I hurt myself again

Well there's all those times i hit litterally hit my head and got a concusion from one way of being determined to go to the bathroom heavily medicated or the time i hit my head on a pipe in a basement, concusions contusions ok. so i'm clumsy but i recently punched the wall when i was hyper i thought i had room to swing my arms, well room enough for one not the other, oh yeah and i was running throough the house. so my two knucles hurt real bad and i'm haveing weird hand finger things goin on numbness tingley, stilll hurt to touch the knuckels abd i cant go to the emergency room cause tommorro my fiance comes home and his parents are installing an air conditioner for us, it seems i am losing function over the left hand, i usually talk alot when im nervous, but i havent told anyone this is getting worse partly cause my mother has been too tight with me and has said some disrespectful things and now isnt talkin to go figure, well i may need to change my mind on the hospital, we'll see. i dont know why i hurt myself when i get over joyed, i gues i'm bigger in my heart than the world arround me at times, i dont know but i am not a taurus.

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