Mams best friend

Ive fallen for my mam's best friend, she's all i think about, she's 48 ,she's married & has 2 kids, i dont like the way her husband treats her his allways putting her down & making fun of her, the other day she was chatting with my mam, i was watching t.v but i couldnt take my eyes off her & she caught me, but instead of looking away, we had a realy intense moment where our eyes locked, theres a age gap, but i want her so bad, everytime i m********* im thinking of her, i know she wont make a move because shes realy quiet shy & vunerable, shes the type of woman whom u love to take care, i thinking about making a move on her, but i know if we start something we heading down a rd of trouble, but shes worth it,

May 17, 2011

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  • allo how you all doin ........
    so uh io got a Question i am 17 and deeply in love with a gurl so i would like so advice she is 16 and like i said oim 17 she is american and oim british and she looks at me and then shell, lick her top lip what do oi do i am madly in love with her i need a answer on how to make a moveon her:I

  • I tell you what, Ace. Invite me over and I'll distract Mam while you put the wood to the friend. I may need to use some extreme sexual measures to make sure she doesn't pick up on what you are doing but I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

  • well she has kids so at least u know she f**** : )

  • Give the kid a break. If mam's friend is looking like she's open to the idea he just may get a fine ride. It'll be a good experience, learning the lovin ropes from an older woman.

  • How old are you?

  • What's a mam?

  • mam is what we irish call our mothers

  • In that case yes, you should s**** your mam's friend. You know she wants a piece of that.

  • my cousin is 9 and im elevan and i want her so much i would die for her what do i do

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