Mom and Sons

My husband never had a good relationship with our 3 sons. In fact it was pretty bad, he said many times to them he it not that he did not love them it was he felt no connection to them.

I over compensated my love for them to offset their father's lack of love.

When my husband died, I was very down and at some point turned to my 3 sons for comfort. They were 22, 20 and 18.

In then end I become lover to all 3. For them it was natural this would happen. They all said, I was the most beautiful, kind and loving woman they knew.

All of them had hoped it would happen, my youngest confided to me, he had been masturbating since he was 13 by looking at pictures of me on my bikini.

I was 46, when it started and I'm 66 now.

The two oldest have gotten married at my assistance, but come by on different days twice a week for several hours of s**.

So I have a different lover most nights, and have the best s** of my life with them. I almost never came with my husband, but do every them with each of them.

My youngest still lives with and supports me, s** with him happens every morning before he goes to work. On the evenings brothers come by I give a long b******* after they leave and swallow.

I secretly, like giving oral to him the most. His c** tastes the best.


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  • You must have a fantastic s** life!

  • Have you ever taken all three at once? If not give it a go, you'll love it. My 3 boys did me all at once 18 years ago. Having all 3 in me at the same time was incredible, I didn't think I'd ever stop c******. I took them all once or twice a month for years and now in my mid-fifties I still get wet whenever I know they're all coming to visit at the same time.

  • I am happy for you all.
    Why not share with us how you seduced them one by one?

  • About 2 months after my husband died, I sitting naked on the floor crying in the bathroom after I shower.

    They heard me can came in. I got up and didn't try to cover myself. And I hugged them all still naked, and lead them to my bedroom.

    I kissed them all they did not resist and said "I want to feel again. Make me feel alive again, make me feel good".

    I pulled my oldest son to me, he was already hard, soon he was naked and inside me and after 10 minutes came in me.

    That afternoon they all made love to me twice. I felt so alive.

    I never imagined I could regularly satisfy 3 men or always want so much s**.

  • Great life.You should try a marathon with them.

  • My mom encouraged me to m********* to relieve stress. there was never any sexual contact between her and me. But it was for me always a pretty awkward conversation when she would ask if I had relieved myself. If I got angry or frustrated or was not concentrating on my homework, she would tell me to go and relieve my stress.

  • Why no sexual contact?

  • If you are all happy, good luck too you and your sons. What a wonderful connection you have with them!

  • 20 years ago my Mom also turned to me when my father died. I was 18 and Mom was 40. I never knew s** could be so good.

    The only mistake we made in all these years was drinking so much for a week and being s*** faced drunk most of the time on my college graduation trip to the Bahamas.

    We had unprotected s** ar least 20 times for 7 days. Of course Mom got pregnant at 43. We have a daughter, who figured we were mother and son when she was 11.

    Sarah told us last week she wants me to be her first and take her virginity.

    Mom thinks it a good idea. I'm thinking about. My daughter keeps pressuring me and has started to walk about the house nude.

  • Is Sarah wanting you to f*** her now, at 11? Has she started sucking you off?

  • I am jealous of you.

    How did your mom seduce you? Why not share with us the details? It's always educational.

  • Should have c** in her p**** long ago

  • Its great you and your mom are together. If you take your daughter's virginity use protection :)

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