I hate my step daughter

I hate my adult step daughter with a passion. After 10 years of putting up with her snidey comments, treating my house like a hotel and me like staff, I finally told her to f*** off and get out of my life. I mean what is a 23yr old doing still doing bludging off her parents? The nasty piece of work only calls her father when she wants something. After travelling around Europe for the 4th time she has the audacity to whinge that her car needs to be updated and that she hasnt finished her degree. OMG what a WASTE of space.

I said to her father, I will no longer tolerate her rudeness and general bad attitude in my house. If she can't be polite or civil to me then she needn't bother coming around anymore. This message was passed on so she decided that she wasnt coming around anymore. My husband now accuses me of banning her from the house. This, because she can't be civil to me in my own home so chooses not to come here ugh! The manipulative little b**** now cries to her father and hes the reason she is such a spoilt nasty piece of work.

She will not split my marriage up.

May 12, 2011

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  • I totally agree. All you can do is blow off the stepdaughter completely and live your life without her in it.

  • I feel the same about my wife's daughter. A nasty in every way. Because of her own insurcurities in her life. Can not stand to be around her. Her way of thinking is f*** up! ..backwards, irresponsible, and in her 30,s with a nasty attitude. Sad think is her mother knows it.

  • We should just be done with blended families. The concept is flawed and it’s unnatural. Adoption is another story but blended/mixed families are more trouble to everyone than they are worth.

  • Unfortunately, I agree. My step-c*** destroyed my family. I didn't want to let her "win", but I couldn't tolerate her anymore. Now she's a depressed loser
    druggie who cuts herself. Too bad she can't bite the bullet & make the wounds deeper - I don't really mean that, but the fact that such a thought would cross my mind is indicative of how much I detest her.
    She adds no value to society. Even my ex (her biological father) tells me that he hates her.
    I like sleeping over at her father's house (we are separated but still have a very sexual relationship) b/c I know it upsets her. Her pain brings me pleasure.

  • A lot of truth in this statement!

  • I wish my 7 year old stepdaughter would just stay away from my family. When I met my husband, we dated and I got pregnant/ we got engaged. I made it very clear to him that I was wanting a separate family life; I actually left the BF I had before my husband because he had a daughter from a previous relationship and he was very involved (I don’t want to be involved and I don’t want to take care of any kid that I didn’t spend 9 months carrying, I just don’t want that burden…hence, why I LEFT). I told my husband this when we met and he was in the middle of divorcing his ex wife, he didn’t see his kid for a while and during that time everything was great. He would see her minimally and it wouldn’t really eat up much time, we planned to move out of town - 2 hours away, which meant he would be seeing his kid less.

    Now, 3 years later our bio daughter is older and he has had a change of heart and wanted my bio kid to meet his 7 year old. I said no and he took her to meet that mistake anyway, after he already knew I was uncomfortable. I don’t want my daughter forming some sort of temporary relationship with his kid because I asked for a separate family before we got married and before I had kids. I didn’t agree to this, his ex already agreed that her new husband would adopt her, why bring our bio kid into the mix?

    Can I just enjoy my life without these family interferences from his past mistakes? He knew I left my ex because I’m not some charity who takes in other peoples kids. It’s not me and it never will be. Not everyone functions/thinks that way. I asked for our privacy, though he could see his mistake like once a month or whatever his arrangement is with his ex wife. Now he wants to make the visits more regular and I am actually even willing to move across the country to keep that mistake from disturbing my family.

  • Well, if you told him you wanted a sep. family to begin with and he still married you-he should honor that. I mean, he knew what you wanted and didn’t want before. I don’t see why the change of heart on his end tho?

  • He is feeling some sort of dumb ass guilt or remorse when he found out his ex’s new husband was going to adopt their mistake. So he wanted to make up for it but honestly, my take is-that’s his problem not mine. His guilt isn’t my guilt. I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my own happiness for his newfound guilt that he developed. Especially after I made it clear I wanted boundaries.

  • You need to grow up. All of the step mothers who hate the children they married into deserve a special place in h***. She probably treats you badly because you aren't good to her. Just another case of a jealous step mom. If you wanted a man to yourself you should have chosen one without children. You obviously aren't a good stepmom. I'm glad her Dad at least stands up for her.

  • Jealous step children should NOT die, because it would upset the biological parent (and presumably others). They should disappear forever but remain safe and healthy.

  • You sound like a complete idiot- probably the type that's jealous because her dad is having s** with someone. What's the deal with that? Do you sickos want to have sexual contact w/your own fathers?

  • You’re an ass

  • Wow!!!!!!!!
    Your the one that deserves to be in h***.
    God help you.

  • What an asinine, judgemental, narrow minded and uninformed comment that is. Your ignorance on the subject of being a step-parent is blatantly obvious. Bring a step-parent should be cause to have a special place in HEAVEN rather than h***. We as step-parents just at times get fed up with the crap that comes along with being a step-parent due to immature, entitled, and smartass kids that "bio-parent" coddles and babies to the point of enabling behavior that should not be tolerated. "Bio-parents of divorce tend to parent out of guilt and the chaos that ensues from that parenting style often makes the step-parents life a living h***. Please "get a clue" before you judge step-parents just because they grow tired of the crap that comes along with blended families.

  • Ya! You tell her! She clearly has NO CLUE WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT. Probably one of the spoiled brat step kids. ;)

  • She for sure is a spoiled, stupid step-c***.

  • No doubt in my mind that she is. The odds are that one day she will have stepkids and I PROMISE YOU that her "views" on step-parenting will DRASTICALLY change...😂👍

  • Well, that was a rude and insensitive comment! You're the one that needs to GROW UP and while you're at it get some help. You have NO idea what the situation is and who the h*** are you to make a judgment call? You're PROJECTING, your own misery on others.

