If you want a chance to succeed-stay away from religion

I have lived life now. I am the person I wanted to become. I have learned so much, but it's all too late for me now because I know I missed so many opportunities. Let me explain. I believe many of us are raised to take life and religion too seriously, and these two things mess us up big time. I have come to realize that religion is absolute bullshit. If you take it seriously, it will ruin your life. Knowing what I know now about psychology and religion, I wish I could go back in time. I would life completely different. I would know how to talk to people, how to behave and who to hang out with, what to do with my career, who to be with.

I wasted so much time thinking about religion. These religions are all absolutely false and fake. I have advanced degrees in religion, and it was all a waste of time. Religion cost me money, time, my social life-it ruined my life and made it a big joke... I'm an attractive male. I swear I am, I am older now but I was much more handsome when I was young. Girls used to like me. But because I was socially awkward and very shy, I lost so many opportunities. I have gone through life and haven't had s** too often. It's pathetic.

If I could go back in time, I would try to have s** as much as I could. Girls want it and I want it. I'm not crazy though. I wouldn't do crazy things. But I would have safe fun, all the time....It's so obvious though that religion is bullshit. It's right in our face and we can't admit it..............Even though I have come to nothing because of religion. I used the powers of education and self development to grow as a person, to get religion out of my head........ I like myself now but again it's just too late for me.

I used to be a teacher, and while I was in school in highschool, I would wish I could go back in time. I used to look at the students and think to myself that they are all so misguided.. Many of them are raised the wrong way..... there are so many loners..... I always want to guide and help them, but I know I can't get too close........... I had to leave my teaching job because I was becoming too sad working in a highschool wishing I could go back in time......

If you are reading this and you are young in highschool or college, do yourself the biggest favor ever. Never believe in any religion. It's the biggest lie ever told. Why do you think there are so many believers in the world and yet the world is bad? ...its cause religion ruins peoples lives!! ... but they can't see it or admit to it............... Also, stay away from adults.......... Most of them are flat out liars...and highly ignorant............... Religion is not about "god" its about the person telling you about "god."..................give yourself a chance to be happy stay away from religion.... They all produce losers...adults will tell you anything to make you believe .....they will use movies music games anything......its all a lie....they know it too....listen you might be thinking that im calling you to atheism..im not......f*** it...believe in a god the way you want......that's far better than believing in one of these cartoon religions.....the problem is that most people are too stupid to learn from other people........so if you dont believe me.......pick one of these christian cults and you will come back to me in 5 years crying wishing you had just worked on yourself and had been a bit more sensible....if you read this please reply......and tell me your thoughts or ask questions ..i will respond..but dont play me for a fool........i am a theologian..im not looking for you to preach to me...im looking to help...


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  • You really are quite the pathetic oaf. I could eat a bowl of Alphabet Soup and crap out a more cogent message than your spittle-laced diatribe.

  • I'm somewhat sympathetic to most religious people because it was impressed on them when they were young. But you are right because the business of living life, getting educated, having a career, etc. teaches you a different wisdom. Having too much doctrine and rule making in a sectarian environment doesn't translate to real life, love, work, etc. It provides power that is often placed in the wrong hands. I don't approach religion much or blame those who seem to get something out of it. I am happy to seek goodness and satisfaction each day in my kind and helpful approach to others. Thanks for writing this. You make a good point.

  • I don't believe in religions. But I know I myself am a god, because I myself have real supernatural abilities to prove it. Mainly physical immortality in this biological form. Although I know religions themselves are man-made, I also know that almost every event written in "Holy books" such as the bible or the Q'uran and others really did happen. I know this because it have been alive for many billions and even trillions of years (yes, before the Universe itself existed) as a pure energy spirit like form, in a time before I created and possessed this body. I am the God that created the entire Multiverse, and the creator of all the Gods of every individual Universe within. I came into every Universe to observe it at first, and I have seen first hand, many of the events written about in religious books.

  • LOL! Get over your God Complex!

  • Also, in addition to everything I've said. I don't believe in or follow any religion, and I am a loner by my own choice, I do not like humans, and do not have interest in sexual things, as well as no interest in males nor females of any kind.

  • Just like other serial killers.

  • I’m curious, you say you are old. How old are you? At what age did you come to understand all this?

  • Well, I'm not "old" I should have been more precise. I'm definitely less than 40. But, the thing is that I'm absolutely sure about my views about religion. And I don't take pleasure in it. I'm dead serious when I say its completely fake. It's all made up. I have done all the research and living. Take for example, Christianity, It's literally man worship. but Christians cant see this nor do they want to admit it....they worship a dead man! .....then you have the fake belief of the trinity, the whole history of the church clearly demonstrates that's very much all about man-go through priests, paintings, baby Jesus on and on. The problem in life is that we don't have smart mentors to tell us about religion politics etc. .......by the time we are able to think for ourselves we will have wasted so much time and energy.........in the end i know people are delusional...as for me, i wish i can live again.......i would make better choices in women and career......

  • You’re an imbecile.

  • But Blaine likes to sit on top of people's stomachs at school recess

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