15yr old doing what ever and nothing at the same time. Then telling everyone one cares!!! I'm not her mother and don't went to be. I want to take my kids and leave every time she comes.. My kids are 8 and 6 and see it.. What can I do. God help me, I love my husband we have been together for 10 years.. what to do...Help Me, help me, help me,, I'm ready to call a lawyer...

  • I think I wrote the above post. My question is how to deal with the anguish it causes in a Mri age because I find myself resenting my husband for even tolerating his kid. He has not talked to her for months at a time and then is always the one who appolizes like it's his fault. I have tried to explain that if he never talked to her she would never make the move to speak to him. That to me says she doesn't care whether there is a relationship or not. He doesn't get it and I'm worried it will break us.

  • Divorce

  • OMG! I feel like I wrote this and I did not. Same exact situation, but I'm the stepfather instead of the step mother. I just want this 20 year old to leave! She is so rude to me, so so selfish and far far far from being a good person! She is mean to our dogs, she laughs when someone gets hurt, she is a total slob, leaving dishes, glasses all over the house, she stays out all night, the list goes on and on and even involves drugs, alcohol and who knows what else. Yet, if I complain about her then her mom and I just get into a fight about it. I'm so ready to "move on" but I do love her mom so much....... rock and a hard place here I come.

  • Wow. You just explained my life totally as a step mom! I feel for you. I see divorce in my near future..

  • I understand completely. My step daughter is rude, manipulative, inconsiderate and self centered. She only calls when she wants something, and acts like the whole world owes her something. She also loves to play the victim, we have caught her in several lies about "how bad we treat her", so her grandmother will baby her and buy her things. She is 17 years old and never been on restriction or even had her cell phone taken from her. My husband refuses to correct her or discipline her because he feels bad for her (guilt since he's not with her mother). She can't get along with other girls her age, she wants to quite school because she doesn't like anyone and the list goes on and on. I myself have two children who have to follow a completely different set of rules/expectations. I dread coming home when I know she's there. I hate to admit it, but I don't like anything about this child. My feelings are intensified by the fact that her father refuses to acknowledge her bad behavior. I have serious concerns about her ability to function as an adult, she has no social skills at all, she can only get along with people who cater to her.

  • I understand completely. My stepdaughter and her mother made our lives h*** for years and years. She treated my husband's side of the family like a doormat. I finally "forgave" enough, not that she ever apologized. She is banned from my house and I will not attend any family function she is invited to. My husband has a "limited" relationship with her, completely dictated on her terms. However, I am very lucky. He sees her as she is and understands that while he cannot cut her completely out of his life, I not only can but need to. She is not a topic of discussion. Too bad your husband cannot honor your feelings.

  • Instead of complaining is there revenge measures to take?

  • I have been engaged to my fiancee almost 8 years and still no plans of any wedding. His daughter lives with us because her mother is a drug addict. She is turning 13 and the biggest attention seeking little b*#.doesnt appreciate anything I do and always finding fault with everything I do. I do her washing, pack her lunches etc etc etc. Whenever she visits my fiancees family she says bad things about me and acts like the victim and like she is so disadvantaged when she is the only child in the house, has a whole room to herself and a cupboard filled with clothes and shoes all coming from me, we don't receive any money fro bio mom so whenever money is short (which is all the time)I pay. The other day she told friends at school that she never gets pocket money when she was given r50 the week prior to that!! It has had such an impact on my life that I feel suicidal sometimes. We can never do anything or go on holiday unless I am willing to pay and when we do eat out she wants the most expensive items on the menu and to order from the adult menu!!. I am sooooo sick of her nonsense I honeslty wish she was old enough to just move out and p*** off.

  • She will never change. She will only get worse.