  • Agreed! She is definitely another manipulative little b**** SD who is a narcissistic freak show and thinks everyone should do everything for her including support her financially. No one else would respond like that.

  • God Love u, I myself am dealing with same situation. Been in my 18yr olds life since she was 1 but all of a sudden she now hates me and takes up all my husband's attention, and she hates me for what reason I know not. Done so much for her but she hates me. Her mom lives in CA my husband her father lives in NJ she has had a split life her entire life so here I am dealing with the aftermath of them spoiling the s*** out of her. She's mean hurtful lazy & disrespectful to me. I literally just want out of it all.

  • I totally understand.

  • Sometimes step kids take it out on their step parent. Why??? Just because they can.

  • I have a 16 year old stepdaughter. Her mother and I have been together 9 years, married for 3. In the beginning the "attitude" and immature behavior of the stepdaughter was tolerable. As of late however her behavior and attitude have just become unbearable as her "teenage attitude" makes life at home just miserable. When this girl walks into the house the ENTIRE mood of the home changes as she is CONSTANTLY combative about EVERYTHING. Even her mother admits that this girl is just a b**** at times! Sorry but SHE IS a b**** and I have ZERO problem telling her that while her mother seems to be "emotionally" scared of her and doesn't want to make her "angry" or require ANYTHING from her in the way of empthaty or respect for anyone. Her immaturity is exacerbated by the fact that "bio mom" does EVERYTHING for her. She does ALL her homework, she cleans her room, (this girl is a PIG!) she packs her school lunch, she plays "snooze alarm" in the mornings and goes in her room at least 4 times to get her up for school, she cleans her car, she starts her car for her in the morning, she gets all her school stuff together for her, and pretty much treats her like she is 8 years old. THIS GIRL IS A JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL!! Stepdaughter doesn't like me because I require more maturity from her while mom seems happy letting her be "stuck" at age 8. I have developed a "hate" for my stepdaughter as she has been allowed by her moms passive attitude to treat me with the level of disrespect that NOONE deserves. Needless to say this causes great stress on our marriage as I am trying to teach this girl "life lessons" while mom is content with just doing EVERYTHING for her. Stepdaughter has been tested with an IQ of 78 which for some reason mom takes the blame for due to difficulties during birth. So in essence mom is parenting out of guilt and feels the need to somehow "make up" for that 78 IQ which she takes blame for. While I love my wife, I have grown to hate my stepdaughter even more.

  • Haha haha f****** h***, sounds like my step daughter and my wife. Well the father needs a good kick up the ass As a wake up call and boot his ass out also. What is wrong with these people seriously? My wife is just the same. A****** stepdaughter who I have tried everything but be nice to but she cannot help make Smuck rude comments. Then after weeks of it I go off at her and then I get blamed by my wife for doing so and also told that she is the way she is because of me l****.

  • She already did. I think you should have addressed it with him, as you said she's not grown up. I mean 24, but not grown up.

  • My stepdaughter 26 years of age is a passive aggressive narcissist. She lives with her bipolar mother whom she hates with a passion however she says she has the best mother in the whole wide world. Maybe so because the mother treats her like a friend, they go drinking together... classy mother....classy daughter.

    When my husbands daughter comes over there is no hi to me nothing. She stares at me like I was a caged animal
    She claims she took etiquette class in school but I swear she must have not attended one single class, the kid farts, snorts at the table, can’t use a knife and fork and sits on a chair with her leg up like her v***** needs to get aired out... gross
    Did I say she is 26 years old.
    At our wedding she was late,, of course ... she had to be the center of attention.
    No hi to me, nothing ...
    Our guests At the table started to tap their glass with utensil to get everyone’s attention and said 1st kiss...
    Guess who got the first kiss...
    Father and daughter...
    Tell me I don’t have a creep on my hands... the worse kind..
    She’ll sit on her fathers laps, asked him to caress her legs while she twirls his hair and kisses him on his neck
    When I says that’s creepy I’m being told I’m jealous ..
    I don’t think anyone would be jealous about anything I just mentioned.
    Welcome to my world.

    I can’t be around disfunction so I told my husband to meet his daughter at her house. or a park or somewhere far from my house...
    Yes it’s my house that she Is use to coming over and disrespected me. I purchased the house way before I met my husband.

  • Eurggh that's just gross, Run for the hills

  • Awful behavior from her. It’s up to your husband to recognize how problematic it is and put a stop to it ASAP.

  • That is disgusting!!!!!!

  • Slap the birch and slap
    Her hard before banging her head accidentally on the door jam as she exits. This things at the wedding? I would have paid someone to wipe cake in her face

  • After reading all these comments, it made me feel better. I hate my stepdaughter. She was a mistake from when he was a teen and so was her mother. She kept her from him for TEN years (they’re in another country). Come to find out, she was telling her things like her father was a monster, like Chucky, when he tried to see her or talk to her. Well, that loser had problems in her marriage and found out he had a job and family, so then she started using SD to manipulate my husband to send her money. She never cared what he was doing or about her half siblings, just money, money, money. Whatever. We sent it. Then this loser got pregnant at 14! And she expected US to pay the bill and send more money for her. Ugh. She’s disgusting and manipulative, just like her mother taught her to be. There’s nothing we can do for her. She friended me on Facebook and I don’t really interact with her. She calls her dad acting jealous over what we have or what we do for fun that is honestly because of ME and all the work I’ve done. I work. Her POS mother has never worked. It makes me furious that she acts entitled, never says thank you, and expects us to do for her what I do for my kids when I simply can’t since she’s in another country. I wish she’d disappear.

  • I thought for a moment this was my life... so identical that it's scary.

  • Look in the mirror. You are the one who chose a man with children already. Maybe you are the loser.🤷

  • YOU look in the mirror- find a boyfriend or girlfriend. Stop trying to date your biological father and go away.

