I usually go to GroupHug.us but this is much better.

Two nights ago, my boyfriend forgot to buy condoms, so we ended up doing the "everything but" routine...but that was actually better, because he convinced me to try something totally new. We started out by making out on my bed, then when we were naked, I started kissing him all over. I went all the way down his torso until I got to this one spot between his hipbone and his happy trail, and he seemed to REALLY like it when I kissed him there. So I kept going, using my teeth and tongue every now and then, just in that one little spot. At one point, I tried to move my mouth father down to his thigh, but he grabbed my hair and moved me back to his hip. The whole time, he was moaning like crazy. I continued this for about a minute, until he made me stop, he said he couldn't take it anymore because it felt TOO good. So I mentioned how I wished I had some handcuffs for him. He stopped short, looked at me for a moment, kissed me h****** the mouth, then jumped up from the bed and across my room. He dug around in one of my drawers until he found a few scarves I never wear anymore. "We could use these? If you want. I don't want you to feel like you have to." Of course, I wanted to, but when he came back to bed, he tied MY wrists together (quite expertly, I might add) and hooked my arms up and over a bedpost. He kissed me all over and fingered me until I came. I was moaning and screaming so loud, I thought the neighbors would come banging on the door. Afterwards, he left me tied up, but unhooked me from the bed post. When he asked me smuggly if I enjoyed it, I responded "Yes, Sir" and I swear to you, he GASPED and MOANED. Because I said "Yes, Sir". He kissed me deeply again and twisted my nipples hard until I cried out and pushed him away. I told him it was my turn, kneeled on the floor, and pulled him to the edge of the bed. He leaned down and kissed me again, reaching down to untie my wrists, but I didn't let him untie me. I actually really liked being tied up, kneeling on the floor, with his huge hardon in my face. I did let him kiss me though. I did the best I could to touch him all over while he was kissing me, and ended up semi-jacking him off. He let me do that for a while, but then pulled my hands away and said in a scolding tone "Did I SAY you could do that?" to which I responded "*gasp* *moan* I'm sorry...Sir". I don't think I've ever been so turned on by one singular thing that my boyfriend has ever said or done. After that, more dom/sub exchanges and dirty talk ensued and I gave him the hand/b******* of a lifetime. He's coming over again tonight and we're going to take our new roles even further. I literally could not be more excited.



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  • This was fun to read because recently I've been hooked to reading Dom/Sub stories, I swear I love it and being tied up is my biggest thing. So this was perfect to me!

  • stuff like this gets me all hot and bothered. i wish my boyfiend would take a risk every so often

  • My new girlfriend wants to be tied up. She doesn't like a*** and I tease her and say I'm going to put it in your butt when you're tied up. Lol. Is that wrong?

  • To every person who read this confession and thinks this, have you tried talking to your partner about this? The trick is to discuss it outside the bedroom in a manner that is not emasculating to him. Start by mentioning things he does that you appreciate, then talk to him about what you want in bed. Make it clear he has earned your trust over the relationship and while you are not comfortable talking about it, this is what you want, and you want this experience with him. This is called being vulnerable. It is utterly terrifying. But if you put forth none, you will get none from him.

  • My 'risky' behavior is not getting caught by my girlfriend when I visit other women.

  • me too! my boyfriend never does! :(

  • Oh my gosh same here!

  • Haha I think I like being taken charge of way too much to actually take charge. Maybe someday, but for now I'll stick with letting him boss me around and f*** me silly.

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