  • I have a sweet adult step daughter in her 30's and a hateful snotty b**** of a blood daughter in her 30's. The step daughter was respectful with a big sweet heart and was so very helpful around the house when she was growing up. Her real Mom was a severe druggie so the step daughter really appreciated me and my clean loving home. But, my daughter was and is the opposite. She has no idea how good she had it and I even helped her with her children the first few years, I left my home and moved to another state to help her and when I came back home she basically disowned me. If I'm not doing something for her she has no use for me. I've given up on her, and will pursue the relationship with my step daughter and other two children. It really p***** me off though that the daughter refuses to acknowledge all the good I did for her. The only reason I don't say I hate her is someone will say hate is a form of love and I can't bear that right now. Yes, I hope bad things happen to her just to let her know she's not perfect, I mean like get fired on her job or something like that. If her husband knew what I knew he would divorce her but I'm afraid she won't let me see my grandkids again if I tell him what I know about her. So, I moved far away from her and sometimes my blood just boils for she has apparently made up lies about me for someone I care about who is close to her won't talk to me anymore or even friend me on facebook, so I guess she's lying about me too. I hate it.

  • God I know how you feel my step dauters are b****** only time they call is for money my husband was in the hospital for a week and they never even called him and kaylee is always smarting off and she called him yesterday and said call me when she isnt there fk her this is my home anouther time she called him and sais wht sre youstill with her I want tosmack herin the fave oh so bad abn herandher sister are always putting his exes up to calling him at 3 in the morning they are grown ass b****** and are about to get their a**** whiped like one

  • I am in a similar boat, except my husband i on board with me, he loves his kids and wants the best for them, but at ages 21 years old and 18 years old he sees how much they hurt me emotionally. i am on the verge of telling them to go f*** off.. they are the rudest kids , inconsiderate, manipulation and fake that i have ever met and in the past 3 years of trying to let them get to know me it was all a waste because they are showing their true colors now that they don't give a s***; it's okay to love me during xmas and their birthdays, but when others are in the room, they treat me like i don't exist. i am the best thing that ever happened to their dad and them for that matter because their mom and their dad fought all the time and didn't even sleep in eachother's bed rooms.. we have a fun loving relationship and since yesterday i am done with them. my husband no longer wants to take their s*** either but i understand because its his kids and i am sure he will always love them as he should. i am disgusted with their behavior and i never crossed them or done anything wrong and if i did in my own heart cross them i have apologized in a nice note or verbally when i am wrong which isn't often when it comes to his kids. they disgust me, oh wait, i said that already :/

  • You have to attack. Have the most rudest and most sarcastic b**** of a 22 year old step daughter. Whenever she is rude or sarcastic to me i give back hard. Now she tip toes around me and stays in her room. Hate the fat f*** ! Have to show you wont put up with s*** and walked on.

  • Advice needed badly, I too have inherited a stepdaughter but in my case she is a total slob and her mother gets very upset if I ask her to intervene. What is more she is 28yrs old and has zero ambition to leave the nest. This grown woman is so lazy that if she leaves her bathroom or bedroom door open she kicks the piles of underclothing behind the furniture so their not seen passing by the door and still even more she treats her bedroom like a bed n breakfast hauling every meal up to her bed and places the dirty dishes stacked up in her closet again not to be seen at first glance through the door. I am ready to walk out on the two of them because neither the mom or daughter take me serious when I ask in the most tactful way for her to clean up her mess. Before I end my marriage for good, does anybody have any advice for me?

  • Leave honey

  • You cant do anything, divorce, blood is thicker than water

  • Agreed.

  • Blood is not thicker than water. Money is thicker than blood!

  • I would suggets you don't get her mom to intervene. Your house your rules and if she doesn't like it and doesn't get her act together tell her to get out. If she cannot contribute towards a maid\servant to help clean up she must help clean herself. If she doesn't want to help you don't do anything for her.

  • Why is she living with you and not her mother?