  • Actually, you're the loser. You step-kids need to grow up, get out of the house, make your own living, & stay away.

  • Whoever you are... and I'm assuming you are a SD and stressing the fck out of someone... grow up and get lost.. or vice versa..

  • What an absolute ignorant and uninformed response that is. I am a step-parent and it is the most unappreciated and thankless undertaking that ANYONE can EVER experience. Bottom line is that stepkids (most) are the worst. They slap the step-parent with one hand while holding the other one out wanting something from the very same step-parent. My hope for you is that you never experience the "joys" of being a step-parent to ungrateful, immature, incredulous, and smartass kids that would just as soon see you out the door while at the SAME TIME EXPECTING you the step-parent to fulfill their every "want". When and if you ever do become a step-parent You will see that your "views" on the subject will change dramatically.

  • No you are the loser. You obviously never been in this situation. My "love child" 16 yr old SD is a manipulative POS like her w**** mother. Why do they call it love child-more like l*** child. Yes my man cheated and come to find out this w**** who already has 2 kids with 2 different dads (both other women's husbands) My husband and I have been together 35 years and this affair almost did us in. We stayed together so as I heard her say many times "I had this fucken kid for nothing" That's right you did. I didn't kick out my husband like the others did. You're plan didn't work so now send your kid here to terrorize me. The w**** eve tried to hire someone to murder me so she wouldn't look like a POS homewrecker in our small town. Don't comment when you don't know what is really like for most of us

  • I used to feel bad for saying or even thinking that I "HATED" my stepdaughter. Afterall, hate is something that should not exist inside a family unit. Throw all that "common sense" thinking out the window though when there is an IMMATURE 16 year old girl inside the family that thrives and lives for chaos and distinction. This child (my stepdaughter) makes our lives miserable with her attitude, her arrogance, her constant state of combativness, and her immaturity that knows no bounds! She wants the "priveliges" of being an adult while at the same time wanting the advantages of being a child with ZERO consequences for her actions. The VERY moment she walks into our home the ENTIRE "mood" of the home changes as she will actually look for things to argue and b**** about. I believe my wife is emotionally scared of her as she gets away with so much of her teenage crap. I on the other hand DO NOT tolerate it and we (stepdaughter) are CONSTANTLY at odds with one another. While I am trying to teach her life lessons and how to treat people, my wife simply enables her behavior. I pray that I live long enough to see my stepdaughter have a MISERABLE F****** ADULT LIFE, as she deserves it. Call me an a****** if you like but if you lived with and tolerated this little teenage b**** you would feel the VERY SAME way. I HATE MY TEENAGE STEPDAUGHTER!!

  • My teenage step-daughter was a narcissistic, jealous, pathological liar. I despised her so much, I left the relationship months after giving birth to her half-sister. Honestly, the main reason I was willing to tolerate the relationship was to spite her. Her father & I still have s** frequently. I make certain that she hears us.
    Her dad loves our little one so much more than her (he damn well should), but he still buys his oldest whatever she wants just to shut her up. I hope his oldest continues to be a depressed passionless loser.
    She belongs in h***- hopefully life on earth for her will remain miserable.

  • Your children and family unit are a reflection of you...So maybe you aren't too great either

  • You're an idiot.

  • Wow! No response from me is required. You are obviousally so naive when it comes to the pitfalls of being a step-parent. Fortunately for me I will simply consider the source (you) and chalk your comment up to ignorance of the subject and of your apparent narrow mind.

  • Defriend and block her From Facebook. That’s a start

  • I ran into the same issue with my husbands daughter from his first marriage. I finally told him people were talking about the inappropriate relationship between them. She was not part of our lives for 10 years. She just had her first baby at 43 with a guy she met online. There are not engaged or married. I now feel like she is using the baby to pull her father away from me again. I'm keeping quiet for awhile to see what happens. Don't trust her with a 10 foot pole.

  • You should let that poor man go...You seem way too possessive and jealous of a natural father daughter bond...Get help.

  • Go post on a step-kids site. No one cares about you.
    Re: the post above....The father doesn't like his daughter- he pretends to because he feels obligated to do so.
    I guarantee your dad doesn't like you either.
    You are obviously aware of this, & you feel threatened by your stepmom. Hence the reason you are posting on this site.

  • F*** off. Nothing natural about it Pervert

  • The fat b****** were the center of the universe, until I came along. The youngest didn’t like me because I was being loved her father and she no longer had a say- she had too much of a say opinion on how things would what color walls- just too much almost like a wife. I have been fight for a place of importance of years and years. She wanted to be her fathers everything- no she finally gets it! I think, she has no choice. 10 years later and one child she has no choice. They no longer live with us they only did for short period of time. They are fine now. Thank god! But I feel like it took a lot of me to get my presence know and stablished. It killed the l both the little fat b****** but the little one was worst. It really hurt hurt her and I’m glad, I’m still does and they both resent me still we don’t talk we don’t see each other maybe once a year or two time while crossing ways at best. They don’t come over, if he wants to see them he has to go out and do so somewhere else outside our home! Yes! Our home! We have a home that’s ours and we no longer live I. His home pre-me! No holidays are spent with them at all. We have become his priority now. I for pregnant by accident or may NOT with one child In Order to hurt them, and it did hurt th youngest one for sure. I stablished my presence with our child. All vacation are ours they never come or are even invited, they’ve never been invited to our child birthday parties or any functions at all. And they will never be either. He’s ask for MY opinion NOW! No more theirs. Or the youngest. They both have miserable lives now. Struggle with emotional issues and the mess they’ve created for themselves( their father refers to as WT) I enjoy their struggles from afar and laugh at their pain. I actually do enjoy it! It’s payback for the fights the caused for the times him I fought over their nasty disrespect behavior and controlling.

  • Right on! Karma will bite all these horrific step-kids right in the ass, eventually. They deserve to be miserable.

