Losing it

My husband and I will be married a year next week, we're both young and we've had a few crisis' pop up recently.
Before we got married I never knew he had a bad temper, he would never hurt me, but he gets angry enough to destroy our things. I don't know if this will last much longer, I know he is who I'm meant to be with, but the happy moments are becoming fewer and fewer. When I talk to him about it, it just sets him off again. I can't talk to family, coworkers, friends...no one. So here I am, pouring my heart out on a site I've never even heard of...it doesn't feel right but it's the only thing I can do.
If things don't start looking up soon I won't be able to take anymore, he won't get help, I can't talk to the people I trust, and I'm losing my mind. So...there. I've done my confession, and I do feel a little better...even if no one will read it.

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