  • Well I have read all of these entries and share in all of your pain, however, while I am in the exact same boat as ALL of you....Apples don't fall far from the tree as we all know and perhaps none of us wants to take a very close look at our marriages because our spouses ALLOW all of this to go on and they are the ones who created the situation in the first place. In their defense though...I bet most of the horrible behavior takes place either when they are not around or when they are out of earshot...(am I right?) As I tell my spouse...the issue is NOT the talking to, spending time with daughter etc etc ...the issue is having my back when it comes to RIGHT AND WRONG behavior. Our spouses will one day see the light and although it is very difficult for them to confront their own children (perhaps because of the guilt from the divorce)...we CAN change OUR OWN behavior and due to the nature of things.....since "it is what it is"......."what will be will be......"

  • I feel your pain. I'm dealing with the same thing. I thought since his daughters were older that it would be ok. It doesn't make any difference if they are 5 or 25. Even though his daughter is 22, she insists on being with Daddy all of the time. When I was that age, I was running around with my friends and dating. Not her, she has to have her Daddy dates. Sickening. He tries to include me, but I end up being the third wheel.I just step back and say, "take her to the baseball game, dinner, golfing, etc." I have to disengage. Unbelievable. I am so shocked that a young girl wants to hang out with Daddy instead of being with her own friends. She only does it to make me angry. It worked.

  • They stick up for their loser kids no matter what, My wife has given her money and mine to buy her loser 23 yr old daughter 3 cars she has destroyed, ruined my house, been in school 5yrs and has 20 credits and now is sending her to a private school for 40k. This b**** has never had a full time job and has speeding tickets dui etc and is on our insurance, cell phone and everything else.I need to get out of this somehow?

  • OMG so can relate to this my step daughter has been rude to me for 6 years and plays it up when her father is around. Now lives with her mother full time who is only money motivated by the old age boyfriend she is with. The said thing is she is teaching her daughter to be the same.
    Why is it that her rudeness is my fault. Im not a piece of crap that should only be spoken to when her father is in the room. She never bothers with her father only when she wants something.
    Im in a place now that I feel I want to get out because every family thing is a drama about her coming.
    Seems pretty basic to me. Her father should tell her to respect our home and his partner ..but apparently she doesnt have to . Getting to old for this stress

  • Let me tell you that I agree with your views. I am married to a much older man who has an adult daughter aged 33. I am only 36 and i cringe to even be referring to her as a step daughter. My husband was married to her mum for 20 years and when he left they havent had much contact not because of his fault but because of his ex and how she has influenced her children to take her side. 5 years ago his daughter got married and not even told him. he only found out through his mum because she got an invite. this deeply upset him and broke his heart. i have never forgiven her for this. she spit him out and i am the one who has to pick up the pieces. after a year or so she left her husband and moved back near us. she rang her dad to help her move then. after a few months she met another man and soon after they got married and this time he was invited all because i think he helped a bit with the wedding costs. after this my husband gets intermittent messages from her. two months ago she emailed my husband asking for £2,000 plus loan so she can move house. a week after that she suddenly decided to leave her husband and get back with her high school boyfriend. so she pulled her 5 year old daughter out of school and just left. her new man lives in a council flat for unemployed people or something. when she got there, there was no bed and they had to sleep all on the floor. next minute she gets her daughter to her ex-husband because one of her boyfriends neighbors was being aggresive. now her ex-husband sued for custody and her daughter has been taken away from her. all this while, she texts and emails and rings her dad like her personal driver. i told my husband we have a business to run and he cant be dropping everything all the time for her. we made a phone call to her to clear the air once and for all, and i tried to explain my hang ups. she started swearing and calling me names the BRAT saying she is his flesh and blood and who am i to be meddling! i told my husband, she is just using him and all her family dont support her with what she has done and he is the only one who is dumb enough to support her IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR. so when she is done with him she will spit him out again! i need him to see this but i think he is blind with guilt because of leaving them years ago.