  • You are toxic and I hope your "husband" escapes and kicks you out of their home. How dare you feel proud about breaking up a family you f****** demon

  • I kicked my stepdaughter out, threw her s*** out, & I continue to torment her by always being around her dad. She knows I despise her, & yet her dad always has me around and sleeps with me. She must feel betrayed, & she is clearly depressed. She deserves it. So do you.

  • Shut the f*** up little b**** instigator. This forum is for women like us who had their whole worlds turned unnecessarily upside down. I too laugh when I hear things like that. My SD came about after 20 years of us together-now 35. It took alot to forgive him but that doesn't mean i"m obligated to love his kid or not react when the fucken nightmare visits. She is 16 and stiull sits on daddy's lap trying to french kiss him and wants him to come into the bathroom to wipe her ass cuz "I may not have gotten it all daddy" or "Daddy I got my period" and drop her pants to look at a b***** pad or pull her dad outside to see mom when she picks her up. "Daddy I want you to kiss mommy on the lips right now." As the w**** stretches her head out the car window-lips pursed. My husband refused. POW! SD punches him in the face. Don't comment until you've been there a****** and NO she isn't autistic or dev delayed. She's a spoiled POS

  • That is so gross! You are right! Ewwww

  • Uh... What?

  • Why should anyone have to tolerate a disrespectful guest in their own home? Your home, your rules. Husband should explain that to his daughter, and back you, 100%. That's only reasonable. If you invited people into your home that disrespected him, would he (or you) tolerate this? He shouldn't tolerate disrespect from his daughter towards you. If he feels he has to choose his daughter over you, let him, them choose yourself over him and get a divorce!

  • It was theirs before hers. She should learn her role and it isn't having control over someone else's children. After all they chose to be with a man who already had a family.

  • We can't turn back time in order to prevent a stepchild's existence.
    It's a nice fantasy (I'd love it if they were never born), but it can't be done.

    Just breathe, focus on the positive, & try to avoid having to interact with the step-monsters as much as possible. Keep communication brief but friendly. Trust that the s***** stepchildren of the world will be punished by karma.

  • I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I NEVER want to control my step-c***. I want her to disappear. It's unfortunate that she was ever born.

  • I feel for this poor woman. My 25 year old stepdaughter just moved in with us. This girl does not work and on top of that thinks she is too good to work retail or customer service. So what? I am supposed to work 50 plus hours a week and feed your lazy ass while you sit around and do absolutely NOTHING? She is rude and not very nice to me. I have been good to her and have always stuck up for her when others have not. But I am over it. Get a life and figure your life out. This is MY house as much as my husband's and we both have say in what happens her. I believe in helping people but come on, you have got to help yourself at some point. Cut the strings.

  • You need to understand that you were the one who forced your way into the relationship. After what was probably a difficult divorce, he married you, and now you're trying to act like you're her mother. You want to police the way that she interacts with her OWN FATHER. If you don't like her, then you can leave her life, but understand that she has the right to stay around her father, and hence, your house. You don't have the right to ban her from the house that her father lives in. You're the b****, honestly.

  • YRS she does she is the wife not the daughter who plays mini wife Makes me puke

  • 💖💯

  • And what part of this child being "25" did you not understand? At 25 this "child" should be out on her own, living her own life, and letting her father/step-mother enjoy their time together without having to continue to baby and coddle an immature adult that apparently refuses to grow up. Just how long would you continue to "enable" this "woman-child" to not grow up? Look around at our society. It is FULL of so called adult children that simply refuse to grow up. It is time for parents to require more of their children than to be dependant on them the rest of their life. If this "opinion" offends you then I would imagine that you are either an "enabling" parent or you are an adult child that has refused to grow up. Either way, how sad for you...😩

  • Agree!

  • Well as a step-parent myself I can tell you that "kids" will use a divorce and the dysfunction surrounding the divorce TO THEIR BENEFIT when "bio-parent" allows them to. Kids can smell "bio-parents" guilt about the divorce a mile away and they will use that guilt to manipulate and isolate "bio-parents" in an effort to get what they want, when they want, and how they want. We step-parents CLEARLY see what is happening from the outside looking in and we usually have no problem calling these immature and manipulative kids out on their "crap". Too often that is why step-parents are viewed as "evil". We step-parents these kids for what they are; immature, manipulative, and incredulous individuals determined to run over remove by means of manipulation, ANYONE that gets in their way of controlling "bio-parent". My advice to step-kids who have "issues" with their step-parents; grow the h*** up and be grateful for the food in your stomach and the roof over your head. Also, good luck one day when YOU yourself become a step-parent and your step-kids put YOU through the VERY SAME s*** that YOU put your step-parents through. Then, and ONLY THEN, will you understand this with clarity..😂👍

  • 100% !!!

  • Right on!

  • SERIOUSALLY?? Apparently you have never been a step-parent or if you have you had the 1% of stepkids that actually have a grasp on reality and don't EXPECT the ENTIRE world to revolve around THEM simply because they are children. My stepkids (both teens) would love nothing more than for me to be "gone" so that they can go back to controlling mommy and to work off her guilt of the divorce to THEIR benefit. They see me as a hindrance to that end as I call them out on their teenage bullshit and more often than not their mother sees through it when I bring it to her attention. 99% of stepkids are UNGRATEFUL, ENTITLED, and SELF-CENTERED individuals that see themselves as the center of the universe. To them a step-parent "gets in the way" of their controlling the "bio parent" and as step-parents we see them CLEARLY for what they REALLY are; selfish, incredulous and immature individuals. The dysfunctional dynamic of the "blended family" IS NOT the fault of the step-parent. The dysfunctional dynamic of the blended family IS the fault of UNGRATEFUL and SELF-CENTERED IMMATURE stepkids and the "bio parent" that enables their behavior by holding them accountable for NOTHING all the while rewarding immature behavior. While it is true that the stepkids do not and did not ask for a new "parent" to be brought into their life, it is also true that step-parents did not and do not ask for the "privelige" of helping to
    support and raise ungrateful and selfish stepkids.

