My BF and his father

Near the end of last year my BF and I started in having s** and to me it was awesome then one day his dad walked in on us and stood there watching his son f***** me even harder than he was before and came in my puss then his dad took hold of my b****** and started in playing with my nipples as his son just layed in me his c*** softening inside of me and his dad was arousing me to no end.

I loved the way his dad was holding and making my body tingle with just his touches and he began kissing me and it didn't take long till I returned his kisses which led to his son getting from between my legs and I started to cross them but his dad Ron said for me to even open them wider and relax and when I saw him drop his trousers down and saw his hard c*** starring me in the face I thought to my self oh no not with that monster and good three inches bigger than his son and a whole lot fatter than anything I've ever seen even in p*** as he got between my legs and started to rub himself against my wet puss.

It didn't take him long till he had himself in me ball deep as he began to f*** me good and slow and like a wild man. It seem like he was taking his time with me then he told me I was his first in over a year and he wanted to take me all in and I had my arms wrapped around his neck and I gave him a big kiss and told him he could have me any time he wanted me and he thrust himself deep into me and filled my puss with his hot c**, nut he continued to f*** me even after c****** inside of me and his c** was flowing from my puss onto his son's bed.

I now f*** my BF's dad more than I do my BF and he knows it and I don't feel bad about it at all, although I wish my BF was as hung as his dad and played with me making me c** as his dad does. He could learn so much from his dad if he just would.


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  • Amanda

    I would love to f*** you and then eat you out until you squirt all over my face . Let me till you babe you will squirt

  • You are a S***, just like me. I have never f***** a father and son but have had many brothers together. I'm bi and have had a mother and daughter, that was fun

  • Oh you are a lucky girl go for it;two c**** to satisfy your young l*** and pleasure your p****; take them both together as often as you can,get Daddy to take your virgin bum(if it is still virgin that is) whilst your boyfriend either f**** you in the p**** or sucks your hard little clitty this will take you to another orbit entirely and bring on a massive mind blowing climax for you,I'm guessing if Daddy is three inches bigger than his son he must be over the 8" mark so be fun for you to take that right up your bum yes?

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