  • My 23 yo stepdaughter has moved into my house with my husband & me on an indefinite basis. She is a loud messy slob on medication for ADHD. She has no friends & no social life. She contributes nothing in terms of housework & nothing financially although she has a huge trust fund from her maternal grandparents. She has had private school & college fully paid for by her parents (with an army of counselors to support her through her ADHD/learning disability issues) & is furious that she has to pay for law school herself - thanks to a miraculous last minute acceptance to a local area law school despite very poor performance in the LSATs. All her other expenses - accommodation, gas, food, utilities - are fully paid for by us & she lives in luxury at our expense. If I dare to criticize her in any way whatseover my husband lays into me. She has no social skills & talks incessantly about herself at the top of her voice - & my husband laps it up. She lived with us before for a year when she was in high school - phoning us at 5 am on the morning after my father died to demand that we sort our her relocation within a week, which nearly ended the marriage. I don't know why or how I put up with this. I love my husband but after 10 years of abuse I'm at my wit's end.

  • Hi I hear you I live in australia and have been living with my partner of 16 years and all that time his kids (one for 8 years then now the other one, she is 23 & he 21 and only pay $65 week full board, they treat me like I am just the housekeeper, I dont talk to his daughter, she is tidy,m he is a slob, his father does his washing, makes his bed, he doesn't lift a finger, resentment builds every day, you end up not talking to them 9suits the 23rd y.o moocher girl who is studying law for the next 304 years, so stuck with her for that amount of time totally disrespectful in all shapes and forms, like the world owes them a living, b****** about any little thing she can to her dad, kids can make or break relationships and IT IS A PRVELIDGE FOR ADULT KIDS TO LIVE AT HOME NOT A GOD GIVEN RIGHT, she would love it if I moved out, not gunna give her what she wants that's for sure.

  • They stick up for their loser kids no matter what, My wife has given her money and mine to buy her loser 23 yr old daughter 3 cars she has destroyed, ruined my house, been in school 5yrs and has 20 credits and now is sending her to a private school for 40k. This b**** has never had a full time job and has speeding tickets dui etc and is on our insurance, cell phone and everything else.I need to get out of this somehow?, I forgot to mention we are paying for adhd and anti depressant drugs also.

  • Tell your wife that your wallet is closed and stick by it. Separate your money, split the bills evenly for your joint expenses, and don't give a penny more. That's what I did when my husband kept giving money to his useless ex wife and kid. He stopped real quick. F**k them.

  • RUN. Your wife is part of the problem.

  • I swear this sounds like my situation. Same thing. 22 yr old, won't work, wants Daddy all of the time, wants to go on Daddy dates. Whatever she wants, she gets, all the while telling me that "money isn't important." Sure it isn't when your dad is paying for everything. I am befuddled. When I was 22, I was with my friends and dating. I wasn't begging for time with my Daddy. It is like they are "dating". She is always coming up with things they can do; amusement park, ball games, movies. He always wants me to come with but I end up being the third wheel. So I just disengage. I say, "you take her." I'll stay home. It is easier for me to do that. Makes it easier on everyone. Which is a shame. Even on the fourth of July, instead of going with friends, she wanted to watch the fireworks with us???

  • I have three grown step daughters that are disasters
    no jobs, drug & alcohol problems and one is bi-polar.

    They have never been married and call here 2 to 3 times a day wanting to see daddy. One smokes non-stop.

    I have banned them all until they are sober, decent & can apologize for all of their bad behavior. If it costs me my marriage it's worth it.

    I have been married 20 years and the amount of stress is killing me.

    If I had known this was going to be the situation I never would have gotten married to this man. When we were dating for 2 years they lived elsewhere and had lives, now they are all alone, over 50, and behaving badly. I am blamed for not allowing these beauties in my home.

    Save yourself, that's my plan.

  • Wait, did I read your comment correctly? This 3 step-daughters are in their FIFTIES and behaving this way? That's even more insane than the 12-30 year olds. Kind of destroys the tiny hope I had that mine might grow out of it!