  • AMEN!

  • Stop dating men with children....Problem solved. Oh look, it seems you were the problem the entire time.

  • Realize that you are a worthless jealous step-c***, pack your s*** up & stay the f*** away from your dad (b/c deep down, he hates you too & only buys things for you out of guilt &/or a desire to shut you up). Problem solved.

  • You're the problem. Again, probably another sicko that is jealous that their dad has s** with someone else.

  • No. She doesn’t have to invite this bully into her home. I have a 35-yr old psychopath for a stepdaughter. I have tried for 8-years to have a relationship with her. I’m done. After her and her husband and 3-kids staying in my home, not taking a shower for the 5-days they were here; bringing fleas to my home (I guess in their clothing;) sneaking around taking pictures of me. And then touching my husbands butt telling him he has a flat butt? Good lord it’s crazy. And I will not have this filthy, psycho in my home again. My husband can go see them on his own. She is just a trouble maker and manipulative and I do not need a fake relationship. DONE!

  • The f*ck she is. Its HER HOUSE or at the very least, ONE HALF HER HOUSE. F*ck that little b*tch. Show her the door.

  • The second wife did not force herself on the guy ... his marriage ended in divorce and the child needs to accept that and the new partner ... betcha the ex-wife is exercising parental alienation .. tough on the guy, but it's his baggage and he needs to tell his daughter to behave

  • Omg, read what she wrote! She didn't BAN her from the house, she just said if she can't be polite or civil to her not to come around, and I completely agree with the writer!

  • I agree. My daughter is somewhat rude when she comes here. I told my husband. Well, u can tell her anything u want. U have my permanent. But he doesn’t.
    He complains to me. About her. And she complains about him. And I’m trapped in the middle

  • Tell your daughter she must be respectful to your husband in your home. You are not being fair putting your responsibility on your husband.

  • You've clearly got no idea with such a stupid response!

  • She's probably a step daughter!

  • If its her house then she has the right to deny somebody who treats her like trash into it.

  • You didn't force your way into anything. You were having a relationship with someone you love. The people on this site are out of order. If someone, anyone comes into your home and makes you uncomfortable you can ask them to leave. The father can go and meet her somewhere else!! I feel for you x

  • .... Do you hear the way you speak?

    Take a look in the mirror, lady. You're jealous of the relationship between a father and his Daughter. You should very much be ashamed.

  • YOU are JEALOUS of a romantic relationship between two adults.

  • D*******. So you don't like someone standing up to a lazy t*** and doesn't want to be used .....

  • Nope step daughter is a narcissist and the fathers the problem... Run...

  • All of your are mental freaks for hating on children your spoused to care for all step parents that hate there stepchild should not be allowed near a kid

  • Tosh ! Step parents don't hate on kids, they get annoyed at being treated in disrespectful manner by anyone.

  • ABSOLUTELY!! I am a step-parent to TWO teenagers (Thank you for your sympathy...lol) and all I want for them is to grow up to be responsible adults and not the little ungrateful, self-centered, and obnoxious people that they are now. Their mother on the other hand coddles and enables their immature behavior and if it were up to her they would NEVER grow up! Being a step-parent is about bringing perspective to children who are "stuck" at age 6 because either mom or dad felt so guilty for the divorce that they chose to simply no longer require ANYTHING of their kids. This parenting out of guilt stunts the childs growth and the emotional maturation process ceases to exist. Enter the step-parent and we inherit dysfunctional kids and we are ALWAYS seen as the "bad guy" because we see through the fact that "bio parent" is s******* the kids up. In turn the step-parent becomes an easy target for EVERYONE'S problems. If there are issues just blame it on the newcomer. Afterall, before the step-parent came along everything was fine; right? Being a step-parent to kids of ANY age just sucks. You will NEVER be appreciated, you will NEVER be recognized, you will ALWAYS be an outsider, and YOU will ALWAYS be blamed for whatever problems arise within the family dynamic. Step-parent ARE NOT the problem with blended families. The children/step-children are the problem as in most cases they have been given MUCH TO MUCH "power" in the family. God forbid that "bio parent" upset little "Johnny" or little "Susie". EVERYONE needs to STOP blaming blended family issues on the step-parents and place the blame where it rightly belongs; with the spoiled and coddled children and the enabling "bio-parents".

  • Thank you!!! Step kids are the problem, NOT the step-parents. It is ungrateful and self-centered stepkids that cause the issues in step-families, NOT the step-parent that freely takes on a ready made family. GROW UP ALL YOU UNGRATEFUL STEP-KIDS!

  • AGREED!!!!!

  • Snowflake crybaby b**** your just a worthless scum step parent after all ahh boo cry cry

  • You should be proud that you can use the internet and type. I'm sure it's quite a challenge, given the fact that you are incredibly stupid.
    Having said that, please don't use the word "snowflake" as an insult. You don't need to advertise the fact that you are a complete idiot.

  • Gosh aren’t you mature! Try using grown up words and sentences!

  • Wow

  • You suck

  • The step-parent doesn't suck, all of you hating on this step-parent suck. This step-daughter is grown. She should be gone and independent.

  • I have 3 adult stepdaughters - all somewhat rude to me. One of them will be coming and visit dad my husband this coming July - 5 people - 3 kids 2 adults. We live in a tiny Townhome.......it will be rough and tough. This time around I have decided to take none of their crap anymore. It boils down to their insecurities and I will not allow them any 'power' over me. When she visits from out of state she always want 'daddy time' - them 2 watching movies together them 2 having intimate little talks sitting close to each other. I could careless about that. And when they show up in July I will tell them right from the start - we have rules in this house, no eating on the couch, no running in the stairs and when I come home from work, worked a full day - I don't want to listen to screaming crying children - go outside. My husband is such a push over when it comes to his daughters. I guess he feel guilt for being in the army when they were small children. I think girls are so much tougher than boys. We need to stop letting these insecure girls ruining our marriages. Yoga and meditation certainly has helped me.