  • Tell me about it . I just married a wonderful man , I have a 36 year sd horrible selfrightous birch . When her father and I started dating she told her dad she wanted to have a talk with me and set me straight and I'd I hurt him she would come after me. I was like what the F. Who d poo especially she think she talking too. No one threaten s me , this is bull shut. He told her and she got p***** he told me , cause he's a tell all kind of person, gossip, she likes to talk behind your back . She calls him 3,4 times a day. Her mother to. S h e texts in between. It's like she's crazy. Anyways she has apologised and I don't want shot to do with her. They have money but not rich . She married into money. And neither of kids came to our wedding nor did they congratulate him. Nothing. His son is 34 and hasn't had anything to do with his dad in over 2 years , nothing. Disrespectable brats. So my husband ask her why she couldn't congratulate him , us ? She said I'd be lieing so I said nothing . She said because I didn't come from money I'm no good. I was like what the duck , that birch married into money. They have everything of riches. Her dad is not rich and what he'll leave me is very little no home just used furniture and one life insurance policy, 10,000. I didn't marry him for his money. But guess her guilt is speaking. Anyways I don't want to be around this bass hole , worthless, superficial b. Never have I meet such self center think their better than anyone else asks holes. Funny thing my mother in law before she passed warned me of her and her ways. She said she's a w****. I was like snap guess you know your grandaughter. :) God give me strength to not kick her head end in .

  • If you keep trying to put tension on the relationship between your husband and his daughter, YOU will be responsible for ruining your marriage. She does sound like a terror, yes, and I understand not wanting to have some rude, manipulative, disrespectful person in your home, but if you try to force your husband to choose between you and his child, don't be suprised if he eventually chooses his daughter. It already sounds like your marriage is under stress. There's got to be another way to get her to behave without ruining your marriage.

  • The beauty of it is that dear old dad doesn't have to choose. He can see his obnoxious, rude, disrespectful kids any time he likes: elsewhere. The man can have it all: crappy kids outside our home and a loving companion inside the home. What he cannot have is a doormat for a wife. It's that simple :)

  • There's two sides to this. I can understand someone wanting to chose their child over their spouse, but sometimes diplomatic tactics and "letting things work themselves out" don't work. Take my husband--he's never stepped up and taken responsibility for himself or his train wreck of a daughter. What is a stepmom supposed to do in this instance? Support the both of them while they play games, see movies, stay out until 2 am, sleep in until noon, and do no chores around the house?

    S**** that. Splitting up seems like the better deal. At that point, you're giving your spouse one last chance to save the marriage before saying, "I'm out of here."

  • You are correct. It has caused considerable issues in my marriage! They were caused by our two families being unable to live under the same roof. I did not mention that we had the same issue with my OWN son, who was behaving just as badly and agreed that he should at 25 go his own way as neither my husband or the remaining kids deserve such unrest in our home. It apparently does not work both ways. Since writing this post, I have attempted to make ammends in the way of a birthday party for my husband and was met with disdain. My attempts of conversation wth her were met with stony glares. I have since said to my husband in a attempt to compromise that if she wished to visit him at our home, I will go out. I just wished he could see that he is nothing but a glorified ATM to her. This is what it has come too. I also didnt mention that I left him because of all this and he promised to pull her into line, so I returned. Like I said, I won't let this WOMAN ruin my marriage!

  • If she's a bad person, you have no reason NOT to dislike them. You should be proud. You stuck up for yourself.

  • Thank you. I think she has a little growing up to do and will turn out to be a decent person if her father will stop enabling her. Just had enough of her bouncing her nastiness off me.

  • I stuck up for myself and my husband blames me f*** her and f*** him too!! She is a trouble maker at 23, I never did anything to her except give her money, what's up with the girl wanting to own her father, seems a little sicko to me!

  • I hear ya.. I have been with husband 25 years. Favorite daughter has 3 year old. Tells her things regarding our life, financials, plans. etc. Help!!! We split up once. Oh yea, Mother-in-law ( 70 something ) is on probation for drugs, of course, in California. I am going crazy. t u

  • I know right!!!!

  • Freud field day for my situation , too. Just weird

  • I have no idea how old these posts are but they are still relevant to my situation so I will comment.
    I have a 25 year old step daughter who recently moved back into our very clean and tidy home. She has two children, ages 2 and 3 1/5. She disrespects about 50% of the rules that are in place. She lets her children eat and drink all over the house. She lets them play with DVDs and items that do not belong in the hands of kids their ages. Many items have been ruined. She doesn't clean up after them, leaving messes everywhere they go has become commonplace. When they are ill, she does not wipe their noses, and I must clean boogers and saliva off furniture, walls, and toys. She sits and chats all evening long with her current boyfriend instead of cleaning up after the kids. Hey, I know it's a fulltime job to be a parents, but you don't get to relax until their messes (at someone else's house) are cleaned up. Right? Am I insane to think that she ought to respect us?

  • End it!

  • If you're in a position to kick her out, I would do that. So she's 25 with kids and living with you guys--why? Tell her to get her own apartment, or if she can't afford it, go on HUD housing for low income families. She can feel free to be a slob on her own time/house.

  • Im 3 months into a 'get the h*** out plan'. Every time the evil step daughter pulls her crap, I just smile, wink at her mom an go on my way. Ive been hiding money via 'do you want cash back' at Costco, Safeway, gas stations, CVS etc. When the lawyers start fighting, I will have my bug out bag, cash, storage unit filled with irreplaceable items a Bitchen jointly owned RV (cue joint debt), and dignity intact. The only thing her lawyer will find is a bunch of receipts for Costco $132.....$32 in clothes and $100 in CASH back! Best money I ever spent was on an atty who confirmed that they cant find the cash back via forensic accounting. Ill let her and the evil child live in the house I bought until the divorce settles. I still love the wife but not the adult live I live with.

    After 15 years of marriage and giving everything to her and the brat, she will leave with Half of the marital assents and the baggage of her brat. I will have a clean slate.

  • Way to go!!!

  • Know how you feel, his bratty daughter has split us up once already, they cleaned out the bank with my money from the house left to me by my late husband..I've taken him back (stupid I hear you saying) but I to also have a plan but it takes time but no fool like an old one. I love my new husband very much but he and her and the ex wife have totally destroyed my trust and that special zing when you really deeply love someone had gone and as much as I try it wont come back because he never has my back...she is banned from my home which makes her happy because she is to lazy to travel and he actually see's her more now than before..I love this because I now get time to spend with my boys alone and we now have set days so the boys and I can plan for our time alone together. However over all I am not happy because I hate his baggage and can not forgive the lies, the theft and the deceit they planted on me. I can understand him leaving if I had done what she said I did, but what hurts the most is he believed her and believed I would do such a thing. She and her Mother are Narcissistic Psychopaths and the daughter is a bad mother also I feel sorry for her kid. She has never stuck at a job as she is to lazy..I mean why work when you have Daddy to everything for you and a dim wit lying Husband to boot.

  • I want to thank you ALL for posting. I feel like each post was a sliver of my life. My wife is beautiful, smart, sensitive and wonderful ( except for enabling her 17 year old daughter). This 110 lb. sack of s*** is utterly useless. She goes to a private school- and has wasted about 300k on an education already..she's taking the SAT's for her 3/4/5 time.. I've lost count... she is lazy, rude, selfish & a s***. She doesn't have a boyfriend, never been on a date & now we find " morning after pills" in her room. Real proud of this piece of work. She's a drama queen. She constantly complains of other people labeling her. She guilts mom & her dad into buying her/ getting her whatever she asks for. It's sick. My wife refuses to focus on her disgusting behavior, she only tries to make excuses for whatever this pig does. Thousands spent on therapy for her.. she pretends to be depressed in order to leverage her way into getting what she wants. My wife buys it hook, line & sinker. Can't wait till she's off to college or preferably run over by the biggest, fastest truck or train in North America. Hang in there everyone, you are not alone!!!

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