  • Good lord. What a f****** b****. You’re angry that she wants to spend time with her dad? And don’t want her children screaming and crying? Do you actually have any yourself? I’m guessing either you don’t or you were an awful parent. Screaming and crying is going to happen if she’s visiting with three children. You’re a b****.

  • You must be one of the disrespectful, hateful stepdaughters!

  • Moron

  • God forbid they want to catch up with their father.

    Part of the healing process for you would be to acknowledge the role you play in all of this. He loves them.

    They are insecure that you are ruining their relationship with him.... and your cruel post is evidence enough that you are not lacking in insecurity yourself.

  • Snowflake crybaby wants alone time with stupid husband

  • She'll get the time she wants w/husband because her step-kids are losers like you. I always get what I want because my step-c***'s biological dad hates her.

  • Evil step mother wants to control everything and blame everyone for their problems. Every step mom chose to be in a relationship with a man who has children. There is no we just fell in love and so the child needs to now accept me. No....A bunch of adult babies on here who aren't mature enough to be any kind of parent.

  • These comments are scary since my step daughter is only 16 and I still have two years left - I’ll pass on these probs in her later years. The only thing I can think of is praying for God to intervene having her and the in-laws move far far away, staying busy with my own life, and moving to a smaller 2 bedroom place in a couple of years. Sometimes I hope she marries someone like her dad so she can go thru the pain I went thru then maybe she wouldn’t act different. Doesn’t help with my husband not standing up to her or his parents when treating me terrible. I pray that changes too. I need some miracles Lord Jesus.

  • Mine live 10-hours away and still make my life miserable with their 3-times per day phone calls and never ending requests for money.

  • I often tell their father how lazy they are and how they should go to school and work mom learning a skill, I get at him because they do nothing and they struggle to make ends meet. Recently I realized that they live the way live because they are lazy low achievers and thought daddy was going continue to provide for them N continue to spoil them even after they were got married with children, because they married uneducated WT man with no HS diploma, but I look now and realized that their lives are so miserable and how emotionally and financially f***** they are- yet we live in a beautiful home and both drive very nice cars, take vacation and overall have a nice life. At this point that their uneducated looser a**** struggle emotionally and mentally, they haven’t taken a vacation in years because they can’t afford it, they I’ve in nasty homes like WT and can’t afford nice things for their own children. It brings lots of pleasure how see them struggle with emotional issues they e for several years since they were teens n still continues but now they have children andN the dysfunctional cycle continues. I hope that when their father dies I get everything n they get nothing, they counting on him. I hope I can manipulate him enough so they get nothing!!!

  • Lazy, low achievers! Perfect description of mine!

  • Must be like you!

  • You're a jealous step-c***. Stop trying to have s** with your dad, you sick disgusting pig. Perhaps get a life, and don't worry about your biological parent's s** life.

  • I feel sorry for you all. But as hard as it may be continue to love your husband and support him. I have adult step-daughters as well. They have given me a run for my money and know exactly what buttons to push to cause an argument between me and their dad. I am not one to bite my tongue until I realized what they are doing. They are jealous of our relationship and accomplishments together and try to ruin it. I am standing strong for what I want and that is a life with my husband. Hopefully they will run out of energy once they realize I am not going anywhere. His 30 year old daughter pushes past me when she visits my home drunk with a bottle of vodka in her and goes upstairs to our bedroom and cuddles with her father. Actually climbs in the bed. Of course, he gave her a hug back but pushed her away and took her downstairs outside and talked to her. What was said I don’t know. Then went to the downstairs bathroom with her brother (stepson). I opened the door not knowing they were in there. I can’t say on this post what I saw. It was unnerving. I am too embarrassed for my husband to tell him what I saw. I love him and realize why he is protective of them. There are serious issues. I have two adult sons of my own who are very respectful of my husband and our marriage. Raised differently I guess. Love will hold us together.

  • That would be fine if you have a husband that puts you first and doesn’t allow the disrespectful hateful behavior.

  • Absolutely! I am the step-father to two 16 year olds and after 9 years together with their mother I still feel like that I ALWAYS take a backseat to the kids. Most days I feel no more than a "bystander" in my family. Whomever says that the "kids come first" in a blended family surely was never in a blended family. Putting the kids first only exacerbates issues within the family as the kids begin to view the step-parent as just another sibling. Wether you agree or disagree, the strongest families are built on God-The Marriage-The Children. IN THAT ORDER! Anything else is a recipe for dysfunction and chaos.

  • 13itchy ego you freak women have if some loser that wasn't my birth parent tried to tell me what to do that doughter should probably smack you an put you in your place
    Snowflake crybabys

  • You're trash. I hope your step-parent continues to make your life miserable.

  • They're not "jealous of your relationship" they hate the fact they have to listen to some a****** who f**** their parent. You're s*** to them. They could care less about you. They want their parent back not some bitchy a****** who talks about them like this. I bet their actual parent lets you treat them like that too. That's also why.

  • Hopefully the biological parent lets the step parent treat their useless child like the garbage that they are.

  • I feel like I wrote this... I am going through the same thing.. the step daughter (22) just recently moved out but now she only ever wants something when she calls, she is continuously spreading nasty awful lies about me and her dad and he seems oblivious to it. It's come to the point where I am telling myself jail won't be that bad, and it would be worth it to be able to knock her in the damn head a couple good times . I didn't use to feel this way towards her, we were actually pretty close when she was younger but she has grown into a disrespectful, two faced, manipulating pos. Not to mention she is a compulsive lier. I do not believe a word she says. It's pretty bad that her own sister and mother cannot stand her yet her dad continues to be oblivious to everything. I don't know what to do, I've even taken up counseling to try to work through my feelings toward her since I have never hated someone or wanted to fight someone as much as I do her. It doesn't help, nothing helps... I feel as if the only help would be spending a night in jail after giving her a well deserved/past due a$$whoopin. At least I know I'm not alone in this battle

  • Wow! YES. Being a stepmom is hard and just saying what some of you have said.. I don’t know if I could have said it myself but you took the words out of my mouth. His two children are much younger but the 12 year old girl is the one I have an issue with. It doesn’t matter what I do, she just is rude, hurtful, manipulative, and non to mention she lies about so many things. I never know if what she’s saying is true. His 10 year old son and I have a decent relationship but even he has his moments. Their mom is an addict and rarely shows up or calls them. I work from home as well so I probably see more of them than anyone. Luckily, I have enough good moments with them that I try to remember those moments when I start feeling like I’m sinking and about to cuss this little girl out!!! Haha. I hope it gets better, the longer we stay together. I’m literally outside my place typing this, trying to get away from them for a few minutes. She will push me and her dad’s buttons just to get a rise out of us. We both try and stay strong but MAN she can be SO F****** MEAN!! I have to remind myself that’s she’s a child all the time so I don’t lose my s***. We even have done a lot of fun things and had really good talks before but if she gets mad then it’s like those things never happened before.. especially if her mom starts calling or coming around. I feel like saying “f*** it” all the time when I think about how I could be dealing with this for many more years. Good luck to all of you!!!

  • Mental ego snowflake crys for attention from husband

  • Freak

  • I’m with ya sister! My 47 year old stepdaughter has been a disrespectful, liar, daddy manipulating , asking for hand outs for 20 years now. We pay half her house payment since her 2nd divorce and her dad can’t believe anything I say and it’s never her fault! I’m going nuts and would love to punch her in that lying mouth of hers. She undermines everything I do. If I ask her to back off with all her problems to her dad she sends him copies of the texts and says she doesn’t want to play these games with me! Therapy doesn’t seem to be working. Her dad and I started 2 years ago because she’s destroying my marriage.

  • I totally agree with you in this post...and feel horrible at the same time. I’ve helped raise my SD since she was 5...she moved in with us when she was 12. She’s made some VERY poor decisions regarding guys & s** & because I call her out in it (because I AM a concerned parent) I am the bad guy & get talked s*** about by her.
    My husband & I ended up separating for 6 months, mostly behind her, and now that we’re back together we are experiencing some of the same issues due to her.
    Love & hugs your way❤️

  • You need to tell him that either things change or you will leave for good. I set boundaries, I don’t have to spend holidays birthday or anything with the liars lazy manipulative fat ssdholes they are. I don’t see them, I do hear about them occasionally but mostly when he complaints about their horrible trashy behavior, if I do t like what I’m hearing or don’t care, I change the subject to our child’s something something. They are looser emotional needy lazy low achiever looses with very miserable lives. He feels that he lives to lives, he sees them very little and when he does it’s not quality time, it’s like passing through mostly, they go out and celebrate birthday or anything like that.xmas they get about 300 $ not even Xmasday it’s before Xmas way before. We spend holidays at home with my family n have Xmas at home, they are invited to with us ever!! We do fancy dinners on weekends n Friday nights with our family. They have miserable lives and I enjoy it! They made me miserable the little bit short period of times they came to live with us, but left soon after they came every time. Our child being born was very hurtful and painful to his youngest who thought was running the show n had daddy wrapped around her finger, she no longer does! I do!

  • My step daughter is 30! Lies all the time, manipulates and uses people. She literally lies all the time, and can’t even remember or kept track of her own bs stories. She is married now, 3 kids, all under 5. We love the babies very much, and she uses them like pawns. We are 2nd choice for holidays, but we are the first to help out. Her mother and step father are unemployed (always) drink, use meth, borrow and use people and etc.... but mom and step dad can do no wrong. She is jealous often off her younger sisters and expects the same treatment, gifts, and vacations we do for them. We cant afford to pay for a family of 5 and I don’t feel like I should. My husband sometimes sees it but overtime he forgets and almost never calls her out on her bad behavior or treatment to us or me. I love the babies, do I keep my mouth shut, she would be do low yo take them from us, but if if I can keep quiet much longer. I very badly want to tell her to p*** off... she is 30! I don’t see her changing anytime soon. I don’t want to do it anymore. I think I hate her...

  • To her your playing favorites a if you cant afford to give everyone a vacation you are picking only family member over the other thats sadly pethetic parents like this are worthless scum trash

  • You seem bitter and twisted, plus entitled if you think it's normal to pays for adults holidays !!! You sound like a free loader with no job

  • Most people don’t pay for their adult children’s vacation

  • You know, i have dealt with the same issues. My step daughter is still in high school and as last year she moved in with her aunt because she was tired of my "b#$%h @ss". Ok well bye. I have other children to worry about who arent disrespectful and who actually pull their weight around the house ( chores, ect.). I honestly believe the household is in a better position now that she is gone, even when she shows up and her brothers address her (they are happy to see her), she talks to them like crap and gives them her s***** attitude. The only part of me who dislikes the situation is seeing my wife's pain which i dont understand because shes called her mother every name in the book and has tried to fight her on many occasions. The well has run dry for me. Good luck to you though!

  • If my child were to end up with a stepmom half as evil as you people, I would honestly murder the c***. You people belong in jail, an asylum, or a grave.

  • The world would be a better place if step-c**** like you were never born in the first place.

  • And let me guess....you’ve never been a step mom or a step daughter?

  • She is the ugly, disrespectful, hateful step daughter

  • What’s your point. By definition she is a step mom. What an idiotic comment. I share her identical feelings about my bratty, lying, Machevelian, self serving, snotty, unappreciative and socially inept 24 year old. Do you have a value added comment, for a serious family problem for me as well? Mine is driving my wife and I to divorce.

  • You are her father so you must be all of those "lovely" adjectives you listed.

  • It's mothers like you that raise your pieces of s*** children like animals..you asswipes teach your children from a young age to hate their stepmother because you niserable c**** are upset that your ex husband divorced you and the only rhing you pos have dangling over the marriage is your child. so sad.

  • This is such a bs comment. Obviously you are a bitter step daughter.

  • Hahaha well then don't raise pos disrespectful bratt a$$ kids and you won't have to worry.. if you ain't dealing with something similar, then wtf you doing here?! Bye !

  • Such a mature, sophisticated response. Wow. I will need months to digest. not. I have a stepson who is awesome. However, my stepdaughter is the queen b****. You have no idea how difficult it is to give, give, give and the father buys their live and your the a******. It is comical. No. It is horribly sad. It isn’t the stepparents fault. It is the blood parents fault. Not knowing how to manage their kids - because they feel guilty for a failed marriage.

  • Blaming kids for the adults problem pathetic excuse oh you wont be happy untill the child lives like a pet being ordered around ahh the child freely speaks their mind an you go crying like a snowflake
    Kids do not have to listen to their dumb parents even more so when you aren't even blood related your job as a parent is to make sure that kid has a place to live a perant fails when they take their anger out on the child

  • Lmao once you are 18 you should take your freeloading ass somewhere else. I deal with this crap too. Sd is 23 still living at home thinks I'm the maid refuses to do anything chore wise smh once I was old enough to move out i WANTED to and DID!!! By the time I was her age I had my own. Working raising kids you name it. But she has admitted she doesn't "do dishes" but still likes to cook. Leaves mess for me or her dad which I do it cause I dont want him to have to after working a long day... so apparently I'm a little b**** for an able body 23 year old woman. It does leave a bad taste js

  • So many awful pieces of s*** in this thread. I feel so bad for these poor children who have to deal with such evil. You're the ones who chose to marry people with children and yet you have so much hate for the kids of the person you claim to love? I hope some of you die in a car crash. You deserve to burn in h***.

  • Yup. We detest stepchildren because they, like you, are mistakes.
    You will always be a jealous loser. We will always help you to understand & acknowledge what you really are: a jealous, conniving, miserable mistake that no one likes.

  • Obviously your life as a step-child is miserable. You deserve it.

  • Christ you're a freak and clearly don't have a clue what you're talking about

  • What is wrong with you? You have serious anger issues!

  • Jessica Jackson age 9takes a hard DP

  • Trust me. Many of These step parents are good people. A person can only take so much crap. It is the birth parents fault and guilt that create these monsters. Buying love instead of live and discipline.

  • Gtfoh this is for us to vent not be judged. Everyone is living their own life doing their own thing sometimes you just need to vent and connect with people dealing with the same thing you are... That obviously ain't you so keep your judgements to yourself and move tf on to a "I love my step kids" page you judgmental b+*%/

  • Exactly. You can be doing everything you’re supposed to as a stepmom and they will still hate you! Maybe they believe they are betraying their biological mom by accident their new stepmom. I try to remember all of these things but sometimes you just accidentally lose your s***. But all parents do this. You could try and be a little more empathetic and just let everyone vent and leave us alone.

  • Accepting.. not accident 😆

  • LOL who sounds bitter?? Sounds like you.

  • My step daughter has been brain washed by her mother since the age of 5. Her mother made it very difficult for my husband to see his daughter through out the years. The mother has mental issues along with having had several STD's, MRSA and HPV. Her only identity is being a 30 year old's mother. The 30 year old step daughter is very destructive when at my house. She flushed maxi pads down the toilet and then lies about doing so. She has put dents in my new refrigerator and dropped menstral blood on my new rugs and ruined a new faucette. Her husband has every food allergy and I have to make the menu around his allergies. If I never see them again, it would be great. When she was growing up, I spent so much time and money on her. Her mother would throw away anything that I got my step daughter. I am at my wits end with this self centered adult brat....she even treats her father like crap.

  • She’s using triangulation, which is a form of manipulation. Essentially, she’s weaponizing your husband against you. My adult step daughter does the same thing. Best thing you can do is thinking about the end game. There are a couple options, you can do the Cold War thing again, or you can confront her, be triggered and cause a WW3. The last option is you confront her, in a kind, loving way (even if you hate her f****** guts, just fake it), and communicate you value her and your relationship and want both you and her to feel safe in your home by getting along. If the talk doesn’t go well or her behavior after the talk is still that of a whiny entitled little b****, stay calm and positive, but tell you no longer feel comfortable with her around and for the sake of your relationship with her she or you need to take a break. Meaning one of you needs to not live in the home for periods of time. If your husband is a douche and unwilling to see your kindness and efforts then do you want to stay living with him? However you handle it, the result is the same, she’ll be a sniveling, egocentric, hateful brat but at least you will have maintained your dignity and communicated heathy boundaries.

  • I left and came back with rules and boundaries. If you want me back here are the rules!! I’m not to be expected to be in their presence EVER!!! They can’t come near my house or much less inside. Meeting With their dad is outside my house lunch dinner whatever. No holiday at all. Our sons birthday parties they never gotten an invite not once not ever- he the husband doesn’t bother to ask. I have a beautiful home and very nice car I drive around. And a whole new upgraded ring 2.5 Ct!!! The b****** hate me and I despise them back! They are both fat fat fat low self steem tons of emotional issues and financial issues as well. Love to see them struggle, it’s my joy, payback for manipulating and coming between my husband and I with their manipulative way. I have gained a lot of ground now but there a bit more to go still.

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